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Our Spiritual Seed

Our Spiritual Seed

The existence of God

How I know He is real

Is found not in a book

But in how I love…how I feel

I hardly need directions

To my hearts’ known path

When He is my compass

There’s no need for a map

I have no need to question

The reason for our being

When all is as it should be

No need for earthly things

It is only when our focus

Falls away from the TRUTH

That we question faith

Our divine views

For as steady as the wind blows

As sure as the sun will set

God will guide us down our path

Hasn’t failed to do so yet

And although we may not see

Or understand the reason why

The picture just isn’t clear yet

But in time we can’t deny

All things have their purpose

And all seasons have their time

You will have your path

And I,of course will have mine

Question His existence…not I

For as I live and breathe

I understand the miracle of life

It’s happened to me

When all reason and logic

Says this could not should not be

I point my finger to Heaven

Nodding assuredly

He creates mighty ocean waves

In fact created the very first drop

Created day created night

I need nothing He is not

Where is the proof of His life

It’s in every gasp of air

It’s in all things breathing

But He didn’t stop there

He thought into light

Each and every little thing

Made us dependant on one another

Do you know what that means

It means we are a full circle

It all comes back around to us

Leaving me to never wonder why

It’s in GOD we trust

I will leave you with one thought

At the end of every day

When we  are tired and lost

Why do we bother to pray

We pray because deep inside

Behind our earthly doubts

Is the TRUTH we were born with

Nothing happens…it is allowed

We may become disheartened

About the things we think we need

But He answered our prayers

When He  planted our spiritual seed

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Easy As ABC…or is it?

I would like to thank Michael of Http://jamesdez.wordpress.com  for the ABC Award. It is always wonderful to be recognized by a fellow blogger and Michael has beautiful blog himself and I do hope that each of you get the chance to read it. Michael, thank you for following my blog and taking the time to not only read but to comment, as well.


Much to my surprise, I have found the most supportive and loving people here at WordPress. I have been entertained and inspired by some of the most thought provoking and soul stirring blogs imaginable. You all have aided me, through my writing, in overcoming some very serious issues in my life…not limited to the death of my sister. You are all a true blessing to me…thank you so much.


I, now, get the honor of passing the baton…as it were…to some wonderful bloggers…in no particular order. I hope that you get a chance to read their blogs…sometimes the best gifts are those yet to be seen.










Now the rules for the award are very simple…acknowledge whoever sent you the award…then nominate the blogs that touched you (I know it is hard to choose)…then from A-Z share a word that describes you…HAVE FUN!!!


Here is my attempt at my A-Z….Peace to you all


A~ Alaska

B~ Blogging…every day…

C~ Curious

D~ Dreamer

E~ Educated

F~ Faithful

G~ Gentle

H~ Happy…or try to be

I~ Inquisitive

J~ Joyful

K~ Kind-hearted

L~ Loving

M~ Motivated

N~ Nurturing

O~ Open minded

P~ Private

Q~ Questioning

R~ Responsible

S~ Spiritual

T~ Tall

U~ Understanding

V~ Valuable…lol at least to my family

W~ Witty

X~ Xylographic…we actually create portraits etched in wood

Y~ Youthful

Z~ Zealous


Love Life’s Lessons

             Love Life’s Lessons

  Valentine’s Day is coming up in the next few weeks. I have to admit that even though I really don’t get into the whole “holiday”…I am always thankful for a reason to let people know how loved they are. I think we all, from time to time, have felt like we have wasted our time on a relationship. It didn’t turn out the way that we wanted or hoped that it would. I tend to look at it a little differently. No time, which is spent loving another person is time wasted. Where it may be true that the relationship didn’t last as long as we might have hoped; the lesson was in the gift of the experience.

  Life is not a series of random events; it is carefully planned out…although it isn’t planned by us. But let’s face it the truth is certain doors must close before we are able to receive the message of the open window. Maybe he/she was not what you needed long term…but your presence in their lives may have made all the difference in theirs. Wouldn’t it be worth any cost…to give another person the possibility of hope?

  Hope is the difference between trying and succeeding. Everyone needs to believe that they can not only exist…but achieve. When we stop reaching out for our fellow man/woman we have stopped doing the work of our Creator. Often something as simple as a statement can make the difference in a persons life; I believe in you; yes, you can; you are good enough; I love you. These statements can replenish a soul which is depleted. We all want to know that we are not alone. There is no example so great as to tell someone that God loves you…and to prove it…He sent me to you. Life can be difficult, no question. But when we reach out our hands to someone, it can make a journey seem less difficult. Have you ever gone for a very long walk by yourself? It can seem like it is the longest distance you have ever gone. But take the same walk with a friend…not only does it seem shorter…but it becomes more enjoyable. Why? Because whatever distance we are traveling, we know at that moment…we are not alone.

  The destination of our lives is not the most important thing. Reaching the top of the mountain is not the goal that God has for us. And I know that probably is not what we have been taught to believe…but the reward is in the experience of the path we took to get there. How many people did you pass on the way up that mountain? How many did you speak to? How many lives did you touch? Can we really believe that getting to the top is more important to God than the lives of people we enhance before getting there? What good does it do to be the first to the top of the hill if we have no one to share it with?

  Leave your heart prints on as many people as possible. Hope springs eternal. Can we really believe that our Creator will embrace us in His Kingdom…after watching us step over His children to get there? Love is so easy. A smile…a hello…these simple gestures may open up a world of possibilities for people who feel that they have nothing else.

  The gift of life is only a gift because it gives us the opportunity to spread the love of God. If we are afraid to reach out to one another…we will turn cold. Keep in mind that just because a relationship did not work out does not mean you were not supposed to love that person. They were just as much parts of our path as you were theirs…embrace that idea. Nothing happens by accident, we just aren’t in control of it all.

  It is our duty as human beings to spread the love of our Creator…it is expected of us. We all need to feel needed, wanted, and loved. Don’t wait for a national holiday to decide to love each other…time waits for no one. No experience is wasted when we spend it giving the love that we were created with. Remember to love life’s lessons.

~~ From my heart to yours

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