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It Really Matters

It Really Matters


Love is never wrong

Love is seldom right

It just is…like the air we breathe. It exists… Love surrounds us, always. And like the air we breathe in and out; we will always breathe it in…we cannot live without it. Think about that for a minute.

If we were to decide we are never going to BREATHE again…like we often do with the concept of love…we would be rendered unconscious. Our body needs air…our soul needs love…and not just the romantic love…but all-ness. Loving all things…all of the time. Every single person, every blade of grass was created with this in mind. None matter more or less, to our Source. We, as humans, may have developed an “I” mind state. This is important to me…or that isn’t important. These judgments take us away from our core…or All-ness.

No measure of how much, or enough; no counting minutes and hours, as if there is a dead line. Notice how we never see an animal worried about time or space. We never experience nervous anxiety from animals, no staring at a clock…or even the sun….as it would be a natural keeper of time. Humans are the only beings in creation that creates its own stressors…making time or lost time a part of those stressors.

Love teaches us that memories, not moments are the true gems in life. We must set aside our pre-conceived notions about who and what love is. We rarely ponder what air REALLY is, except to think about keeping it clean, so that we can survive. Love is very similar. It does not require a lot of thought…for love simply is. Like air, however, we must keep it clean and pure. Again, we are talking about All-Ness…not simply intimate love or lust.

Love becomes so many things, the number is infinite. Love restores our soul, gives us back our esteem, teaches, preaches, accepts, and wraps itself up in all things…large and small.

It teaches us gratitude. Being gracious helps elevate us to our next destination, in life. Being thankful tells us that time has no use here. The minutes hours and days of space don’t matter as much as the inhaling and exhaling of our Creator’s love. The movement of the hands on a watch or the shade given from a sundial…is pale by comparison.

We must learn to be mindful in our speech and actions. Stay connected to your soul, by being aware of where your mind goes, when you are day dreaming. Stay awake, in this life. Do not allow tragedies and things that hurt our eyes and hearts; to keep us from reaching out to one another. When this cycle starts it is very difficult to stop it. When we turn off our inner light, because something was difficult to our senses…our soul starts dying…our light doused with water. It is, in fact, these difficult things that awaken us. These experiences allow our spirit to be re-kindled. These times are intended to splash cold water on our faces…take advantage of that opportunity.

Participate in your own life; and know that your life touches others, as well. You can be that torch that leads the way, or you can choose to go cold. Too many of us spend our days sleep walking and when we start waking up…it frightens us and we then desire sleep again. We must be mindful of ourselves and our minds. And when we feel our inner self traveling to the past…we must find a way to come back into what is now. The past should only be used as a learning tool. It’s okay to think about it…but remember that no matter how much thought you give it…it will never change.

Our souls mourn for the dead who still breathe; once love has been stricken from us…we die. We must participate in our own lives. We have a duty to uphold what our ancestors have created for us. We must respect and honor that rite of passage…and when that happens…real change will begin. Let us only hold onto the things that matter…here and now…air, love, life and a pure soul are all that really matter.


The Victory

The Victory

It’s that moment we all fear

We wake up from that cloud

How did we get here

We scream out loud

What happens to us now

How do we find our way

We ponder why and how

When did it all fall astray

How do we move past this

How do we pull it together

All the signs we missed

Are we to be numb forever

No a voice rushed in

You are on your way out

The only fear is within

Release all of the doubt

You can overcome this plight

The only chains that bind

Are found only in your sight

The desolation of your mind

You survived and are here

Your example a road map

Showing that hope is near

The Phoenix’s aftermath

Rise above those flames

Gaze your eyes on the sky

As glorious as your name

You are destined to fly

Shine on beautiful angel

Pave the way for others too

Soar as you are now able

The victory belongs to you

                                                          ~LM Young

What Are You

What Are You

If all that you are

Is the THINGS you need

If you lost those things

What would happen to THEE

If all that you are

Is all that you do

If all that stopped

What would happen to you

If we place identity upon

Places and things

What happens to a soul

What does this mean

All that you are

Is an investment in Creation

Remember life isn’t a part of

Your personal recreation

Dig deep within yourself

Find the core of your being

Let go of what you think

Nonsense you are believing

You were created from love

And that is who you are

Your greatness is with THE ONE

Who lives amongst the stars

We are from one Source

It is all that we ever need

What you are is enough

This is my Humanity Creed

You need not try to become

What others may perceive

Trust in the one who guides

That’s TRUE love indeed

Break down barrier lines

Tear down walls of frustration

Give love…be love

It’s my Humanity declaration

For when we return indifference

With love as our sword

We have accomplished our task

What we are striving for

What are you now

Do you finally see the light

We are lambs of God

And beautiful in His sight

One final take before

I end my little rhyme

What are you to me

Perfect…Every time

I Will
I will not give up today
No matter what transpires
My soul will march forward
Even when my body begins to tire
I will smile at Gods creation
Even if it doesn’t smile back
I will count all of my blessings
While the world tells me what I lack
I will keep on walking forward
While there are obstacles in my way
And when man says there is no hope
I will still continue to pray
I will look for the good in all
Whilst people acknowledge only the bad
And although you may want me to sit
I will continue making a stand
I will keep erecting bridges
Where people are torn apart
And even as you may think its over
I will tell you its barely begun to start
I will construct a chain of hope
Where some may break a link
I will smile and continue on my path
Before you get a chance to blink
I will smile in adversity
While staring at your fist
I will sing the praises of our Father
And the angels in our midst
I will love always my neighbor
While he may swear in my face
You may take my possessions
But never my Creator’s Grace
I will get back up and start over
Every time I do fall
I will be reminded of the tests
Which are placed on us all
I will talk about my Father
Hallowed be thy name
And while you may try my faith
The outcome is the same
I will ask God for forgiveness
Father they know not what they do
For while you may cast stones upon me
I will always pray for you
I will continue to spread joy
While man displays his hate
And I will submit to God’s will
And pray that before it’s too late
That you will see the light
Because the darkness tends to hide
The beauty you were born from
And the love you have inside
I will fail from time to time
As only real people do
But I will never give up on God’s will
How about you?



I really just need a moment

A deep breath so to speak

God…if you’re listening

Can I borrow some peace

My heart it feels heavy

My frustrations are too high

I’m forcing back the tears

I don’t even know why

It may take a miracle maker

To give my heart release

But if you have it to spare

Can I borrow some peace


My child my creation

My heartbeat my breath

My light my stars

I love you past death

This peace that you seek

This heaviness you bear

Is not yours alone

I am always there

The thing you are after

The gracious release

Is here for the asking

Because…you ARE peace

You reflect my morning light

You embrace my moon beams too

All the peace you seek

Has been housed within you too

So take a deep breath

Let go of the weight

Peace is what you are

And therefore what you create

Smile that brilliant smile

Don’t let life take His glory

There’s also a path for that

But that’s another story

Shine on my peace maker

You are what you seek

May your heart be filled with love

And you have eternal peace

God’s Finish Line

God’s Finish Line

If your life seems unfair

Your struggles are many

And when asked about blessings

You say you don’t have any

You have been stricken by illness

Death has knocked on your family door

Every day is a new obstacle and

You can’t take it anymore?

Let me give you information

During the times of duress

It is that time when

You are being guided the best

We learn more through heart ache

We are educated by tears

Adversity always makes

Our divine path seem more clear

You think you have it bad

But I can almost guarantee

There is someone with much less

Except he is happy

Happy with the struggle

At least he’s alive for the fight

When asked would he do it again

You know….he just might

For there is no path so perfect

Perfection is an illusion no doubt

It’s the bumps in our path showing

What life is really about

Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate good health

Had Lupus not reared its ugly head

But rather than complaining about my life

I’m giving thanks instead

We get to make our lives

What we want them to be

We can choose light and love

Or blatant hostility

I would rather have the struggle

It teaches me humility

And makes me rise above my own

Self-proclaimed insecurities

So enjoy each day of your life

It’s a blessing in the making

Being unhappy with your lot

Are just moments you are wasting

Find a reason to smile today

Watch the clouds begin to part

Allow love to embrace your soul

As it begins to warm up your heart

Smile my dear angels

Let not challenges alter your path

Remember it is where you are going

Not where you are at

We all had to start somewhere

Even if in our beautiful minds

Before we grabbed the gold

Across God’s finish line

I Will Walk

I Will Walk

I will walk right beside you

Truth our only guide

Never allowing race to separate us

For hate is a bumpy ride

I will stand beside you forever

Hold your hand when needed

Until you feel safe and loved

When the flood waters have receded

I will wear a smile for you because

I know darkness can leave us wary

And the evils man does at times

Can often be dismal and scary

Yes I will walk beside you eternally

Never leading or being led

Using God as my compass

Where light and love are bred

My path may be filled with challenges

Something I simply cannot take away

But it is also filled with unwavering love

That grows more each passing day

I will walk right beside you

I will love you endlessly

I will gladly lend you my hope

My vision of humanity

No matter the circumstance

Or what occurs along the way

I will refuse to create borders

Based on bias, indifference and hate

You are welcome along my path

For it has been for you too

My path is paved with love and truth

And I will walk…right beside you



Listen when  I tell you

There will be obstacles in store

But wear the smile you were given

It promises so much more

We can allow our circumstances

To rule our path divine

Our we can embrace the challenge

As the beauty we’re sure to find

I can assure I could have said

My challenges have brought me down

Illness or adversity one

Have given cause to drown

But the truth as I will tell it

And I will sing it every day

Is the things you may call misfortune

Have led me to MY WAY

Laugh if you want to

I have known real pain

But at the end of that storm

My rainbow shines again

So smile my dear brother and sister

Even when a smile is hard to find

Keep the happiest of thoughts

In your most beautiful of minds

Remember when the rains keep falling

And stormy weather clouds yours days

There is ONE who has a bigger plan

Let HIM sprinkle love along your way

Adversity is only love that is challenged

It is hope that is given doubt

But what harm is a nightmare

When we know a sweet dream is coming about

Accept the daily challenge always

It allows dreams to come

Remember you were made from greatness

And without That Greatness…there would be NONE

***I want to thank all the well wishes…while recovering from the 2 strokes I have had since December…I love you all and your support is a tremendous help to me***


Some may say I am broken
That I am missing out
That my adversity in life
Brought negativity about

Maybe they will remark
I am scarred by disease
Riddled with the idea that
This pain may not ever cease

I could live with the diagnosis
My life may be brief
Many hospital visits
Loved ones living in grief

But to that I must answer
The only thing to be true
I give every  day to my Creator
So everyday is made  new

Every moment is precious
A new sunrise is unique
The moments you take for granted
Now give me great relief

For instead of seeing hardship
Or a broken part of me
I see love made from greatness
A road map of Creativity

Every crack every crevice
Of this life I struggle through
Makes me uniquely who I am
Doing what I am supposed to do

What you may see as altered
Imperfection or the like
Is exactly as it should be
Filled with my Creator’s light

Don’t bother trying to mend me
For broken I’ve never been
Only filled with His will
And Greatness He has seen

Once we stop trying to fix
What God envisioned in the beginning
We will find true love and peace
And can get back to living



Yes I have a story
And while not easy to tell
It must be told for
It describes living Hell

I know true agony
I know pain and fear
I have had hopes squashed
Real evil has been near

I have lived with terror
I have felt real horror
But I stand here now
For I am…a Warrior

I am a child of a Creator
Who knows no limit or bound
I have no know knowledge of mans
Ideals…laughing at his so called grounds

I have known illness true
It has stolen my breath
But never…never my spirit
I will fight til the death

I may be weakened some
My resistence faltered about
But my strength comes from a Source
Of that I have no doubt

Try my body and my mind
As God said that you may
But I won’t volunteer my soul
Never…not today

While adversity tests me…yes
I answer with a loving smile
For I stand with and beside
My Father…as His Child

So while I yes I have been tested
In fact knocking on deaths door
Adversity should fear my strength
For I am…I am….a Warrior

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