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Let Not The Children Suffer

Let not the children suffer

They are innocent from hate

They didn’t ask for indifference

Or the lies that we create

Let them not know sorrow

Or agonizing pain

Allow their hearts to encourage

Others to love again

Let not a child’s cries

At night go unheard

Listen to their spirit

Every single word

For when we turn a deaf ear

When our eyes are now blind

Our children pay the price

Of evil that we find

If we fail to make a stand

For fear of standing out

We are accomplices in sin

Of that there is no doubt

Our children are paying

A price which is not theirs

While we are here talking

About unwanted stares

Let the children not suffer

Let us all own what is ours

Leave the children to their laughter

Running through spring showers

When we pour water on the fire

A child carries in their dreams

We become the culprit

And the evil it does bring

Let not them know suffering

It’s the only way to go home

By carefully holding their hearts

Saying…you are not alone



Today I want to tell you

Simply avert your attention

To something women go through

Almost too horrible to mention

But it happens more often than

Is spoken above her silence

It’s a terminal illness

It’s called domestic violence

That’s a basic term though

Doesn’t make it too clear

It’s about the physical and emotional

It’s about living in constant fear

Fear for yourself and your kids

For people you love no doubt

He will kill them all and

It’s that fear we are talking about

Fear to look up and

Fear to say a word

Fear to tell anyone

The things that you heard

Fear has its own life span

It can live longer than we

I know because one time

The fear almost killed me

Domestic Violence is a crime

Someone is stealing a dream

He is beating her pride

Molesting her self esteem

He is bruising her face

Breaking her fragile bones

Destroying all she ever had

For her…he thinks he owns

But ownership is not his

In fact this slavery can thrive

When we would rather find death

Than to suffer more alive

Do you know who she is

At least someone you suspect

You kind of sort of know

Just don’t want to say so yet

I’m here to tell you now

Later might be too vast

Her sand is draining out

Of life’s hour glass

Speak up she needs your help

For even if you love him

They both need to get help

To stop the rage within

We all want to claim ignorance

When the outcome of death arrives

But we failed to step up when

Both parties were still alive

Whether you love him or her

Or are just doing what is needed

Here is my sage advice

I hope you carefully heed it

He is killing her no question

The children are watching too

Someone needs to step up

Today that someone is you


Rise up to the challenge

Be the saver of this story

It’s about saving humanity

Not self-proclaimed glory

This is my Domestic Violence lesson

Sometimes we just need to be aware

That our women and children are dying

I’m asking that you be there

It’s not about butting in

It’s not about prying

It’s about humanity

Please stop it from dying

So make that call now

Before she withers away

Give her hope of a future

Tell her it starts today

Spread humanity I beg you

Reach out by reaching up

Give her strength to scream

Today I have had enough

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month…it exists…too many women are painfully AWARE…please help

1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

Just Like You

Just Like You

Thank you to the heroes

Ones you see every day

Even if they don’t

See themselves this way

Thank you for your fight

Thank you for taking a stand

Thank you for being you

By simply reaching out a hand

Those hearts you have touched

May not know your grace

But there is something about you

A smile on an angels face

But I recognized it…definitely

I saw your halo shining through

You don’t even know your heroics

You’re just trying to be you

But whilst being you

You saved a child today

Because of your love

They get a chance to play

It’s an honor to even know you

Though I knew you would be

The answer to children’s prayers

This is your destiny

You set a fine example

Of what we should do

When God shines his light

On the evil he does rue

Yet even at great cost

Much more than we could know

Other angels like you still

Revealed your inner glow

So shine on truth seeker

Enforcer of divine love

There are hearts to be mended

More than we speak of

And as the sun rises again

As it most definitely shall do

I will stand and applaud the heroics

In angels just like you

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A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Atlanta Children’s Shelter

I’ll Walk With You

I’ll Walk With You

The storm it is brewing

The war has been waged

We have altered a life

A child filled with rage

Where we might think it isn’t

A communicable disorder

We have started a chain

Can not be afforded

Outside looking inward

Logic is lost for a while

Why would an abused adult

Then abuse another child

It is a painful cycle no less

If we don’t stop the track

More children will be tainted

Falling under attack

This is not the legacy

We want to leave behind

Breaking young hearts

Tainting little minds

We can do better I know

It’s what must be done

We’re all victims…trapped

A vicious web has been spun

Let’s take back our lives

Stop giving in to neglect

It’s what God wants

What He expects

Protect the children now

There is nothing to think through

Would you want your parents silent

If it was happening to you

Our lives they are on fire

We are burning as we speak

Protect our children

The young…the weak

We have created our own hell

By being silent and still

These acts of cowardice

Are of our own will

Please join in my call

Make your actions follow my voice

It doesn’t have to be like this

We do have a choice

I will choose love forever

And too show my true way

I will announce and denounce

Those who live in the gray

You know the gray matter

Those who know but don’t speak

We have the power to change

We are not the ones weak

Be strong and stand tall

Know that God walks with you

Bring child abuse awareness

And I’ll walk with you too

**We MUST stop child abuse now…END THE CYCLE

The Best of Us All

The Best of Us All

We should never have cause

To mourn a child

Because we live in a world

That has simply gone wild

Children battered

Being constantly abused

The color of love

Is not the shade of a bruise

I have no understanding

Of how a parent can fore sake

The life of a child

The divine rules we do break

We have no right to injure

Or impose our gross interpretation

Of how we want life to be

Causing further alienation

Children are not little adults

They need our protection

Instead we have become the problem

The ongoing infection

I honestly can NOT tell you

I know why this occurred

And can’t get wrapped up in

How you might be disturbed

She was 9 years old

And then she was not

You were her father

I guess you forgot

So let me remind you

Her body was never yours to know

She was a baby…innocent

Now to never grow

So you took her life

To buy her silence about you

But let me give my voice

Another point of view

She no longer breathes

I think you should remember why

Because of what you did

Her silence you couldn’t buy

Children are true blessings

Each and every single one

Evidence of God is found

In our daughters and our sons

We must stop the violence

We can no longer turn away

Too many children are dying

Let us pray:

Oh Father…who is above Heaven

Please forgive our ignorant acts

Protect the children from us

For we know the facts

The fact is we neglect and abuse

The biggest blessings we’re given

We have no excuse

For the way we are living

Father please guard the children

We need to harbor them from the storm

It’s been our duty…our job

Since the day they were born

I don’t know when we lost our way

I just know that we did

Our children fell prey

We became sordid

Please remove the evil

Which flows through our veins

So we may meet you in Heaven

When we see you again

And too all those innocents

Which we sent home to you so fast

I hope you have finally found the love

You have needed at last

May you all have eternal peace

Knowing no harm can again befall

You TRULY are the very

Best of us all


Do What Is Right

Do What Is Right

In the beginning there was light

And all things in between

We’ve been told this since birth

But what does it mean?

Does it mean how I worship

Should fall under scrutiny

Or that if my skin is too dark

I will be a victim of mutiny

No I didn’t get that message

When those words were said to me

Hate was never part of our

Eternal destiny

You can not impose your beliefs

Upon another’s heart

Just speak truth…wish them peace

When you go to part

You may think I should look

A little more like you

I guess the problem starts

When I feel the same way too

But the truth is that we

Are only part of a plan

No matter what we say

Like the blades on a fan

If we work against one another

There will be no cool air

And although life may get hard

Seem to be unfair

We are only a portion

Of a much larger picture

So stop sitting around indifferent

Like a kitchen tile fixture

Step up…speak up

Finally do what is right

Wrong is just wrong

Fight the good fight

If the debate of injustice

Just wages in your head

You’ve ended no war

Today there’s more dead

Does this seem melodramatic

A stretch of the imagination

We are walking around in hell

Our living damnation

The children we claim to love

Are starving to death


Another took his last breath

Sitting around politely

Wearing a sweet smile

Is evil when

Our children are defiled

Make some noise…yell

Make people jump to their feet

It’s nice if you want no problem

But there’s a child being beat

Maybe you didn’t give birth

To that child next door

But be rest assured

That child is yours

It’s the world’s child

What you do next is the key

Will you keep him locked up

Or set him free

Will you be his voice

No matter where you reside

Or sit there quietly

While again he dies

Understand my brother

And yes my sister too

That child is me

That child is you

Give him the chance to

Grow and learn from love

Show him our Creator is great

Embracing from above

Please wait no more

He has taken all he can bear

Show him humanity

By just being there

Don’t wait for another

To step and take over

Give him a childhood

Of roses in fields full of clover

Show humanity today

Shine God’s brilliant light

Help a child in need

I ask…do what is right

**We can put an end to child abuse…it is up to us…do your part. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from our poetry book “The Light of Our Path”  to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc

Too Late

Too Late

Be mindful of their little hearts

They are attached to little ears

We can break down their little hopes

With the harsh things that they hear

What may be a simple debate

Hardly worth arguing for

Becomes something giant to a child

It seems most like a war

Their little bodies tremble

When their balance comes to an end

Those little hearts we break

Become fences we can’t mend

When we take the dreams of a child

Crush it with our ill intent

We become the thieves of hope

Proof of our souls’ dissent

Instead of elevating others

We are busy thinking of me

We turn our backs on our children

Our divine responsibility

If you can say nothing nice

Find something else to say

Go for walks…go for a ride

Get on your knees to pray

Start appreciating what you have

Stop seeking everything else

Those children depend on you

Stop thinking of yourself

Words are like weapons

It’s like shooting them with guns

The effects are long lasting

What have we done?

We are killing our children

One heart at a time

Yet moving about through life

Like everything is fine

Do not bring your children

Into the center of your hell

They will be forever injured

Even if you wish them well

Love is the simplest word

It has the longest effect

It is what God wants

In fact what He expects

We can’t claim victimization

Can’t claim ignorance

We are assaulting our children

Can not claim innocence

Rise to the challenge

Step up to the plate

Before God does His part

And I’m sorry is too late

Find Humility

Find Humility

Another sweet child

We laid to rest

Humanity escaping

Another failed test

Failing to reach out

Failing to lift up

Another coffin

We helped to seal shut

Bruises …a reminder

Of the evils men do

Another crack

A child has fallen through

Only six years old

The violence we eject

Taken by a parent

Was supposed to protect

No excuse will do

It can not be made right

One less child of God

Will breath again tonight

IN after thought I know

This child is better today

No more possibility of abuse

Like ones from yesterday

Still I wiped away a tear

It fell from my eye

Could say I understand

But that would be a lie

Wasn’t wearing a hoodie

Not carrying a bag of skittles

Another unjustifiable killing

Of a soul…so little

Just violence that’s all

I don’t really care why

The hate we emit

Can no longer be denied

Another last breath taken

A life stolen in haste

Any regrets that are felt

Now seem in bad taste

After the smoke clears

The fire has burned out

All that is left is…why

Why did it come about?

Children are not little adults

Silence is not peace

Oh the sins we commit

Promises we don’t keep

When a stranger kills a child

They didn’t know them…we feel bad

But what can we say

When the murderer is their dad?

Can we say it was about race

Being outside when it was late

We didn’t know their intention?

NO…this was just about hate

Hatred of self

Hatred of the divine

The idea of alibi’s

Is all in your mind

I pray God can forgive

The evils of man

But we have to change

Take a firm stand

No matter whose child you touch

In my heart it’s an offense to me

You’re an insult to my God

To my tranquility

Do not raise your arm

To a child any more

You may win that battle

But will lose the war

An offense on a child

Is slapping God in the face

You are killing off

Our human race

Stand on alert

States kill men for less

The tables might be turned

You might be next

Love that child often

Be the being you should be

I pray that God will forgive us

And we find humility

 **I wrote this in memory of Afton Allison…a 6 year old child of God killed by his father…I hope you get to read the article about him**

~RIP Afton

God’s Life Raft

God’s Life Raft

Oh, lonely moon
In a midnight sky
Silent watcher of a
Young child’s cry

Cries in the night
For help go unheard
Never acknowledging
…imagining the brutal hurt

Bruises unexplained
Left on purest skin
A child’s personal war
Is about to begin

Cruelest of words
Thrown at an innocent heart
May seem climactic
But it’s only a start

Little bodies torn
From invasion so vile
She has no hope
Her body defiled

We argue about cell phones
And going out
Her screams are silent
…every day she shouts

She just needs one person
…one human being
To step up to the plate
About what they have seen

Yet again heads are turned
…often a tear falling away
And she’s having to face
Terror again today

This criminal she knows
…she loved and did trust
What is the world becoming
…what’s happened to us

This once sweet lamb
…knows what true evil does
Innocence lost
…barely remembers what it was

If we fail to make the call
…afraid of stepping up
Her life may end
…all because of us

Often when we ask God
To help us through
He throws only one life raft
…what if it’s you?

Would you then look to others
To shout to the world
Leave her alone
…she’s just a little girl

I beg you to please
Step out of your shell
While you are deciding
…she lives in Hell

**In the spirit of trying to do our part…we are donating a portion of our proceeds from the sale of “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Childrens Shelter, Inc.

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