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Wide Eyed Girl

Wide Eyed Girl

What did you do

What did you wear

Questions like these

Simply aren’t fair

Did you say no

How loud did you scream

Did you ask for it…

Is what that means

Is it not enough for you

That she felt such intrusion

Questions like these

Jumping to conclusions

When she reaches out for compassion

And is interrogated this way

Is similar to being attacked again

Worse than yesterday

What did she wear…really

What did she do wrong?

She wore survival gear

Thank God she lasted this long

Judge not unless you

Want the same treatment too

No question…yes

I’m talking to you

No one deserves this anguish

And your questions without doubt

Is why this crime happens

It brings this behavior about

As long as society thinks

She did something to deserve

To be taken…beaten…humiliated

Can’t believe the nerve

It doesn’t matter what she wore

It doesn’t matter when she said no

She was never at fault for this

Your inhumanity…beginning to show

NO matter where she was

No matter what she did

She was not at fault

The fault was always his

She trusted the wrong person

That’s a deep line

There are two offenses

Even if only one is a crime

I promise you my lovelies

She has been a victim of her heart

So please stop the insulting jabs

It’s you who is tearing her apart

Dig deep within your soul

Where God will lead you home

It keeps our hearts anew

With more love than you have known

Embrace this child of God

He is watching what you do

Give which would be sought

If this crime happened to you

Shine Divine Light daily

Give praise not assault

When it comes to matters like these

It never was her fault

Give love…be love

No matter who “she” is

We get one chance to show God

This might be it

I know your heart is pure

Your spirit is divine

Tear down the attacking tones

Let your inner light shine

Don’t let the one she reaches for

Be the last straw of her heart

Make a change in your life

Let’s make a brand new start

If she cries out not in silence

Please don’t turn a deaf ear

Your chance to make a difference

It is right here

Let’s work together to repair

This broken down world

So we never have to mourn

Another sweet wide eyed girl

Sweet Warrior

 Although you didn’t realize it I heard you cry

 I know of your pain

And while it may be hard to believe

 I, too, have felt the shame


Every blow he has dealt you

I have felt before

And while you may think

You can take no more


Please know that you

Are stronger than steel

Even when you are crying

No matter what you may feel


His attempt to destroy the light

Within your heart

Has failed miserably every time

 Of that there is no doubt


I know you feel alone

Because once I did too

He leaves his weakness

On your face…a bruise


I want you to understand

I need you to see

How much you are loved

Starting with me


I love your strength

And the resolve on your face

I love the fact that

He can’t keep up with your pace


I adore the reminder that with you

God always smiles

And even if it feels like

You haven’t seen it in a while


The power behind your smile

In spite of the ongoing pain

Always brings out your sunshine

When he only wants to see rain


The sparkle in which

Your eyes always show

Is a constant reminder

Of the love you now know


God loves you sweet warrior

Never doubt that fact

I know you feel alone

But no matter where you are at


You are being divinely watched over

And his cowardly deeds

Will soon be repaid

With God’s wrath…a fact he should heed


Please hold on to this notion

That you are not alone

And you grow stronger

With every punch that is thrown


And while I will ask you

 To please find away

To muster up your strength

And quickly walk away


Until you are able to break free

Know that you aren’t the only one

And God is watching over you

And His will…soon will be done

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