Changing Directions

A last minute decision

Going to the movies instead

Ending in chaos…fear

50 wounded…12 people dead

A country needing answers

More funerals to plan

Again lives were ended

At another’s hand

Tears they are flowing

Understanding…it is lost

How can we make sense

Of what a soul knows not

Is there an explanation

Which will wash it away

Will it alter the manner

Life ended on that day?

I will say…not even close

Words could not describe

Why a family must mourn

Someone who needlessly died

Yet again it happened

So many lives changed

The act of a mad man

Must have been deranged

But insane or not, you see

Our lives were shocked

Not by how we rised above

But of how we have not

True most don’t carry weapons

Which will cause such devastation

But why are we preoccupied with

Things that create no elevation

The murders were awful, I agree

But what else is going on here

Hard to find…love…peace

When did it all disappear?

We are so filled with anger

We justify the existence

I’m wondering why love

Is met with such resistance

We failed to remember our path

All created from one Source

When did we spiral out of control

Lose our souls true course

A nation left in shock

We never get used to such news

People being murdered


Where is our humanity I ask you

Why is it so hard to see

That we have literally become

Our most vile enemy

We cause our own obstacles

We get in our own way

By the choices we make

Things we do…things we say

We sling hate like a weapon

Sharpened by our tongue

We are killing mankind

Maiming our young

When will we start doing right

Turning the other cheek

Decide to be the Truth

We are the answers we seek

We are one good decision away

From living in peace not war

Yet we fail to deliver the message

What we were sent here for

Why is it more acceptable to hear

Language which is so foul

Than…I love you my brother

I did then and do now

We have shut off our hearts

Therefore crushing our dreams

It really isn’t another’s fault

No matter how it may seem

We decide to decide what

We will be every morn

It has been this way

Since the moment we were born

What does a soul look like

I’m so glad that you asked

It’s that baby laughing

In it’s first bubble bath

Our souls are full of love

WE talk their intention away

It’s why we mourned another

Person taken today

So if you seek change do

But look long at your reflection

For our path has always been set

So stop changing directions

**My heart goes out to the lives lost in, not only Aurora, Colorado…but all over the world…every day.

Peace to you all