The Right Choice

Once upon a time

In an unspoken space

A little girl was touched

In an unmentionable place

No fairy tale heroine

No wishes did come true

She learned the hard way

How the pain…it grew

She cried silent tears

To a parent who didn’t care

She just wanted to be loved

It really wasn’t fair

She should have been safe

Inside the privacy of her home

Instead she lived a life

No one could have known

Sure we suspected at times

That something may be wrong

But our silent objections

Went on far too long

How could we have let her

Be invaded be attacked

No longer an opinion

A publicly known fact

We sat and did nothing

Now we shed a tear

While this angel of peace

Had to live in fear

Shame on the parents

For the sins they would do

Shame on us all

We are guilty too

For it takes a village

To embrace God’s children now

Not sure when it happened

But we forgot that somehow

May God forgive us all

For we failed his lamb for sure

We turned deaf ears to

The crying of the pure

Failure is not an option

Yet we would rather choose to be

Lost than to walk toward

Our own humanity

After all she wasn’t our child

I guess maybe we forgot

We made a divine promise

Now it’s us who’s lost

Join with me please now

Speak out against this thing

That is killing our children

And the innocence they bring

Dare to stand up tall

Let chips fall where they may

And help save a child who

May be killed this way

Be the voice that they need

Be the sword they can’t wield

Be the truth that they seek

When God is our shield

Say I love you to this child

By giving her heart a voice

It is all up to us now

Let’s make the right choice