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Protected By Love

I was once given direction

Informing me without token

No matter what life tosses your way

You are bent but not broken

Your path cannot be altered

Stay true to your creed

For in the Light of Our Creator

Your pains will be freed


All you experience in life

Every wonder beneath the sun

Is just further proof that we

Have more work to be done

We have building to do

We have bridges to mend

We are backed with a Love

That will not break…only bend

For our will is not our own

We are touched by Great

So bend me all you want to

But you can never ever break

For I am protected by

An awesome force unrequited

Nothing you send my way

Will come in uninvited

For my Father who is in Heaven

Walks with me every day

Saying don’t worry about that mountain

It will move out of your way

Bend me…twist me

Give it your best shot

But I am guided by a love

Which says…FEAR NOT

So fear I will never

I will soak up love light

Knowing I am always beautiful

In My Fathers Sight

The best thing I want to tell you

NO matter what you may do

The Father above told me this

You will not be broken too

So today I send you some sunshine

Light from a gracious Creator

Shining bright brilliant love

From a source which is greater

Once we stop trying to destroy

That which we did not create

We will prosper and be loved

By a Source most great

I leave you my beginning lesson

So you don’t have to wait

Let man try what he will

For you will bend…but never break

I send you love and joy

With kindness and grace

Until I meet you here after

In Heaven face to face

So my fellow angel heart

No matter what the darkness does

You can be bent but not broken

For you are protected by love

 **Check out Further works by L.M. Young (My Rays of Light)


Your Cup Has Run Over

Your Cup Has Run Over

  My cup; it runs over. This is a true sentence. If we give it much thought; we would have to agree. This does not say that the cup is only filled with rainbows and unicorns; but that my blessings are bountiful.

  I have led a very balanced life, while it was not always filled with wine and roses; it was always filled with love. Love is a funny thing; when we are going through tough times; we may say that we are not loved. We can develop the mindset that love equals “smooth sailing”.

  For me, love is not the equivalent of smooth sailing. Allow me to give you an example; if you are punished as a child for telling a lie; do your parents still love you? If you fall off of the skateboard that you were told not to ride, breaking your arm; are you still loved? If your 20 year marriage ends in a messy divorce; does this mean that you were cheated out of love?

  We are constantly given love. It may be strongest when we are told “NO”; as opposed to when we are met with no disagreement.

  Things in this life can be difficult; but why do we make them unbearable?

  If I am told, by a source greater than I, to hold some sand; what does that mean? Initially I may hold out my hand and let the sand fall into it, as I create a cup from my palm, to hold it safely. My thought process being that; surely I would not be asked to hold more than a handful of sand. When the sand continues to pour into my hand; until it is overflowing and I have to use my other hand, who is at fault? Suppose both hands are full and over flowing; we are forced to begin filling the sand with a bowl. As the bowl gets fuller; we realize that we need a bucket, barrel, or even a dump truck.

  What was the point of this? We were not created with boundaries. I was not told that I would only be given enough sand to fill one hand; I made that assumption. I decided what my limitations were. I, who was created from an infinite Source, decided that I would only be asked to hold as much…as I saw fit.

  This same is true when we are met with adversity. We decide that we are not supposed to have to suffer. We decide how much is too much, for us. Just as with the handfuls of sand, we grow anxious and agitated; when our own self imposed limitations have been over run.

  How can we, after all, KNOW how much that we can take? We are limitless. We are not bound to the borders and lines that we have created ourselves. We are only bound with the limitations that were given from birth.

  The truth is that we were given NO limitations. Do we ever say, I have more happiness than I can handle; can you take some back? NO, of course we don’t. Why? We have decided what we WANT to handle; and we made it law.

  In my life I have known hardships; I have heard some say that it wasn’t fair. I was somehow cheated into carrying around the weight of several people. The truth is though; you, nor I, can determine how much…is too much.

  If we allow ourselves to be of the mindset that we have limits; then we will always feel defeated. There is a higher purpose for all things; but we may not know what that purpose is, until we are met with them. For instance, we may think that we could never handle being homeless. But if that were a REAL limitation; why would there be so many homeless people? Rape or domestic violence may seem like a limitation; so how would we explain the numbers of survivors, who have lived to tell their stories? Why do people with Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes, kidney disease, patients on dialysis; live? Surely those impairments are more than we should have to handle. Yet there are people who live with these diseases and situations…every day.

  My cup, it runs over. I am given and accept all of my challenges, in this life. I stand straight and strong, in the wake of a storm. I will not allow MY WILL to defeat me. I am not owned by a disease, simply because man says I should be. I am not defeated by a situation, such as abuse, simply because people have said that it must be unbearable. I am supported and carried; by a love that is deeper and longer than anything that man can decide is TOO much, for me.

  Even in the middle of a disaster; I am loved higher than, any anguish I have suffered. This does not mean that people who are abused; or have endured great pain, aren’t actually suffering. It only means that my limitations are not determined, by me, or anyone else. I will take all I can take; until my body can no longer withstand it.

  In any regard, the sand will always overflow your HUMAN hand. We will always be met with challenges. We just have to understand and appreciate that with these challenges; we will also have realized our TRUE strength.

  Stop counting the travesties of your life, they are a fraction of the total experiences that you have had. Blessings are given daily; every moment of this life, is something to be grateful for.

  Today I challenge you; count every blessing that you experience. It may be hard, because we have developed the mind state that we deserve to have certain things. We may feel that we deserve to breathe, to walk, to speak, to hear; but the truth is; that we deserve nothing. Yet we are given certain blessings anyway.

  Count your blessings today; and at the end of the day…let’s see how many times; your cup has run over.

The Crown

The Crown

Life beyond this world
Was what the message read
Claiming there is something more
To think about instead

The tendancy to love self
Is a trap which dulls the light
But if you concentrate on self
Your soul becomes less bright

No time for flower child talks
No time for spiritual chatter
Setting aside our true purpose
Forgotten about what matters

It went on for a moment
You can cast aside your woes
Your doubts and frustrations
You won’t be needing those

For all that you seek
You have from within
Your voice of conscience
I tell you it is Him

I promise you my life
Has been an uphill climb
My struggles and anguish
I wish no one would find

But in our darkest moments
In fact our deepest time of need
Is when the flower within
Starts growing from that seed

You know the seed I speak of
We’re given it from conception
The thing that turns around
Placing us in the right direction

I tell you I have known sorrow
It might just boggle your mind
But I handed it all over
To a place so divine

Keep your eye past this life
There are true riches there
With real beauty and love
It flows every where

So when this world begins
To tear your heart down
Remember your path has been marked
By He who wears the crown

If Not For God

If Not For God

If not for God…

Where would I ever be

Like walking around blind

For God allowed us to see

If not for God…

The many blessings I have received

Would have been overlooked

For God watches over thee

If not for God…

And all His work which has been done

Could have been lost in my grief

The day I lost my dear son

If not for God…

I would have drowned in my own tears

But God kept me whole

Made my purpose crystal clear

It not for God…

My reason for living could be in vain

But He gave me peace and love

Now only that remains

For God gave me purpose

He granted me love for life

And He have me more strength

Making me my soul mates wife

Our love grows deeper

Where only angels dare to trod

Trials have been tested yet failed

Due to my loving God

If not for God…

I could sink into an abyss

But He never gave up on me

It’s why you’re reading this

So if you ever dare wonder

Why I smile when life seems so grim

It’s due to my love of God

Yes…it’s all because of Him

**This poem is dedicated to a very strong woman…whose faith was unwavering even through the loss of not only one but two children**

Rays of Light

Rays of Light


Just to take a moment

To tell you what I mean

When I say God’s Rays of light

The love that it brings

We have all had an experience

Not understanding the pain

Thinking if God loved me

Why would I hurt this way

But later in life we would realize

If we had stayed in that place

Would’ve done more harm than good

Something’s can not be erased

Even in illness I have seen

The nature of man

Blame God for the situation

Not trying to understand

The circumstance is not as negative

As we might be led to believe

But when our spirits are down

It’s easy to be deceived

For I believe the very love

Which allows a flower to grow

Is what allows adversity

Permitting a Father’s love to show

I have known illness too

I have been on the edge of it all

I have been the root of sadness

A family starting to fall

But never in that moment

And there have been a few

Did I doubt my Creator’s love

Something I always knew

Did you ever wonder why

We were allowed to see a world on fire

Why we happen to turn on the TV

Watching the whole thing transpire

We may have questioned God even then

How could He allow this to occur

This being who created all

Water…trees…plants…even birds

But maybe there is something bigger

A plan we didn’t see come

Saying don’t just sit there

I have work yet to be done

So for all intense purposes

We must do what we know is right

Give God’s love to everything

For that is a RAY OF LIGHT

The Lesson of Hope

The Lesson of Hope

What are the lessons I am teaching

While hanging on the end of your rope?

With God all things are possible

For He provides replenishing hope

Don’t feed the internal wolf

Of negativity and despair

For since the beginning of the beginning

It has always been there

But remember my loved ones

Even whilst dangling from a thread

We are holding on to the Truth

We were molded from instead

Hope can seem out of fashion

Can seem out of date

But it’s the age old Truth

It is never too late

Never too late to love one another

Never too late to make amends

Never too late to embrace an enemy

Making a place for new friends

I give you hope on these visits

For it is my destiny

To reopen your beautiful hearts

To the possibility

Life can run you over

It can shatter your dreams

Can make God more like a myth

Or so it may seem

But adversity is not an enemy

It actually can deter

The evils sent to destroy us

Make us weaker…as it were

Problems make us seek direction

Seeking solutions we didn’t see

Showing us the beauty of God

How He created humanity

Yes, I know we can feel broken

Deserted…with every issue thrown

But no matter what we may think

We are not alone

Hope is a reminder

Of all which we’ve been given

With God as our compass

Doesn’t matter where we were driven

All roads lead to home

The pathway is lit with God’s love

For home isn’t a house

But His mansion far above

So the lesson again is hope

Please never let it escape you

For I will need you to pass it on

To someone who needs it too

Until next time beloveds

I wish your hearts much ease

Go with God’s abundant blessings

And His eternal peace

Every Day

Every Day

I know you are struggling

Sometimes life seems so unfair

And while I don’t know what it’s like

It doesn’t mean that I don’t care

I would remove all your pain

I would dry every last tear

If it made your journey easier

Or changed what brought you here

I know when we are moving

Our focus is on the end

Never knowing…not realizing

What is around the bend

More urgent than the destination

Are those we touched along the trail

Making the lesson about courage…strength

Not how we might have failed

For failure is not an option

You took whatever hand was dealt

Pressed forward…moved onward

No matter what you felt

There is true strength in your spirit

While you may wish you were more

I tell you you’re my hero

No matter what’s in store

Our Creator has set aside

A specific need for you

Maybe in something you will say

Or something you may do

Perhaps you lend your strong will

To one tired of holding on

One who would have let go

Before the day was done

What happened was traumatic

A terrible offense

But the good you can do

Will begin to make sense

Teach others of your struggle

Tell them they are not alone

Show them by example

How very much you’ve grown

For life is sometimes not fair

Not what we thought it would be

Thought we had it planned out

As far as the eye could see

But the goals of man are in vain

God has chartered our course

No time for self pity

No room for remorse

For all is as it would be

According to our Great Lord

The cost of our ego’s

Can be more than we can afford

So while you may struggle

On your path along the way

Remember I will be here

Loving you every day

God’s Holy Light

God’s Holy Light

Do you think my eyes tell you?

All there really is to know

Do you make assumptions about my life?

Before first asking me so?

What means of measure do we use

To decide a persons value in our eyes

And if my hair color comes from a box

What am I trying to disguise

If I do not disclose my true weight

Does that mean that my soul is more lean

Or perhaps our judgment system

Has just become a little bit obscene

If I am homeless…heated only by a fire

Burning in an open can

Does that make you better than me?

Or make me less of a man

Or perhaps you think your bank account

Will make your words have weight

And perhaps…even you…

Believe the lies that you create

For you see within my soul

Lives the story of God untold

And that cannot be purchased

With any diamonds or gold

The monetary value we place on life

Will guarantee us nothing but a mirage

After all we can’t get to heaven

By driving what’s parked in the garage

Your new hairstyle…while very cute

Does not pay homage to our King

Neither does thinking that

You are better than anyone or anything

The color of my hair and eyes

Do not tell you what you need to know

Anymore than watering a plant with sand

Will encourage the seedling to grow

Ask me about my Lord and

The promises to Him I keep

Then you won’t guess but know

That my love…it runs deep

Ask me about my path and how

I face adversity when it comes

I will tell you…with my faith in God

My feet firmly planted…facing toward the sun

I challenge anyone…anything

And when it’s given all it’s got

I will tell that mountain to get out of my way

Because the love of God…I’ve got

When we challenge the value of anyone

We are challenging God and all His glory

And the wrath of God is steep

You know…you’ve read all the stories

So I’m saying to you be cautious

And when you talk of others be bright

Because you must look beneath the layers

To see people with God’s Holy Light

The Face of God

The Face of God

The thing about God’s light

It can show up in an unexpected place

A flower growing out of a sidewalk

Or in the innocence of a child’s face

It can show up out of nowhere

Like in the breaking dawn

You hear it in the chirp of birds

Or the first steps of a fawn

You can hear Our Creators light

In the laughter of a child

It’s His way of reminding us

That life is certainly worthwhile

I have heard God’s light

In my sorrow…yes even in my grief

It steals away my sadness

Like a most welcome thief

It’s His way of showing us

That we are never alone

By giving us the proof of life

And how it does go on

What love a father shows

When He wipes aside a tear

And warms us without a single touch

But the knowledge he is near

He shows the balance of His love

Because even in the heart break of death

He reminds us life goes on

As we watch a newborn take the first breath

It’s hard to remain bitter

When the most beautiful sounds

Can be experienced flying over head

Or walking all around

Have you ever sat on a park bench

And just listened to children play

Not worrying what tomorrow brings

Living only for today

I believe this is the true message

That only love of God can bring

He who has the gentleness of a lamb

The royalty of Our King

So when the day gets heavy

As we all know that it can

Smile at the adversity

Relying on the word of no man

I tell you love each other often

I say smiling with a nod

Because when you love one another

You are loving the face of God

Reach For The Stars

Reach For the Stars

You will bear your cross

And I, of course, will bear mine

But the first step is the hardest

To reaching the finish line

We are faced with

Uncharted journeys with uncertainty

But once we start the trip

There are endless possibilities

We must first acknowledge

That life sometimes doesn’t seem fair

Then we must hand it to our Father

And trust Him to be there

It can be hard to let go

Of the solutions we have devised

But do so we must

For He is all knowing…most wise

Our crosses can get heavy

Like carrying the world on our back

But the lessons they will teach are endless

And this is a fact

While some lessons are harder

And some seem to just bring pain

Once we take a step back

We can absorb the love which remains

We will deal with abuse from loved ones

And illness which seems to not end

But as I mentioned before

You are not broken…and its okay to bend

Bending is a way which we learn

To adjust our perception of life

How we learn that we are stronger

In our hearts and our minds

We were not broken at all

And although battered and bruised

We are the victor after all

With Him there is no way to lose

Move forward with this knowledge

Every success was once a dream

Know that no eagle takes flight

Before spreading his wings

Release the anxiety and anger

Which darkness can breed

Knowing God loves you

And that’s all that you need

He will place angels at your feet

Who will help repair your heart

And while the unknown is scary

You won’t know until you start

Take my hand if you need it

I’ve been where you are

Hold your head high

And reach for the stars

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