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Sweetest Devotion

Sweetest Devotion

She held her hands up to Him
Crying…why oh why
Our Lord acknowledged her presence
Why do you cry

My dearest Father
I ask for your help
I can’t stop crying
In spite of myself

Everyone I pass by
The suffering I see
I feel it within my soul
As if it happened to me

I can”t control my emotions
My lip keeps quivering
I feel abandoned…isolated
My entire body is shivering

My heart feels broken
Yet I have had no use
No one has tortured or threatened
No violence or abuse

Our Father who art in Heaven
Please fix what I broke
I am feeling too much
It isn’t a joke

God nodded slightly…my child
You are not afflicted
You’re experiencing compassion
Although times its explicit

Take it back she wailed
To where it came from
Our Creator frowned
His head…it just hung

I’ve given you a gift
A most splendid thing
To show you how others hurt
The sadness it brings

It’s important to have empathy
For others who are in need
So that we may find understanding
You are a dying breed

We walk away from each other
Turn our heads as we speak
Careful not to touch another
Not even in our speech

It’s not our problem we claim
We didn’t create this clutter
Placing ourselves above all else
Enough to make a hearts shudder

Empathy is a present to you
Why can’t you see
It realigns the stars
Brightens humanity

For if you fail to understand
What causes real tears to fall
Then your life here on earth
Has meant nothing at all

So go my dear child
Touch every soul you see
Enjoy the gift of insight
It’s for you from me

And as His voice did fade
He left one more thought
The journey of love
Is the thing that you got

Love your neighbor and theirs
Reach out while you may
For love’s eternal test
It starts for you today

So fret no more sweet one
Instead take with you a notion
Loving others as self
Is your God’s sweetest devotion


New Beginnings

New Beginnings


    January always seems to be a time and occasion for new beginnings. It marks the beginning of a new year, and we are hopeful that this year will be better than the last. I, too, have that hope. I hope this year isn’t filled with as much loss and sadness as last year was; not only for me but for all those that the light touches.

  But no matter how I try and divide it, had it not been for the wonderful people in my life this past year…I may not have survived the sadness and loss. All of this goes back to my concept of life…everything has its season…and God brings all things into the light. I may have had moments when I was sad or even cried, but they were downplayed by the many minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months I had filled with smiles and laughter.

  While I can not deny the pain that I felt, I also could not hide the joy that our Creator bestowed upon me, as well. I learned that the best way to work through my sadness was to write. I not only wrote about what made me unhappy in my own personal life…but what made me sad with the world that we all live in. And although I am only one person, I was hopeful that if only one person read what I wrote…maybe they would tell someone else about it. We have a possibility to link to one another like a chain…and we could spread compassion instead of hate. It is a way of becoming one with our creator. And since we all have the attributes of God, similar to the way we have characteristics of our birth parents; we can choose to give love and become love.

  The sadness I had felt periodically through out the year was very real; and while focusing on other things did not make the emotions go away…it did help steady me. I could concentrate on what was making someone else sad or concerned. I could lend my shoulder or ear to my fellow man/woman…hoping to show them that they are a significant part of my life; furthering the idea that we are all one.

  My heart broke for the children dying in the Horn of Africa; and whilst I could not feed them…I could bring them into my writing. I could pray for them and those who were in a position to help them. I could sign an online petition and write about the drought and the deaths occurring as a result of that drought. I could link my writing back to an informative video, petition or information link…so if nothing else, I helped create awareness. This gave me hope, because finally I felt like I was not only a drop of water in a bucket…but the beginning of a downpour. If I could take a small step, perhaps someone else would, as well. In January of last year there were people who had no idea what was going on in the Horn of Africa, and some didn’t even know where it was. However, by December, we could no longer claim ignorance. Yes, we could still choose to do nothing. We could sit around on our hands or point fingers at others…but we could no longer say, “I just didn’t know”. The actions we take from this point on would be an informed action…even if the only action we took…was to do nothing.

  Also in this past year, we came face to face with the death penalty. And although our feelings and thoughts on it were clearly divided…we allowed ourselves to have the conversation. This is also another sore spot in my heart, as I feel without a doubt that ALL life is precious. Even though we may not agree about the issue, this year, via the Troy Anthony Davis execution, we were all able to voice our opinions. Again this is a sad situation, but we should at least rejoice in the fact that we got the opportunity to have the conversation. And I do pray in the coming year and many more to come that the rest of the country will join the 15 states that have taken away the death penalty. Hopefully we will see that punishment should be just that and not retaliation…murder is murder.

  In 2011, we became painfully aware of our children and the issues that bullying has on them. We learned that it is no longer that kid on the corner waiting to steal lunch money. Bullying has gotten much more perverse, violent even fatal. As parents we need to be proactive before we must become reactive. Our children are dying, not only at the hands of other children…but at their own hands. The number of teenage suicides is on the rise and this is largely due to other teenagers. We must watch our children. Be aware of the social networking that they participate in…Bullying does not just happen in the classroom, but online and via text messages. Being a teenager is difficult, and being a parent just became more difficult. Watch your children…do they find humor at the expense of other children? Watch for the signs of bullying…or even worse….complacency. If your child does not speak up for the child that is being harassed…they are contributing to the abuse of that child. Create a dialogue with your children…their lives have just gotten dangerous. When you are aware that your child is not “NICE”…and you don’t speak to them…it is similar to letting them walk out of your home to go school with a gun in their back pack.

  2012 is a year of hope; a year of reflection. We can be the change we are always looking for by using the experience of 2011. I pray that you use the love of our creator in all that you say and do.


God Saw Us Through

God Saw Us Through


As an old year passes

And a new is on its way

I wanted to give thanks

For paths I crossed along the way


It may not have been forever

But in my heart you will stay

Sometimes the largest blessings

Are found at the end of the day


Even though our encounters

May have seemed too brief

Your life is forever written

In my divine memory


Your loss may have caused tears

And your absence may make me sad

But I am thankful for the opportunity

To share the experiences we’ve had


When the New Years bell rings

And lovers embrace

Let us not forget

Those we met along the way


The people who touched us

By simply taking a breath

Never leaving our hearts

Through life…or through death


Let us rejoice in the feeling

That God saw us through

With love and understanding

In all we say and all we do


Falling to our knees

In our most humble of prayers

Asking for guidance

In everything and everywhere


May the New Year bring us

Joy and eternal peace

And guide us down His path

With love and with ease


Join me in wishing

To man and woman alike

Happy Holidays for all

And to all a good night


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The Sweetest Things

The Sweetest Things


  The most beautiful gift that anyone didn’t lay in my hands…was the most wonderful gift I have ever known.

  This tends to be the season for gift giving. The stores are mobbed with last minute shoppers looking for the greatest gift ever. You will find sales papers and inserts, in the retail industries attempt to bring up sales for the end of the year. The internet will display online only bargains. Not surprisingly, these sales will contain the very thing…which most of the time…you never even knew that you wanted. There will be boxes and gift bags topped with ribbons and bows of bright red, gold and green. I have to admit, I love giving gifts also, and it gives me a feeling of warmth.

  But I have recently started trying to do fewer gifts which lean on the monetary side…and instead give gifts from the heart. Tangible presents can be exciting, that video game that everyone is talking about, the newest DVD that was just released, the perfect diamond ring that says I love you. Don’t get me wrong, those are great gifts; but I am more impressed with the gifts that come from the heart. They can still be tangible…something that we can have or hold…but they are presents that are more personable.

  For instance, this year I am giving I love you journals to the most important people in my life. Yes, I actually purchased the blank journals. However, I am filling all the pages with words that come from my heart. I am expressing my gratitude, love and appreciation through my words. I am even going as far as to handwrite my thoughts to them. Now, of course, this isn’t something that I would do for everyone…writing everyday in more than 2 journals and keep up with my daily writing…would be quite a task. But through these journal pages I hope that they will find the treasures that can not be bought. I am translating the language of my heart onto journal entries…and hopefully, in the years to come…they will reflect on what I wrote and remember this moment in time when they were important enough in my life to take this effort for.

  There are other things that we do, at my house to express how special people are to us. For instance, we will make cookies and candy and send them out to our loved ones. It’s our way of giving a part of ourselves to those that we hold so dear. Again, these are tangible…but the effort put into each gift, makes them priceless.

  Wal-Mart and Target will not be putting love, affection, or friendship on a sale rack this year. They will not offer tenderness, devotion, or kindness at an auction on EBay. We will not be able to Google the business address for joy, happiness, or delight. There will be no website to visit in order to find where or how to express jubilation during this holiday season.

  In order to give the gift that keeps on giving…and is unique every time you give to another person…we only need to seek it within ourselves. We can give the gift of love and life…simply by touching the hearts and minds of others. A homemade card can mean more than anything that Hallmark may have to offer. It is amazing how a little glitter and paint can warm a soul.

  This year I am asking all my friends and loved ones to give the gift of self. Donate time at a children’s hospital reading Christmas stories, to terminally ill children. Volunteer to work in the local soup kitchen serving dinner to those that have less than we do. Offer to babysit for a neighbor so that they can spend some time on themselves; shovel the sidewalk of an elderly person…just for the joy of doing it. Go out with a bunch of friends singing Christmas Carols in your neighborhood…and watch your gifts multiply.

  The best gifts given are those we give of ourselves. We can give our time or energy…and that investment will spread like a wild fire. When we give from our souls and not our wallets…we are giving a part of ourselves. We are touching the hearts of people who probably have forgotten how very special that they truly are. We should start reminding people that the most valuable offering we can give…is the gift of God’s undeniable love for us. Visiting with the elderly or disabled at a nursing home, can be more important than any diamond necklace ever would be.

  This year give compassion and watch it grow. The sweetest things in life do not cost anymore than a smile or a hug. Love is endless…eternal…and infinite, but it cannot be bought or bartered. Give the gift that gives back…the radiance of God’s unwavering love.

Resolving My Resolution

Resolving My Resolution


  Every year around this time people talk about resolutions, I guess that makes sense…wanting to start off the year with a clean slate. There will be millions of promises of cutting calories, avoiding alcohol, cutting back on spending, and various other habits that we may want to change. All of which is good, I know that I am always aware that there are things that I could do to improve upon myself.

  But, even in knowing this information, I don’t really do resolutions. I feel like I am setting myself up for failure that way. I never say this year, this month, or even this week…I will give up…anything. Why? Well, because for me, life is a moment at a time. If I can make it through today, being a little stronger…a little kinder…for myself and those around me…then I am a success. I will mess up. And since I am human, I allow myself that reality. But the real beauty is found in the fact that even though I may not be perfect…tomorrow I will again attempt to do better.

  I will speak more softly and less rapidly. I will try and listen more intently. I will try and avoid those tempting conversations that I know will grow to become a war of wills. I will attempt to show people how very much I love them, with all that I say and do. I will continue talking to God and pray that the intentions of my heart remain as pure as they were when I was a child.

  And just as certainly as I have written this…I will fall short. I know this may sound like I am giving myself a “free pass” to fail…but it is really just a matter of saving myself from my most destructive critic…me. I learned long ago that the bar I set for myself is, more times than not, unrealistic. I tend to hold myself accountable for the actions of others…thinking that if I had just done a little more, maybe I could have made a difference. But the sad reality for me is that we all are responsible for ourselves. We all have the knowledge that everyday is a new day; a new beginning. We can learn from our shortcomings, or those of others. We can add to the light of others or we can splash water on their flame…it’s a new day.

  I don’t really need a resolution to remind me that I should push myself away from the table a little sooner, or that I didn’t really NEED that new dress. But these are lofty goals, and I can accept them as such. The definition for resolution is to make a firm decision to do something; the process of resolving something such as a problem or dispute. So, for myself, I would find the resolution for world peace to be a good resolution…although perhaps one that we should work at everyday, and not just on New Years Eve. I would resolve to end hunger, in the Horn of Africa and every where in the world, I would resolve to end senseless killing on the global front, as well as in our own back yard. I would pray that we would stop rationalizing the killing of people by the state. I would resolve that we stop creating barriers as a means to avoid our own inner conflict.

  These are real problems or issues…so perhaps if we all resolved to work at these…all the other changes that we want to make would come a bit easier.

  I would resolve that everyone would read about something or someone that they know very little about…for with education our bounty is limitless. I would resolve that we become more compassionate about our fellow man and woman. We may learn from the very people we are careful not to touch with our hearts. I pray we stop sitting in judgment of others, lest we be judged. I hope we rally around the fact that together we are united…and as history has proven…divided we will fall.

  I wish one day that we could all sit at one giant table, and have a conversation about our day and our plans for tomorrow without fear of letting our hearts be touched by those we have been led to believe are less than us. I trust that if we open our hearts…love will lead us back to the Creator.

  Living in despair out of fear that has been bred in us causes us to lose hope. We often are walking in the blind…never quite realizing that we are making life more difficult than it has to be. I understand hesitancy. I understand it because I have been hurt before. I have reached out to someone just to have my hand burned by their flame. But had I hesitated, as a reflex from that experience…I would have not had the pleasures of my life. Instead I walked on, my head held high…knowing that the gifts of Allah/God are worth the risk of the pain.

  So in the New Year…I wish you hope…love…peace…compassion and the ability to see past what you think you know. Find a beautiful place, within your heart, mind or soul and focus on it with this thought: if you have it within you someone else also has it within themselves. Focus on your higher purpose…give back and lift up…not only for a New Year, but for a new life. Give our children a reason to smile…become the example that we all search for. Give thanks, for with God…the possibilities are endless.



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