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You Are Loved

You Are Loved

The tears that we cry

Say and do so much

About who we really are

Hearts that we touch

Some say it is a weakness

Too emotional too weep

Oh the lies we live when

Negativity comes to creep

Tears…just like water

Allows growth of living things

While releasing love from our souls

Can you see what that means?

Our souls fulfillment

Is found in a tear drop

And you are telling me

Not to cry…that I should stop?

I will share this with you

My love is not in vain

As for my too emotional-ness

I refuse to abstain

For the feelings I emit

Come from a much greater source

Who expects me to reflect them

It’s part of my course

So get ready for my tears

And feelings they bring about

Know that I love you too

Without ever a doubt

My life springs eternal

I’m giving back to Creation

By shedding my soul showers

Without further deviation

So if you think I cry too much

Maybe you should look deeper

I have a duty to my Creator

I am my brother’s keeper

So my tears are a promise

They are the light reflective of

The message of our Creator





Beauty unrealized

Letting others tell us so

Too fat too thin

The world screaming no

But I will tell you now

It’s not about perfection

Beauty is not skin deep

Or others expectations

True beauty was established

Upon our first glance

Of your beautiful heart

Thank you for the chance

For beauty is not defined

By the eye of mankind

But something so much deeper

Let me tell you what’s in my mind

You are pure beauty

As depicted in beautiful prose

It’s the beat of your spirit

The life you chose

The kindness in your tone

The whisper of the truth

The rare innocence

Only found in our youth

So the next time someone decides

You aren’t good enough today

Smile and simply tell them

It wasn’t for you anyway

For we were created from

A place without mistake

A land of perfection

Paradise a land so great

How can any child think

They are less than their source

Greatness is where we came from

It is our steady course

So smile your best smile

Head up toward the clouds

For your beauty is found

In being unique from the crowd

Embrace your true self

Cast aside judgment of them

Give your thanks always

Praise God…Amen

Greater Things

Greater Things

We were given two orders of business

Seemed simple and refined

One to love everyone and everything

The other…to always be kind

Seems simple enough to do

Not a hard thing to even ask

But why do we constantly fail

To follow through with our true task

How can we fail to give love

It’s our calling…our duty

Letting go of our pride

Focus on Our God’s beauty

We must let go of all else

For else is an ego trip

Don’t fall into the trap

Don’t miss your proverbial ship

Reach out to others

For kindness is a need

For within the heart of man

A lost soul will be freed

Be loving and be kind

It’s the only rule of thumb

It will be the beginning

Of the greater things to come

Let It Grow

Let It Grow

The things we take for granted

Like breathing fresh air

The lessons we are afforded

To make us more aware

Experiencing the first light of day

The night’s first seen star

Are often clouded by judgments

Taking away from where we are

The sound of a newborn baby

An unexpected smile

Signs of God all around

Making life worthwhile

Fresh morning breezes

Cool mountain air

The touch of his hand

The smell of her hair

The things we overlook

When seeking reasons to hate

The blessings we step on

The hearts we do break

The boundaries we enforce

Creating reasons to step away

Rationalizing the thoughts

Finding reasons not to pray

Never seeking forgiveness

Making it harder to give

Building false expectations

Getting harder to live

When will we realize that we

Are being given another attempt

But are accountable for our actions

We are not love exempt

If you cannot find it in your heart

To reach out to a soul in need

What will happen to the children

Oh, the hate we do breed

We teach them indifference

How to worship material wealth

Forgetting about humility

What a hard hand they are dealt

For we are all given

Tools to pass along

So we will all be in tune

Singing the same song

Count your blessings I beg you

Be thankful for each one

Before they are stricken from you

And your time on earth is done

For when it all is said

Finished and then

You will think about could have’s

What might have been

Be proactive in your life

Grateful in your tones

Watch your demeanor

Stop casting verbal stones

For the cost of hate is large

More than you can afford

It can cost you salvation

Promised by our Lord

In closing I must tell you

So you will always know

Inside you have God’s love

It’s time to let it grow

Her Only Crutch

Her Only Crutch

A bruise it can heal

A scar doesn’t begin to touch

A broken-hearted angel

Who once loved so much

We may claim its not so bad

Saying she got what she’s worth

But she is priceless

Value increasing since birth

For the sins of man make him low

The cost of sin is high

We have time to do what’s right

But even that’s passing by

She is no possession

No material gain

and your ill intentions…

You should be ashamed

She isn’t your possession

She isn’t owned or bought

But a loved child of God

Not a bird you have caught

Now don’t forget loves

Anything you do treat as pray

Will not find reasons to love you

But methods to run away

You may try to shame her

With your crude behavior and tone

But her survival plan is God

The only one she needs to own

For nothing is greater than

Our father in all His Glory

And He is watching you

He knows the REAL story

REAL men don’t have to hit

To get attention from a lady

They carry God’s empowering light

Don’t have to be shady

Real men don’t need to raise their hands

They are busy lifting their hearts

And that might not be everything

But it’s a very good start

So bruise her you may

But you are the one who is weak

Her salvation is her weapon

It is yours whose is bleak

So when you look at yourself

As an idol and such

She looks like a warrior

When God’s her only crutch

 **We must put an end to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…Please speak out**

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The Walls came Tumbling Down

In the heat of the moment

In the still of the night

So many things go wrong

The blink of an eye

I’m sure in after thought

You would have complied stat

Are you following him?

We don’t need you to do that

A moment of thought

Could have made this just a debate

Now it’s up to the courts

To decide your life’s fate

A sad turn of events

A trip to the store

A child’s life

Will live no more

Oh we have the memories

Those precious moments in time

When he was laughing and loving

Remembering how he did shine

Anger will not change

What happened that night

But he was just a child

Keep that in your sight

No matter what we hold onto

When we think of his time

Was he a trouble maker

Or an angel of our mind

He was a child of God

He was created by Him

His life was ended

Due to a human’s whim

Why don’t we ask questions

Before acting it out

Oh the tragic results

When this comes about

Trayvon had a message

Even with his death

Even if it was only found

Upon taking his last breath

The message is clear

I hope we all one day can see

We are all important

Even someone like me

Someone who is loved by their parents

Someone who had a beautiful smile

Someone who, yes, was human

And got in trouble once in a while

Someone who had a future

Could have fallen in love

Was someone you could count on

When push came to shove

My race didn’t make me better

But God knows didn’t make me worse

But a decision made in haste showed

You acted before thinking first

I hope you one day understand

What really came about

Because there are parents now

Who are living without

I pray God will show us

The way to heal hearts broken

Before more angry actions are taken

While less words are spoken

For one thing is definite

Death cannot be undone

And grief is a morbid battle

Never can be won

So, Lord if you’re listening

As I write this down

Show us your grace before

The walls come tumbling down

 **IN conjunction with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Awareness…we are happy to donate a portion of the proceeds from our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter

I Do Pray

I Do Pray

I watched your eyes today

Closely on the screen

I saw a child that we lost

I understand what that means

I wonder if we needed

To see your innocent look

So we could justify the anger

Over a life someone took

Did we need you to be a choir boy

Instead of a kid running the streets

Oh the implications we make

Of people we never meet

If you were in a gang war

Would your loss seem easier to us

Did we need to see your innocence

In order to justify the fuss

Did we need to make him look

Evil…a perpetrator as it were

So we could see him as vile

We could all seem more sure

But alas, we may never know

Who either were at that time

Only that a life was taken

It definitely was a crime

A crime against humanity

A crime against the truth

An altercation once again

Has stolen another youth

As for my part in this

I will sing the very same song

We have created nothing

And killing is always wrong

We can not justify the reasons

Or clarify the cause

If only we had taken a moment

To take a breath…to briefly pause

The world might not have swallowed

Another child this way

A funeral…a memorial

Lets bow our heads to pray

Father please forgive us for thinking

Any reason would be okay

To take a child’s last breath

Leaving a country in dismay

We have stopped looking for our Savior

No matter what the case

We have made it about hatred

We have made it about race

We failed to listen to your lessons

Love your fellow man

Be forgiving of your neighbors

As often as you can

And as a final result of this

Another young man makes no sound

Only the sobbing of a mother

Putting him in the ground

Forgive us Heavenly Father

We know not what we do

We were so busy playing God

We failed to look to you

Help us heal past the heartache

Show us the err of our way

So we can do better tomorrow

On my knees I do pray

**There are far too many children that end up this way…the victims of  violence. We must take a stand**

In doing our part, we are donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc

God Will Speak Through You

When we seek peace

It’s not just of the mind

It’s all that is around us

…every proof of life we find

It’s the unimagined truth

Which balances us all

It’s the force which holds us steady

Or we will surely fall

Peace is not found in silence

…our biting of our tongue

Its found in lovers debating

…in the cries of the very young

It’s clearing the air so to speak

…in a time of despair

It’s showing love in all ways

…it’s how we know we care

It can be found in disagreement

…as well as in our smiles

For silence can still breed unrest

Which spans across the miles

Controversy can be peaceful

It can begin to clear the air

It can help us mend bridges

When we treat other beings fair

It isn’t about falsely agreeing

Nodding as if we do agree

But about loving enough to listen

Wanting each other to see

For God fully expects

The trials we will obtain

Knowing if we follow His love

We will live to argue again

Search for peace always I say

It’s important to our destination

But never discount the love of God

In spite of our aggravation

Let God live through your words

Let your actions be always true

And peace will thrive again

As God will speak through you



Once there was anguish

More pain than anyone knew

And God again proved His love

Because then came you

Rough around the edges

But so beautiful to the core

A warrior when needed

But there was so much more

So much more I needed to tell you

Much more that you needed to know

And oh how you were loved

I was amazed as I watched love grow

I had never visually imagined

Someone as unique as you

Could create so much balance

I’m glad that God knew

He knew I needed you

So He created a place

So in my hectic life

For you He made a space

One that I thought would last forever

I never imagined saying goodbye

And doing so caused so much pain

I thought I would surely die

But dying was not God’s plan for me yet

There was more I needed to do

So I hold my memories close

Thankful that there was you

Your voice kept me going

Long after the flesh had gone to pass

Reminding me to stop…slow down

That I didn’t want to move to fast

Take time to smell the flowers

Because they too have a short time

To leave footprints on your heart

Right along side of mine

Slow down in your speech

Use thoughtful words and phrase

Show your love through expression

We all need that these days

Remember its okay to cry about loss

But in your heartfelt pain

Recreate the laughter we shared

And learn to enjoy that again

Her voice would sometimes whisper

The pain will one day subside

It’s what you choose to with it

But only you can decide

Decide to move on with life

Decide to hold me forever in your heart

And know that in my bodies passing

Even death can’t keep us apart

Death is not a punishment

Or judgment God is placing

Just that my role in life was over

You have not been forsaken

Understand who you are

And the love you helped create

Know that your heart may feel pain

But God won’t allow it to break

So as my sister’s voice fades she says

There’s something I need you to do

Remember when I needed hope

Was when God gave me you

The Face of God

The Face of God

The thing about God’s light

It can show up in an unexpected place

A flower growing out of a sidewalk

Or in the innocence of a child’s face

It can show up out of nowhere

Like in the breaking dawn

You hear it in the chirp of birds

Or the first steps of a fawn

You can hear Our Creators light

In the laughter of a child

It’s His way of reminding us

That life is certainly worthwhile

I have heard God’s light

In my sorrow…yes even in my grief

It steals away my sadness

Like a most welcome thief

It’s His way of showing us

That we are never alone

By giving us the proof of life

And how it does go on

What love a father shows

When He wipes aside a tear

And warms us without a single touch

But the knowledge he is near

He shows the balance of His love

Because even in the heart break of death

He reminds us life goes on

As we watch a newborn take the first breath

It’s hard to remain bitter

When the most beautiful sounds

Can be experienced flying over head

Or walking all around

Have you ever sat on a park bench

And just listened to children play

Not worrying what tomorrow brings

Living only for today

I believe this is the true message

That only love of God can bring

He who has the gentleness of a lamb

The royalty of Our King

So when the day gets heavy

As we all know that it can

Smile at the adversity

Relying on the word of no man

I tell you love each other often

I say smiling with a nod

Because when you love one another

You are loving the face of God

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