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Who I Am

Who I am is not a physical characteristic
My skin is only a shell
A covering
Protecting all that is truly important
Who I have grown to be
Can not be measured
By the inches of man
But by the millions of stars
Which greet me every evening
And by the rays of light
Which wrap their warmth
Around my soul
Who I am…
Who I grow to be
Is more than can be seen
With the naked eye
For our eyes…
Are blinded
By ego and greed
Where our souls
Only wish to reflect
Upon others
Enjoy your moments
My family…
It is a gift
Don’t miss out
Simply because
You don’t like the color
Of the ribbon it is wrapped with



Beauty unrealized

Letting others tell us so

Too fat too thin

The world screaming no

But I will tell you now

It’s not about perfection

Beauty is not skin deep

Or others expectations

True beauty was established

Upon our first glance

Of your beautiful heart

Thank you for the chance

For beauty is not defined

By the eye of mankind

But something so much deeper

Let me tell you what’s in my mind

You are pure beauty

As depicted in beautiful prose

It’s the beat of your spirit

The life you chose

The kindness in your tone

The whisper of the truth

The rare innocence

Only found in our youth

So the next time someone decides

You aren’t good enough today

Smile and simply tell them

It wasn’t for you anyway

For we were created from

A place without mistake

A land of perfection

Paradise a land so great

How can any child think

They are less than their source

Greatness is where we came from

It is our steady course

So smile your best smile

Head up toward the clouds

For your beauty is found

In being unique from the crowd

Embrace your true self

Cast aside judgment of them

Give your thanks always

Praise God…Amen

7×7 Award

7×7 Award
I first would like to thank Colline at Collinesblog for nominating me for this award. I have taken a while to post it on my own blog, because there are just so many beautiful blogs out there and I just wanted to try and recognize those that I hadn’t before. You guys know if I had my way I would nominate everyone I have met and befriended here. I like the 7×7 award because it also helps me reflect back on some of my other writing and makes me look deeper into it. I hope you all get a chance to view the bloggers that I am nominating…they are moving and I truly believe they are noteworthy.
So this blog award asks that we note 7 of our own blogs to link back to and that we nominate 7 bloggers of our choice. As always I wish you all peace and blessings…today and always.

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Most beautiful piece- Happy Birthday…anything about my sister is the most beautiful thing in the world to me
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   If we look around us we can see God’s truest beauty in the things that some would call flaws. But if you look at something in its “weakest “state and can still be astounded by it beauty…this is a thing deserving highest praise.

   Some will say a rose is beautiful…right after it blooms. And granted that is when people will desire it…cut it…and place it in a beautiful vase. But the true beauty is how after time it starts to lower its bloom…and then people may pay less attention to it. It is in this adversity that I find the most beauty…because I get to watch it age…with royal dignity…still full of color and pride.

   There are people who will say that a young couple, so full of life is a beautiful sight…and they are. But I find that a couple who has aged together…to be a distinct thing of beauty. What could be more beautiful than watching two people who instinctively know the actions of the other and can prepare a reaction…without missing a beat? She will get ready to sit down…knowing that he will pull out her chair. You can watch them reaching out for one another’s hands….knowing that the other will be there to take it.

   True beauty, to me, is found not in the “perfections” that we try to emulate…but in the “realness” which is our truer self. It is so refreshing to watch someone just be so at ease with themselves…that they allow laughter at their expense. Such confidence is refreshing…

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