We choose not the ones we love, but rather the way in which we love. It is up to us as individuals to embrace others and exhibit understanding, compassion and empathy to other particular situations. At times we forget that our creation was and still is based on love. However love, like a beautiful flower, does no one any good unless we share it with the world. What difference would it make if it was the most breathtakingly beautiful flower with the most fragrant scent imaginable, if we keep it all to ourselves?

 Love creates peace within…it keeps us connected to our creator. People say that war is necessary…but I say there is no reason that killing, that which our God created is ever necessary. I doubt that the orphans left behind in the aftermath of war would see the necessity in such a violent action. There are things that happen on this Earth that we may never understand…but my solution is simple…if you are not contributing to my Peace…then I can not give my energy to you. However if you want to know Peace…it isn’t hard to obtain…because it is within you. Why would God create us without the tools needed to walk this Earth…in Peace? And why do we fail to use these tools? We are armed with an inner light which can be emitted upon others, if we open our hearts to it. But I understand that the darkness can be enticing…so much so that we don’t realize that it has captured us. It is that darkness that allows us to believe that being destructive to other beings and the precious Earth may be permissible…but that is simply not the case. It is never okay to take away that from which we did not create. When did our words become so sharp and our actions so destructive? How do we recover from this devastation?…

My Rays of Light is our 3rd installment of love. We are so excited about the warm reception of our books. All of our books have the same basic message…love one another…the rest in incidental. We make the most important things seem so difficult; while it is really the easiest thing to actually do.

Why should you love someone who appears to have no love for you? The answer is simpler than you realize…we should love because it is why we were sent here. WE have just forgotten what we were supposed to be doing; and guess what, that person or persons who are showing you indifference or hate? They have forgotten too.

Love each other often; this moment will never come to us again. Life gives us no do overs.

We do hope you get a chance to read this 30 day reminder of love…and know that it was created with love…for you.

As with all of L.M. Young’s books; a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc.