Is Your Soul For Sale?

  How much of yourself are you willing to sell? Can your attention, intention, or virtue be purchased? Those questions seem, insulting, don’t they? But have you ever given something of yourself, simply because you were given a gift, a job, a promotion, or even something as simple as a kiss?

  Obviously I am not talking about the black market purchasing or selling of entire bodies, or their organs…but something I consider much more serious…the selling of your inner being. The part of you that is touched by God…the inner voice that tells you…yes or no. The very core of you that says; I will never do that; or I will never let some one do that to me. It is the part of you that when watching others…you say…I can’t imagine that I would ever let myself get into that situation.

  I am sure many are tempted everyday, to let go of the very essence of who they are…even if for just a moment. And many more will do so, with the justification that the ends will justify the means. Do the ends justify the means?

  Has anyone ever offered you a gift to entice you into going on a date with them? In business, have you ever accepted a “token of appreciation” for helping some one out? Would this be termed as “a sale”? It’s pretty simple to figure out…all you have to do is ask a very simple question…why? Why would some one who hasn’t ever been on a date with you buy you a gift? And if you were to say no, would that person still want to give you the gift? Of course, it’s flattering when people want to do things for us…but is there an ulterior motive? What are the chances of you being flooded with gifts from some one who knows there is no possibility that you will date, or spend any intimate time with them? And in business, if you are doing the right thing by helping another business associate out…why would you need to be given a gift? Is it possible that by accepting the gift, the giver of the gift…will think that you may “owe” them something?

  Let’s take it a few steps further. Have you ever done anything that you know was against your personal beliefs or morals? Have you ever encouraged another person to do something, either personally or in business, that you know is something that you wouldn’t do? How many men would encourage a woman to pose in pictures wearing very little or revealing clothing…if they looked at that woman as if she was his daughter or mother? By asking her to do so, are you asking her to give up her virtue…for your own personal gain? As for the woman…are you willing to pose for that picture, because of some financial situation? Would either of you do this willfully if you had all the money you needed? So the question is posed…is your soul for sale?

  But I won’t insult you by saying that it is limited to money. Have you ever told a lie, or overlooked a situation, simply because it would allow your career to advance? Wouldn’t you consider that action, selling part of yourself? If you are an honest upstanding person, wouldn’t the implication of a lie alone be enough to send you running in the opposite direction? When is it acceptable to set your morals aside? Have you ever set aside the very ideas that you were brought up with…or sought to have…for some personal gain? In reality when a person does this, they are, in fact selling something of themselves.

  We were created from love; it is the very core of our existence. This may be the most important lesson that you ever learn in life, so it is important to pay close attention. You are created from love, but if you do not love yourself…then you can never completely give love to another person, thought, or idea. If we love ourselves, we will hold ourselves up high. We set the bar for which others will have to reach for in order to deal with us, on any level. We control who we allow into our space, by either letting them know that they either have to reach up…or we have to step down. If you step down, its like going in reverse…you are making an exception to the virtue that you should hold so dear.

  This does not mean that you are better than anyone else, but it does mean that YOU love yourself better than anyone else ever could. I always try and make the vision of what I say easy to understand. If your child was coming to you and asking you advice about this very thing, what would you tell them? Because, we as parents, rarely would tell our children to do anything that would take away from their character. Be your own child; don’t make excuses for giving away the very essence of who you are. The stakes in this life are high; don’t sell yourself short. In the end, you are held accountable for all that you have said and done in this world. Your life’s story should make a proud memoir for others to strive for, not a Greek tragedy.