Why Didn’t She Leave

Why didn’t she leave

The topic of conversation

Did you REALLY want to go

Verbal annihilation

Why didn’t she run

Why didn’t she call out

Why didn’t she tell

Unheard screams and shouts

Could it really be that bad

Was she really getting beat

What happens when the assault

Becomes her only retreat

What did she do to him

He seems not THAT type at all

Maybe her bumps and bruises

Were from an accident or fall

Maybe she is making too much

I mean all couples squabble

We don’t want to get involved

And make HIM feel awful

Wait…someone shouted

What are you saying

Her soul is the debt

Her body is re-paying

Why didn’t she leave

A negative connotation

What is happening to us

Our friends…cities…nations

Why didn’t she leave

Maybe because she knows

Her fear…it is real

And every day it grows

So maybe today instead

Of pointing fingers and blame

We can spare her the judgment

Casting unnecessary shame

How can I help you

Is there someone I can call

Making “Why didn’t you leave”

Something we don’t say at all

                          ~LM Young

 My Rays of Light Radio