Best Friend

It’s been a while since I wrote you

Not that I don’t miss your face

But God has reminded me

Has let me borrow His grace

He has shown me your life

Touched so much more than me

So to keep you all to myself

Would be nothing less than greed

I still miss your contagious laughter

The way you wrinkled up your nose

The way your eyes sparkled

Oh, I really miss those

I miss calling you up

And you yelling for it taking so long

Yes, sometimes I still cry

When I hear your favorite song…

Petals of Peace is just a loving reminder of what we already know. The largest gift we can give to another…is the gift of one’s time. Our time is limited; we get to choose how we spend it. We should all make the kind of choices that would make our children and our grandparents proud. We are the legacy which will be a part of our children’s  history…what do you want them to remember about you?
Be loving and giving with your time. Be gentle and kind with your conversations and tones. Pick up a pen and write…it will preserve this moment forever…for this moment will never happen again. Write what is in your heart; before society tells you that you shouldn’t feel that way. 
If I could leave you with one thought…let it be this; enjoy the people in your life while they are here…leave no room for regret.

As always a portion of the proceeds from this book will go to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc