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To all the beautiful people
Remember that today is tomorrows memory
Remember that even the darkness needs the LIGHT to exist
Remember that once someone had to be patient with you
That love is not a thing u do…but WHO u are
Remember that instead of seeking that perfect mate
Everything and everyone is not for you…
And that is okay
Love with your whole heart
You will never be disappointed
Love never fails…
Failure is an illusion
You have already won
The only war that you are fighting is against yourself
Choose YOU
Remember that our Creator would not create you…
With the intention for you to lose
But I will remind you that when we see negative things in others
It is only because we see them in ourselves
People are a mere reflection of how u really see yourself
There will be those who will constantly test you…
That’s okay
It will only make you better
Understand that the light which shines on your face…
With all its warmth and love
Actually came from inside yourself
And always…in all ways KNOW
And I appreciate you all…

How Did YOU Help?

I watched a video recently
It was a little girl who was talking to her brother about his greatness
She was loving and kind…
At one point she says…
You are a star…and you shine
At that moment you saw the dark clouds lift from him
And he develops this most contagious smile
Self love is usually something that we believe we all have
And we should have it…
But too often…
We are looking for someone else to legitimize who we are
We are searching for Mr Right
While we become…Ms. RightNow
Self love is not about an ego out of control
It is about acknowledgement
Its about acceptance
It is about being comfortable in your own skin
NO matter what your skin looks like
And it does NOT mean that you look better than someone else
And everytime I hear that type of chatter
I cannot help but to wonder why a person would have so much self loathing
You see if you are comfortable with who you are…
You would only want the very best for others…
You would smile at their accomplishments…
Not sit around watching for them to fall
Arrogance is not necessary…
If you REALLY understand who YOU are
YOU have your own light
Don’t use it to blind someone …
Use it to guide them…
Don’t use it to point out other peoples flaws
Use it to appreciate the very ALL-ness of them
Learn to love ALL people
Understand that we all have a history…
A story to tell
And just because ours are not the same…
Does not mean that yours is less important than mine
Find forgiveness for yourself…
And when u look at that person
The one who you talk about negatively…
Find yourself in them…
Seek your Creator in all things…
Talk to everyone as if you are praying for yourself
And remember at the end of this life cycle
It is very likely we will be asked
How did YOU help…
I love you all

For My Ladies

Good Morning My Ladies,
Forgiveness is important
It restores our soul
It gives us strength
If we do not forgive ourselves…
How can we genuinely
Forgive anyone else?
There is an old Afrikan proverb that tells us
Never trust a man who gives you a shirt
When he is wearing none
Forgive YOU
No matter what you may have done
We all deserve THAT kindness
We all deserve THAT kind of love
This morning, before you start your day…
Extend that white flag…to yourself
It’s okay…
And no matter what anyone else tells you
Treasure YOU
Love yourself…
Watch how it encourages others to love you, as well
It is a true honor…just knowing you
Keep in mind that NO MAN can give you
Treat yourself…to SELF LOVE
Watch your smiles multiply
My hope for you on this beautiful Friday…
Is that you will see the beauty in yourself…
That I see and appreciate in each one of you


Waiting For You

Waiting For You

There is a defining lesson

Still here to be had

And if you find the patience

Without getting mad

I will share with you a truth

That no one can deny

The supremacy of racial hues

THAT is a lie

So they say you are too dark

No matter who you are within

It hurt and caused feelings

This judgment of your skin

I understand the emotions

I get where it hangs out

But let me tell what has happened

Without a single doubt

This talking that’s going on

About the lighter version of you

Is a manipulation tactic

This talk of “better” hue

When they get you to attack

Another who is lighter

They have caused a dimming

Of a soul that was brighter

It’s like when you were a child

They threw rocks at your esteem

Causing you to feel animosity

Toward other human beings

So when you talk down upon

Another walking breathing love

You are missing the reason

You were sent from above

You have cried many tears

Over this I am too dark problem

But the tables have turned and

YOU now have become them

Hating and conspiring

Loathing and attacking

Be careful my loves

Cards against you are stacking

There is NO greater race

No tint of skin greater

WE all came from ONE

Most loving Creator

If we hold onto that truth

Release the evil ideal

Holding on to HIS love

THAT…is for real

We are who we should be

Beauty is not with our skin

Like the value of a book

It’s found…within

SO the next time your mouth

Speaks louder than your heart

Remember it is these thoughts

That tear humanity apart

Smile beautiful angel

They know not what they do

Be the Queen of all Queens

They are waiting for you

The Search Is On


Why are we always in search of the man/woman that we think will complete us?  Are we not complete, as we are? Wouldn’t it be better if we looked, instead, for someone that complimented who we are now and encouraged us to grow?

When we are seeking something…man, woman or some object of material possession…to complete us; we are searching in vain. No one and nothing can fulfill that need. The most that we may ever be able to hope for is to find someone to walk with us in life; someone that we can grow with.

We shouldn’t place unrealistic expectations on ourselves or on others. Throw away the list of characteristics that you are looking for in a mate. I can only tell you, based on my experience; you may never really know what you need…until your Creator places it right in front of you. We may know what we WANT…but is it a necessity?

This may sound like I am suggesting that you lower your bar of expectation, but I am not. Instead, what I am encouraging you to do is to accept your higher self…and embrace that part of you. Acknowledge your path; the only person that can fulfill that journey…is you. Once you have completely recognized and accepted (who and what) you are; things will be laid in front of you. You won’t have to wonder if he/she is THE ONE; all the answers you seek will become crystal clear.

People place impossible deadlines upon themselves; thinking they must find their TRUE LOVE before a certain age. We must have 2.5 children before a certain age. We must own a home and make a certain amount of money. We even call this idea “success”.  And for some people that may be all they have success with; but I will tell you that I know people that are more successful, more content, and happier than most people that the world calls “successful”.

This happens because they know who they are; and are of the perception which dictates …they will always have exactly what they need, in life. Does this mean they are without struggle? No. But it does mean that the struggle is part of the path.

When we embrace all things…as one thing; the need for one thing over another…disappears. When we realize that our divine connection…is our foundation; we will finally KNOW who and what we are. And that knowledge takes away the need….to have another complete us. We cannot complete other people…we can only support, engage, uplift and grow with…them.

Release the expectations that we have allowed the world to place on us. If we adopt and accept the mindset that we are ONE…even the idea of mother/fatherhood takes on a different meaning. Do you remember, as a child, when your next door neighbor would watch out for you? They might even threaten to tell your mother or father if you misbehaved. These people were not thinking that you were not their biological children…yet the loved you.

When we accept the notion that we are all connected under one sun…by one Creator…regardless of how that Creator is referred; we have acknowledged and accepted our path. We have begun to grow…not only physically, and mentally, but spiritually. This growth will present more opportunities and the world will, literally, open up to us.


Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Paint a picture of your life. In this picture, what will you find? Will it be filled with beauty and wonder? Will we find chaos there? Will your painting show you as a challenger or a champion? What does a physical victory mean to us?

Why is the fight so important? Why must we do or die? If it was suggested that we are winners; no matter what the world tells us…what would that mean?

It is often the Grace of our Creator that we are all seeking. We may not call it grace; we may call it humility or kindness. I have even heard grace termed as weakness. Is grace weakness?

Is it weak to walk away from the fight; or is it something stronger? Have you ever walked away from a fight; even though your blood is pumping faster and your heart rate is accelerated? Most of us have had that physical feeling; I ask you, is it easy to have that feeling…and then walk away?

I am suggesting to you that true strength is exhibited in the warrior, who has found the strength to walk away. This may sound strange to you; but be rest assured, this is true.

Why is it strange to be encouraged to walk away? Simply said; the world has been telling you how important it is to destroy anything that gets in your way. People do not get in your way, only you do. People are not objects that are cast into your path, only to be stepped on or walked over. People are set in our path, because there is a larger lesson or blessing there. We must decide to be patient and search for the meaning of the circumstance.

The destination is not as important as the journey that takes us there. We have often heard the phrase “stop and smell the flowers”’ what does that mean? It is just as easy as it sounds; stop. Take a breath; slow down your pace and look around at all of the wonder which surrounds you. Smell the existence of our creation; enjoy the possibilities that this life has to offer.

When we fail to enjoy the ride; we fail to live up to our higher expectation. We are supposed to touch other hearts. A smile is regenerating. A simple upturned smile can be the difference between peace and war. Open your hearts and minds to all that you can be.

No one is getting in your way. You are creating your own obstacles. You may disagree with this analogy. Allow me to explain further. Many times we will know what we want to get accomplished; notice I did not say “what we hope to accomplish”. While we may know what we want to accomplish; we will follow it up with “but” or “if”. When we say out loud what might happen to alter our goals; we are no longer concentrating on the goal. We are now looking for the adversity or challenge that will, most certainly, stop us.

I challenge you; do not “hope” for anything…will it into reality. Hope says, I want it…but I probably won’t get it. Decide what you want, that is half the battle. We can accomplish anything that we decide that we are going to do.

Do not give the challenge your energy. Acknowledge your goal; create a plan and then walk forward, as if it is written in gold…because it is.

Some will say that I am being too child-like in my words; but how does a man with 2 amputated legs win a marathon? How does a little girl who is deaf and dumb touch so many lives? How does a man who has A.D.D. become a great doctor and philosopher? It is very simple; they didn’t believe that they could not do it, even of the rest of the world doubted them. They made goals a reality, before they even happened. They did not allow the negativity of the world to tear away their hopes of success. Did you know that Stephen King was told that he could not write? What if he had believed that concept? There have been many famous people who were one time or another, rejected.

The object here is to remind ourselves that other people do not determine our worth. We are created from greatness; when did we start believing that we were less? The truth is that the world will always find reasons to knock you down; but we get to decide if we will get up again.

What is grace? Grace is simply the knowledge that we were created from a place which is limitless, sprinkled with humility. Once we acknowledge our path and realize that we are our only obstacles…the rest is simple. This is the tricky part; we must be able to accept our ability, while checking our ego at the door. You are not better than anyone else…but you have the ability to be better than YOU are right now.

Paint a picture of your life; and in this picture add the grace of our Creator. Grace is amazing; it announces who we are; while realizing that it is made possible through the love of our Father.

To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thy Own Self Be True

      I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. ~Hafiz

  I pray that today can be the beginning of a new tradition…a tradition of love and peace. Don’t worry we will not need to travel to a foreign land, or learn a new language. Today we will start the change within ourselves.

  I want to spend some time reminding you about how precious and necessary you are in this life. Often we may feel that our place in this world is so minute that it is insignificant. We may feel like if we can not have things the way that we think they should be that we have no reason to go on. I promise you the only reason that you feel this way is because you are not seeing life clearly, right now.

  We are often tested…pushed to our limits. While this may seem unfair or harsh…it is the same principle behind letting go of our child when they are learning to ride a bicycle. We are pushing them beyond their conceivable limits. We are teaching them that if they believe in themselves that they can overcome adversity. Can you remember the first time that you rode a bicycle without your mom or dad holding on to you? I know that I felt like I was soaring with eagles…and in my mind I probably was.

  The thing to remember is that our limits or adversity do not own us. We are tested to show us that we can move past a certain level. Often the pain that we feel is placed there so that we will move on…not give up. Giving up means that we were defeated…but it doesn’t have to end this way.

  I understand what it is like to have to deal with real problems head on…I have struggled with my limits also. I always kept in my mind, however the issue that I was facing…was also facing me. I did not have to overcome it…it had to overcome me.

  I am not suggesting that the struggle is an easy one…or it wouldn’t be much of a struggle. However we can rein supreme…I just had to keep telling myself that I alone am enough. I can face my demons…I can walk out of the darkness; I only need to decide to do it. I also am not saying that it is something that needs to be done alone. Reach out to the positive people in your life. Talk to people who are interested in uplifting your spirit and soul. Seek support for your particular demon, it is out there. No matter what issue you are up against, I promise you that some one else has also gone through it.

  You are loved. It can be difficult to see that when it feels like the scales of life seem unbalanced. However the fact that you are here…breathing in and out every day…means that your path is still unfinished. God created you out of love and peace…it is up to you to find your way back to that place.

  I want to help you understand that you never have to struggle alone. The world doesn’t have to be a lonely place. You are a child of God and because of that fact…I love you unconditionally. Your life is very important.

  Treat your body and mind with the respect that you would a temple, church or masjid. You are a temple of God…you hold all His love and peace within you. Love your body; fortify it with the wholesome goodness that you would a sacred shrine. Give your inner self the same love and care that you would your outer covering.

  Fortify your mind with educational, spiritual and emotional love. And spread all of your love to those that you touch every day. You are a vital presence in every one’s life that you come into contact with…from the cashier at the grocery store to your family. We touch others…by just existing. Often we may feel that we do not matter to anyone…but have you ever felt the love of a complete stranger? Love can be transferred through a smile or handshake; we can spread God’s love with a kind gesture or comment. This is the true purpose of our existence…to keep the free flowing love of God all around us.

  My message to you is simple…don’t allow adversity to be the most important thing in your life. The most important thing in your life is to spread the message of our Creator…love all things. Just as I am giving you this message from God…I beg you to give it to others. We are not alone…we never have been…and we never will be. Love yourself…inside out; be true to yourself…and spread His truth in all you say and do.

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