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I’m not much for politics

Will never hold office or such

Just seems like we analyze

Our world way too much

If we were all loving by nature

Kindness were our only creed

Microscopes wouldn’t be necessary

Could be judged by our good deeds

Not how much a charity was given

Not how many babies we kissed

But we’re so caught up on dissecting

There’s so much we have missed

We overlook true kindness

For the flashy displays of “humanity”

We mistake lies for the truth

And other such insanity

We should think a man true

For kissing a baby’s head

Babies are easy to love

Let’s talk about life instead

You want to make the world safer

Let’s talk about ridding our arms

Let’s contribute to peace

Stop doing others harm

This do onto others

Before he does to me

Creates human extinction

Via political party

Not caring about which party

You tend to subscribe

More concerned about love

Shining my Creator’s light

In the world that really matters

We have begun a cycle of hate

It isn’t about who is strongest

But the fragile hearts we break

What good is a human display?

If it is followed up with lies

We cover up evils of men

With well-padded alibis

Believe me we are being watched

From places unforeseen

Our actions are being scrutinized

Our intentions are unclean

We may pray in a cathedral

All are welcome to enter

For God is not as we are

Completely self-centered

Yet every day we are given

The chance to make a change

Yet the mistakes we are making

Vary little in their range

I’m observing nothing more

Not saying I am less at fault

But shouldn’t we start today

End the domestic assault

Stop the hateful name calling

What are we teaching our young?

That the winner by default

Is the one with the cruelest tongue?

Do you see the insanity now?

How crazy this all seems

To crush the will of man

Squashing his hopes and dreams

I pray we wake up soon

Before it is too late

The cost of sin is high

The punishment is great

Embrace your fellow man

Whether black white yellow or blue

For the greatness that created them

Also created you






Our Savior’s Light

Do not confuse what I say
When I speak of divine light
It’s not about being black
It’s not about being white

It’s about knowledge of God
Not about racial unrest
For try as we may
We still fail to do our best

We may make excuses for
The differences we do share
But when did that have to be
The reason we don’t care

After all I didn’t decide
The tone of my skin
Was more important than
The woman I am within

How can a predetermined factor
Tell you how dangerous I can be
If I was a different race
Wouldn’t I still be me?

I don’t know when my skin
Became more important than my soul
But if you get hung up on it
You’ll miss more than you know

Light is about our Creator
Not about good nor bad
It’s about the blessings
The greatest gifts we’ve ever had

It’s the reason we were sent here
Not the thing that we see
It’s why we were chosen
Why we were meant to be

Light is about the path
Our own predestined way
It’s about the time we spend
Each and every day

Do we spend it wisely
Or do we waste it to death
Can we love one another
Or am I wasting my breath?

Because my hopes for man are high
I believe the violence can end
When you stop looking for my faults
And accept me as a friend

For everywhere the light touches
All places every where else
Is where God …he lives
We need to remind ourselves

Children are God’s gift
Yet we cast them aside
We bury them too soon
Today another died

Our women are battered
Victims of a loved ones abuse
How can she ever heal
It’s her heart that’s been bruised

Give God’s love with purpose
Whether it be day or night
Fill hearts with the warmth
Found in our Savior’s light

A Life Lost

A Life Lost

 I can not imagine what life had become for Rutgers’ freshman Tyler Clementi in September 2010. I have seen videos of him playing the violin, he was very talented. I heard people say that he was a very good and kind person; that is not to say that all people were good and kind to him.

 From what I have read and watched on the news; Tyler was a homosexual young man who was learning to cope with who he was…not unlike most people his age. One night his roommate placed a web cam in their dorm room. On this specific night Tyler was seen in his room with another male…and his roommate allegedly aired it over the web. As with most things on the internet…it went viral; the humiliation of the video was too much for Tyler to deal with. And on Sept 22, 2010 at 8:42p.m.; Tyler Clementi posts on his Face book wall “Jumping off the G.W. Bridge, sorry”. That was the last anyone heard from Tyler Clementi, a life that ended far too soon.

 Now his family must try and move forward…left only with memories of a kind soul…that the world was NOT kind too. Why did Tyler throw himself off the George Washington Bridge? He ended his life, because someone wanted to make fun of him. Someone thought a laugh was more important than compassion.

 I am angered at this situation, because this happens too often. Our children are being bullied and badgered from one extreme to another. Tyler was a child of God…yet we allowed him to be isolated. We made this form of bullying permissible…by simply sitting in front of our computers while this video was live streamed. We didn’t stand up and try to stop it. And in the end, Tyler could not live with the embarrassment…so he ended his grief.

 I intentionally have not mentioned the names of the 2 individuals that were responsible for this incident…not because I am trying to protect them. I am leaving them nameless because the only persons name worthy of remembering…is Tyler Clementi.

 I am writing this to focus on an ongoing problem…bullying. People are no longer just trying to steal lunch money…they are stealing the lives and livelihood of our offspring. It is up to us to put an end to this. No one deserves to feel alone, and deserted. Families don’t deserve to have to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts, because someone thought that humor at the expense of another…was acceptable.

 We are responsible for implementing good, strong, virtuous morals within our children. Every time a child is bullied…it is our world’s problem. Every time a child is fearful of going to school or out to play, because some other child or adult is strong arming them…we are responsible. It is our job to step forward and put our foot down, for those that have not found a way to do it for themselves. We must embrace God’s children…regardless of who they are.

  Young men and women have enough to deal with…just being young adults. Life makes things hard enough, without us pushing things to their limit and making it almost impossible to survive. It saddens me to know that Tyler felt like he had no other choice but to end his young life. I pray that this vicious circle can end here. We all can play a part in making the world a more loving place. Encourage our children to be respectful of others; and in the wake of bullying we should educate our children in the art of compassion. Stand up for those who do not know how to stand up for themselves.

 I pray that God will guide us back onto our true path…we have wasted far too much time.

Building Bridges

   There are people that will come in and out of our lives…and while we may notice there absence, it is my hope that we will not miss the lesson in the experience. We are often saddened by the loss, whether it is through death or people just moving forward. It is my hope that with this we can eventually rally around what they contributed to our lives…be it something profound…or something as simple as teaching us to laugh at the things that don’t kill us. 

   Laughing at adversity allows us to own whatever the stimulus might be…it makes us pro-active instead of reactive. Most people consider reactions to mean we were caught off guard…where as being pro-active infers that we were always ready for anything that may come our way. It gives us strength in the eyes of others…and re-instills the ideas that we are blessed and highly favored. Who doesn’t feel more secure with the knowledge that we are not alone?

  Life can definitely send some jabs and upper cuts our way…but the question is simple…are we so busy trying to patch up the injury that we no longer are looking for the next blow? Did we learn the lesson? There are those people who just sit and wait for the opportunity to present itself…and the opportunity usually tends to be isolation.

   You may say that you aren’t isolated…but let’s re-examine that thought. You may be physically surrounded with numerous people…you have more contacts in your cell phone than most people get holiday cards from…but are you free of isolation? It’s is ironic that these people are called contacts…yet very few actually touch us.

   What is isolation? Generally speaking, isolation occurs when a person sets themselves apart or cuts themselves off from others. You might still think that you don’t do this…but do you? How many people on your contact list…are you truly touched by; keeping in mind that “contact” generally means the state or condition of touching?

   Do you isolate yourself from what happens around you? Do you turn off the news or ignore news articles about things that you find disturbing or negative? Many people do. It can be emotionally taxing to watch how others suffer everyday…perhaps looking the other way will allow us to go on with our day, at least. Who really wants to read or watch stories about homelessness, or crime? Who wants to hear day and day out about the famine in Horn of Africa…and who can bear to see those poor children dying? We have our own problems…and I do not think for one moment that people who think this way are callous or uncaring. They are human. But they are humans who have chosen to isolate themselves.

   Why do you think that so many people rallied around the recently executed Troy Davis? After all, he was found guilty of killing Mark MacPhail…why did he deserve any support? My best guess is this; Troy Davis…showed us that people are not expendable. I don’t think that anyone was supporting a murderer…they were supporting a human being. People gathered together by the groves…to unite for a common cause…to love their fellow man. Troy Anthony Davis woke people up. He made us look at our justice system with clarity…as if we had been walking around in a daze for centuries. Even if for just that moment…we didn’t want to isolate people. We actually wanted contact. We wanted people to know us…and us them.

  From this…conversations started…not just angry debates…but calm intellectual conversations. We started talking about everything! We wanted to know more. If you had a situation that was causing your frustration…I wanted to know about it. Your life began to matter to me. Even if for just one moment…we started remembering that we are supposed to love each other. Inadvertently, we began to “Occupy our Hearts”. The ice around our veins began to slowly melt. It was beautiful.

  Troy Davis reminded us that true justice will only occur when balancement exists. When the scales are tilted…it does not solve anything. He reminded us that only when we live in a society where we are not prejudged for some physical, financial, or religious difference will true justice happen.

  Ultimately, if we were to try and say that these biases do not exist…we are only further proving the fact that we are living in isolation.

  When this world was created…it was populated with living organisms that were molded to our Creator’s liking. We were chosen to live here…and we were chosen because we are all compatible. We can all live here harmoniously…if we so choose. Our problem has never been that we are not being able to love each other; the only problem is our own pre-conceived notions that we are better than another being. We are highly evolved creatures…we have learned how to communicate…we have invented machines to make life simpler. We have sent man and woman into space. We have raised children who would become future diplomats and literal geniuses. Yet we are the only living organisms that refuse to live together…without trying to destroy each other. There are millions of species of animals…that get along better than we do. And we will be the ONLY group of living organisms…who place themselves on the endangered species list. We would rather kill each other off into distinction than to learn how to live harmoniously.

  This is not the end of our story…but if we don’t make changes…it very well could be. Love life…make changes…say hello to someone you have never met. Hold a door open for a complete stranger…get to know your neighbors. Embrace your differences…you might learn something that will enhance your life. You may touch another person by just smiling at them. Encourage the conversation; offer each other loving solutions to a world full of problems. Take the initiative; it is what God has been waiting for all along. If we spend more time building bridges…we can spend less time building prisons.

Forgive Us

Forgive Us

 Often, myself included, we will drop to our knees when we are in need of something which we feel would be unattainable without your assistance. We remember to reach toward heaven when we feel weak or desperate…with no place to rest our weary hearts. I want to thank you and acknowledge all of the bountiful gifts that you send our way, and apologize for those we don’t seem to be grateful for.

 But today, I want to ask your forgiveness…for all that we don’t say and for all the things we do or fail to do. Please forgive us for not falling to our knees, humbling ourselves, every given moment possible. Forgive us for not only creating wars, but for breeding hate…among our fellow man. We make excuses for the reasons we say war is necessary…but is the cost of a tank of gas really worth the innocent lives of men, women and children? Forgive us for being so self indulgent that we believe, that we are better than anyone or anything else…on your earth. How dare we belittle another person for not being exactly like we are…when did we become so arrogant? I humbly apologize for mankind believing that we have the right to take another life…for whatever reason. Our justifications for murder, on any level, are just created to absolve us for any feelings of guilt…and we should feel guilty…because how can we believe we have the right to destroy life when it was created by you? Forgive us for standing by and watching, as innocent children are abused and murdered everyday…by the very parents that were supposed to guard and protect them. How lazy we have gotten, when did parenting become a chore…and not the gift that you bestowed upon us? Forgive us for preaching about how much we love our fellow man…while selling poison to him on the very streets our children play on. Who are we to glorify, and make excuses for men and women who sell drugs to every man, woman or child who have their hand out? What kind of people create petitions to force a homeless person to vacate a bridge…because it bothers us to see some one in that state? I suppose it would be too much to try and help him/her find housing or a job…after all everyone just loves having no place to call their own. Forgive us for using televisions, computers and gaming systems as replacements for active parenting. When did we stop caring what happened in our children’s classes? Why do we no longer question what our children are taught? Forgive the absent fathers and mothers, who fool themselves into believing that their absence doesn’t matter. If for one moment the absent parent had to listen to a child cry themselves to sleep because they hold themselves responsible for the abandonment…maybe they would see things differently. Forgive us for not taking the time to spread love and joy to our neighbors…regardless of race, creed, and religion. I’m not sure why we are of the belief that we are superior to anyone or anything.

 I ask that you forgive us for destroying the very forests that took hundreds of years to grow…and for destroying the communities of living organisms that depended on that growth for survival….and shame on us for believing that replanting a tree would make up for that act. Forgive us for being so thoughtless that we throw trash into a body of water…where marine life is trying to survive. I guess if some one threw trash into a glass of water we were trying to drink…we might feel differently. Forgive us for all the people we have enslaved, killed, raped, tortured, and demeaned…for our own greedy purposes. And please help us learn from this huge error in judgment…so that we can stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

 I ask that you forgive us…so that with your guidance we can learn to appreciate all that you have given us. And with this knowledge we can teach, by example, our children to love all that you created for us. Help us to stop making excuses and start making amends. Please allow us the opportunity to learn how to love without bias, and show us how important it is to not only reach out…but lift up.

And A Tear Fell

And A Tear Fell



 The other night, quite by accident, I stumbled across a movie called ‘The Laramie Project’. Once I read a brief description of the movie/docu-drama, I was instantly set on watching this. I must say this was one of the saddest dramas that I had seen in a while, not because its contents were a shock…but because it actually happened to a real person…and some how it struck a chord in me.

 The Laramie Project is about an incident that occurred Oct. 6, 1998; definitely not a current event…but still very much an important issue. On the sixth day of October 1998, two 21 year old young men, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, kidnapped, and beat Matthew Shepard (21); such a beating in fact that he, as an end result, passed away. All three of these young men were citizens of Laramie, Wyoming.

 According to the taped and verbal confessions, at the time of the arrest of the two assailants, I learned some very frank facts. One night, at a bar, Matthew Sheppard (a self proclaimed homosexual), was offered a ride home by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. During this ride, Aaron McKinney brutally beat Matthew, with his hands and the butt of his hand gun. When asked, Aaron said that Matthew asked him to stop one time…but after that he was too busy getting beat. Russell Henderson drove his truck to a spot high above the city…where the two tied Matthew to a fence post. While Russell pleaded for Aaron to stop, Aaron McKinney continually beat Matthew Shepard half to death. The college freshman was left there for 18 hours before authorities found him. Matthew stayed in a coma for 6 days, and on October 12, 1998, Matthew Shepard passed away.

 The entire drama was about reactions from the townspeople, since all three were local residents. The reactions were varied, which I found rather disturbing. Some people, of course, were sympathetic and empathetic with the Shepard family; but not all were.

 This was a heinous crime, filled with hate, and bigotry. But the terrible truth is, just like it happened in Laramie, it could and in fact, does happen every day. All Matthew did was be different than other people. Matthew was a gay man, period; that was his crime. The fact that everyone in that town was not appalled by this crime was total lunacy. He was beaten, until they got tired and bored with it…and then he was left to die.

 The sad thing about this incident, which is actually an issue, is that even 13 years later, it still happens. People look away while people are harassed about their sexuality, race, religion, socio-economic background, and social affiliations. How long should we look away? How bad does it have to get? How many teenagers have to die; by their own hand or the hand of others…because they are different? How many times do we laugh it off when we hear people we care about use racial slurs, sexist comments, demeaning words, or phrases? Why is ignorance acceptable?

 Life is so short, to even take one minute to degrade another person…is one precious minute of life…..wasted. Why is walking away so difficult? Isn’t the true strength found in the one who walks away rather than in the one who engages in the fight? We have become a society where we need to tear another person down in order to feel good about ourselves.

 The truly frightening reality is that we, as adults, are training our children to hate. We are helping to raise future bigots; who may be capable of hate crimes. Is this what we want? Would you feel comfortable with this…if Matthew had been your son? As statistics can readily show, Matthew is the rule not the exception. He could have been killed because he was a different race, handicapped, poor, or a variety of reasons…he just happened to be gay. If Matthew had been a heterosexual female with blonde hair and blue eyes…would this crime have been more socially unacceptable?

 We need to take a stand. Stand up and fight for the voices that never get heard…because society is busy judging them. Do what is right…hold your head high and stretch your arms to Heaven…before we let another tear fall.



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