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I Have Something To Say

I Have Something To Say

I was hurt yesterday by something that I saw. It broke my heart and ruined my entire day. Today, however, is a new day…and I have something to say.

Sitting quietly, cautiously, careful to not cause ripples in the water…does not contribute to peace. Still water grows stagnate; disease grows there. We must make waves. Waves washing against the rocks will smooth the rough edges. Waves wash away the old and bring in the new. The movement of water is a necessity of life. Our bodies and this world are comprised mostly of water. Water and the frequency it is motivated by; can tame the savage beast.

Gandhi, a man of peace, did not sit by and do nothing. He took a stand. Even in Gandhi’s way; he said NO MORE. Gandhi did not emulate still water, but the waters of change.

Peace is imperative, but it cannot be achieved by sitting quietly and screaming, in silence. If there are riots all around you and you sit quietly…what did you contribute to? Being idle…can be complacent. You may not be brandishing a firearm; but NOT TO CHOOSE…is to choose.

It is our responsibility to stand up and speak out. When we fail to do this, because we don’t want people to look at us harshly…we are thinking only with our ego. Our ego gives us a false sense of security. We are supposed to maintain this Creation. To sit by and say nothing when your heart screams to do something is similar to; being given a potted plant to take care of for a month. You have the plant and you can clearly see that it needs water, and everything inside you tells you to water it. However, you decide to just watch the plant, as it withers away. We are given the responsibility of maintaining this beautiful gift of Creation. We are supposed to love it, nurture it and treat it with gentle care.

My daughter cried when the hurricane destroyed trees in our neighborhood, a few years ago. She lost sleep. It literally broke her heart. What she found more disconcerting however was the fact that people made remarks similar to “it is just a tree; there are more trees that can take its place.” My daughter, my child understood this one truth …every man, woman, child, and blade of grass is accounted for. There is no one greater or of more value on this earth…than anyone else. One is not more important than the other and to think that is not true…is “The Greatness Fallacy”.

What causes the greatness fallacy? When we start believing the lies we have been telling others. When we start thinking that we are all that we need in this life. Sometimes we can be so busy patting ourselves on the back that we forget…we have been gifted this life…not GIVEN this life. What is the difference you may ask? A gift is unexpected and undeserved; you did nothing to receive the gift. You did not sparkle or shine any brighter than anyone else…but our Creator had confidence in your ability.

Let us not forget that we are only here for a short while and we must spend that time wisely. We must seek our purpose…or be patient while it seeks us. We have a responsibility to get our work done.

We must not get too comfortable here…this is not our resting place…it is not home. It is a place of embracing one another’s differences. For what happens all too often is that we will be so busy building walls; we are forgetting to mend bridges. We are not supposed to sit around and make lists of how we are different; and use that list as a means of isolation. For there will come a time when we will be called on and asked…how we contributed to this gift. We will stand all alone; and what good will that list of walls be then? I doubt our Creator will be concerned about the differences of the heart or mind…for our souls are divinely grounded.

Many have sought Gandhi’s peace; but TRUE peace is found within us all. We are often fooled by words that have been used erroneously. We seek inspiration. How many times must we hear someone say, they are looking to be inspired? The word itself tells you…inspiration is within us. We just need to find it and watch how our path illuminates.

I have great hopes for mankind. I, like you, have watched the atrocities that are going on. I have seen police officers beat men that appear to be doing little to nothing. I have watched veterans come home to a country that seems to have no problem leaving them homeless. I have seen stories where parents have abused and neglected their own children. I have seen us selling poison on the streets, for the hopes of a dollar. But I have seen the waters part and the hopes of a better day beginning. I know that it is always darkest before the dawn. I have no doubt that better days are ahead of us; but I must tell you…we must work for them.

We must stand up for those less fortunate. We must speak out on behalf of those who may be too afraid to speak. We must be the hero that we are always searching for. Don’t spend so much time adorning the man in the mirror that you forget that he has a purpose.

Be mindful in your speech, you use your delightful words. Being a beautiful person in speech and heart…takes nothing from you. Give to others…truly become your brother/sisters keeper. Support one another…and shine Our Creators light wherever you can.

Remember in a world that is caught on fire…you may be our only hope.

I hope you all get a chance to listen in on my radio show…here is a link to my show about HOPE





Not About sexual orientation

Not about race

Not about religion

Or other sacred place

Not about location

Not about country or land

Not about politics or other

Ignorance we don’t understand

NO matter what we disguise it as

No matter what name we shout

Let me tell you…about HATE

How it comes about

We separate ourselves from others

We shake our indifferent fist

Disregarding all but us

Hating that THEY…even exist

THEY aren’t like us after all

THEY don’t speak like WE do

THEY pray funny…hey

YOU would hate THEM too

THEIR skin is too light

Or sometimes it is too dark

THEY live where evil grows

The apartments by the park

THEY don’t make good decisions

THEY sell drugs…THEY must



THEY got what THEY deserved

THEY are less than WE

THEIR hair is ugly…accents show US


These are the lies we teach

And often are told

But be aware now and always

This is how souls…they are sold

YOU are no better

In fact the judgment you render

Is all that GOD hates

Breaking hearts that are so tender

THEY my friend you see

Are all that YOU are

This is what GOD wanted?

You’ve veered away too far

Seek yourself in others

For the greatness which selected you

Chose the others you wage against

For THEY are greatness too

Instead of finding reasons

To point fingers and raise arms

Lift your hearts and souls

HATE always causes harm

Throw away your labels

Rid yourself of anger

It’s YOU not THEM

Whose salvation in in danger

Embrace one and all

No hate…make amends

For at a Creator’s Glance

WE…actually are THEM

Sweetest Devotion

Sweetest Devotion

She held her hands up to Him
Crying…why oh why
Our Lord acknowledged her presence
Why do you cry

My dearest Father
I ask for your help
I can’t stop crying
In spite of myself

Everyone I pass by
The suffering I see
I feel it within my soul
As if it happened to me

I can”t control my emotions
My lip keeps quivering
I feel abandoned…isolated
My entire body is shivering

My heart feels broken
Yet I have had no use
No one has tortured or threatened
No violence or abuse

Our Father who art in Heaven
Please fix what I broke
I am feeling too much
It isn’t a joke

God nodded slightly…my child
You are not afflicted
You’re experiencing compassion
Although times its explicit

Take it back she wailed
To where it came from
Our Creator frowned
His head…it just hung

I’ve given you a gift
A most splendid thing
To show you how others hurt
The sadness it brings

It’s important to have empathy
For others who are in need
So that we may find understanding
You are a dying breed

We walk away from each other
Turn our heads as we speak
Careful not to touch another
Not even in our speech

It’s not our problem we claim
We didn’t create this clutter
Placing ourselves above all else
Enough to make a hearts shudder

Empathy is a present to you
Why can’t you see
It realigns the stars
Brightens humanity

For if you fail to understand
What causes real tears to fall
Then your life here on earth
Has meant nothing at all

So go my dear child
Touch every soul you see
Enjoy the gift of insight
It’s for you from me

And as His voice did fade
He left one more thought
The journey of love
Is the thing that you got

Love your neighbor and theirs
Reach out while you may
For love’s eternal test
It starts for you today

So fret no more sweet one
Instead take with you a notion
Loving others as self
Is your God’s sweetest devotion

The Forgiveness Fallacy

The Forgiveness Fallacy

We have all probably been in this situation, at one time or another. Some one has done something; and we have found ourselves offended, by what was said or done. Not to say that the action was about us at all; but perhaps in our minds; we felt that it was.

In any regard, the person or persons is seeking forgiveness. When giving this word much thought; I decided that I would describe it the best way that I could. My only REAL hope being; I hope that by the end of my explanation, I would be able to show the connection between all things.

Some will say, and I must agree, forgiveness comes only through Our Creator. This is what we will call divine forgiveness. This forgiveness, or not; is only given at the end of one’s life.  The true judge of our lives will not be, by one another, but through Our Creator. It is at this moment when all of our actions are judged, not just one. This is another reason why we will hear people say that “it is not my place to judge”. Again, I must agree.

We are not in a position to judge another person; however we can make a clear concise decision, as to whether or not the dynamics of the relationship should change.

Why is forgiveness so difficult for most of us? To some, I would dare say, forgiveness means that what was done to us…is okay, acceptable. This is, perhaps, where the difficulty comes from. Forgiving someone does NOT mean that that their action was acceptable, quite the opposite. If their action was acceptable, there would be no need or desire to seek forgiveness.

I read that the Greek translation of forgiveness was “to exhale”. While I found nothing to substantiate that definition, I can understand where it came from.

The largest mistake that I think we make, as human beings, is to think that forgiveness is for others. True; we did not offend ourselves. A larger truth, however, is that we only hurt ourselves when holding on to the offense. The offense, itself, will become life like…and it isn’t. We forgive, because we feel bad on the inside…we want to move forward. Our blood pressure may sky rocket, our blood sugar level may increase, or decrease, we may become physically impaired; all of this because we are not only holding on to the act, but the anger associated with it. So the Greek explanation; seemed honest…we get to exhale. Have you ever held your breath as a child? When you exhaled and took that fresh breath…your entire being seemed refreshed. Forgiveness is very similar in nature, YOU get to be refreshed.

I was looking for the best way to describe forgiveness; this as with all things has its time. Forgiveness is similar to what, Our Creator, does when it rains so very hard. After a hard rain, God’s Rays of Light beam down upon the water; the earth opens up just enough to allow the rain to soak within its ground. When the rain is soaked within the earth; it replenishes the earth and all of God’s creation.

This is true forgiveness; when we forgive and allow that act to show the world that with forgiveness; comes love. As I said before, perhaps we should change the dynamics of the relationship; but do not allow it to take away your humanity.

We all make mistakes, it is the one guarantee that we have, in this life. I hope that we are not all judged by that single act, but we must use common sense when determining how we should relate to that person. Giving forgiveness could change the path of the recipient. Perhaps, the only reason they were brought into our lives; is so we could shine God’s light on them. We must just be aware that not everyone is supposed to be a part of our every day life, forever.

In closing, I would only ask this of you. Let go of grudges, burdens, anger and resentment. Hanging on to such hostility, will only hold YOU back. These feeling or emotions will keep you off of your path. Do people deserve your forgiveness? I think that they are no more deserving than we are, when we seek forgiveness. But when deciding what is or is not forgivable I ask you one thing…use the same love and understanding that you would want to see, from Our Creator.

Love breeds love. Leave your heart open to the ability to see; for forgiveness is not about THEM…but about you and me.

Rays of Light

Rays of Light


Just to take a moment

To tell you what I mean

When I say God’s Rays of light

The love that it brings

We have all had an experience

Not understanding the pain

Thinking if God loved me

Why would I hurt this way

But later in life we would realize

If we had stayed in that place

Would’ve done more harm than good

Something’s can not be erased

Even in illness I have seen

The nature of man

Blame God for the situation

Not trying to understand

The circumstance is not as negative

As we might be led to believe

But when our spirits are down

It’s easy to be deceived

For I believe the very love

Which allows a flower to grow

Is what allows adversity

Permitting a Father’s love to show

I have known illness too

I have been on the edge of it all

I have been the root of sadness

A family starting to fall

But never in that moment

And there have been a few

Did I doubt my Creator’s love

Something I always knew

Did you ever wonder why

We were allowed to see a world on fire

Why we happen to turn on the TV

Watching the whole thing transpire

We may have questioned God even then

How could He allow this to occur

This being who created all

Water…trees…plants…even birds

But maybe there is something bigger

A plan we didn’t see come

Saying don’t just sit there

I have work yet to be done

So for all intense purposes

We must do what we know is right

Give God’s love to everything

For that is a RAY OF LIGHT

Her Only Crutch

Her Only Crutch

A bruise it can heal

A scar doesn’t begin to touch

A broken-hearted angel

Who once loved so much

We may claim its not so bad

Saying she got what she’s worth

But she is priceless

Value increasing since birth

For the sins of man make him low

The cost of sin is high

We have time to do what’s right

But even that’s passing by

She is no possession

No material gain

and your ill intentions…

You should be ashamed

She isn’t your possession

She isn’t owned or bought

But a loved child of God

Not a bird you have caught

Now don’t forget loves

Anything you do treat as pray

Will not find reasons to love you

But methods to run away

You may try to shame her

With your crude behavior and tone

But her survival plan is God

The only one she needs to own

For nothing is greater than

Our father in all His Glory

And He is watching you

He knows the REAL story

REAL men don’t have to hit

To get attention from a lady

They carry God’s empowering light

Don’t have to be shady

Real men don’t need to raise their hands

They are busy lifting their hearts

And that might not be everything

But it’s a very good start

So bruise her you may

But you are the one who is weak

Her salvation is her weapon

It is yours whose is bleak

So when you look at yourself

As an idol and such

She looks like a warrior

When God’s her only crutch

 **We must put an end to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…Please speak out**

The Doctor’s Visit

The Doctors Office

One day while I was waiting

To see the doctor around noon

I noticed an elderly man

As he slowly walked across the room

He seemed in a hurry not in movement

But his words…although kind

Simply asked if he could see the doctor next

If the nurse would not mind

She offered the man no hope

“The Doctor is busy today”

So he said thank you

And sat down in dismay

“Are you late for another appointment?”

I asked, “Are you ill?”

He smiled kindly…”No…”

But I have an important date…still”

He went on to say…”everyday at the same time”

“I meet my wife for lunch”

“She was never much for breakfast”

“And doesn’t care for brunch”

“Well…surely she will understand” I added

With a smile

He began, “no, not likely she hasn’t”

“Been herself in awhile”

He patted my young hand

And says, “For 50 years”

“She has been my lunch date”

“And I can’t stop here”

But its only one day, I exclaimed

As he patiently sat in wait

“Yes, but the last 15 have been a

Nursing home date”

“She is very ill…Alzheimer’s they say”

“She doesn’t even know my name”

“I doubt she would even miss me”

And I cried…”isn’t that a shame”

Then I added without thought

“If she doesn’t even know who you may be

Why go everyday and sit

And he smiled and said…”you see”

“Even if she doesn’t know me”

“I know who she is in my life”

“She’s been the answer to my prayers”

“My friend…my love…my wife”

“So if I must spend everyday”

“That God has given me left”

“To remind her how I love her”

“And how my life has been so blessed”

“I would give up all my possessions”

“I would lay down my last breath”

“I would follow her to the ends of the earth”

“I would follow her into death”

“It is my job to remind her that”

“She is my one and only queen”

And as a tear rolled down my cheek, I said

…”Nurse…this man needs to be seen”

For never in my years had I felt

A love that was so tender…so deep

As the day in the doctors office

When my heart rolled down my cheek

The Face of God

The Face of God

The thing about God’s light

It can show up in an unexpected place

A flower growing out of a sidewalk

Or in the innocence of a child’s face

It can show up out of nowhere

Like in the breaking dawn

You hear it in the chirp of birds

Or the first steps of a fawn

You can hear Our Creators light

In the laughter of a child

It’s His way of reminding us

That life is certainly worthwhile

I have heard God’s light

In my sorrow…yes even in my grief

It steals away my sadness

Like a most welcome thief

It’s His way of showing us

That we are never alone

By giving us the proof of life

And how it does go on

What love a father shows

When He wipes aside a tear

And warms us without a single touch

But the knowledge he is near

He shows the balance of His love

Because even in the heart break of death

He reminds us life goes on

As we watch a newborn take the first breath

It’s hard to remain bitter

When the most beautiful sounds

Can be experienced flying over head

Or walking all around

Have you ever sat on a park bench

And just listened to children play

Not worrying what tomorrow brings

Living only for today

I believe this is the true message

That only love of God can bring

He who has the gentleness of a lamb

The royalty of Our King

So when the day gets heavy

As we all know that it can

Smile at the adversity

Relying on the word of no man

I tell you love each other often

I say smiling with a nod

Because when you love one another

You are loving the face of God

Lifting My Hands

Lifting My Hands

My Father who lives in Heaven

As I bend my knees to declare my love

My heart feels so heavy

This will be this which I speak of

When I was a girl I used to dream

Of flying a rocket to the moon

Not about million dollar contracts

Or growing up too soon

I only thought about laughter

And having fun with friends

Not about drinking or drugs

Or fights that no one wins

I never debated religion

Or what our Creator should be called

Only that He was our source of love

The Father of us all

I could never find in any book

The intention of my heart

So I just loved peacefully

Never tearing others apart

I’m not sure when I first noticed

The condition of our world

Somewhere between adulthood

And that naïve little girl

Life began to be look grim

A sad and lonely place

With images so horrifying

They would never be erased

But once I saw a child killed

On a public street

And it wasn’t a movie

But the news on my TV

All of a sudden bloodshed

And violence was all around

And I so missed the days when

Our feet were planted on the ground

If I could have one wish

And have it immediately come true

It would be to have a clean slate

And to make everything brand new

There would be no separation

Or racial barrier lines

Or wars putting brother against brother

And no more picket lines

When our brother talked

We at least considered his stance

And we would give him an opportunity

At least give him a chance

We would be more kind and concerned

When our fellow man was attacked

No more talk about superiority

Or what another person lacked

There would be peace and prosperity

All across our great land

We would walk joyously together

Always reaching for each others hand

There would never come a moment

When any man could decide

That it was acceptable

It batter and abuse his wife

We wouldn’t hear about the terror

That children now do know

We would just plant our seeds of love

And watch them start to grow

Our forests would again flourish

Natural skyscrapers growing still

Animals could roam freely

As it was always your will

Our self destructive nature

Would come to a screeching end

And instead of making enemies

We created great new friends

Some may think this is foolish

That I dream too much

But I say it is never wrong

To expect better things and such

So every day when I close my eyes

Raising my thoughts for mankind to the sky

My wishes are never laughed at

My creator never wonders why

And while my thoughts my seem fruitless

To the ill will of my fellow man

I know my thoughts do please you

And that you understand

While our world is under attack

By its inhabitants each day

I ask for your guidance

And your help along the way

I pray one day what we say

And all the things we do

Will only show our gratitude

And how much that we love you

I lift my hands to Heaven

Knowing until then

You will be watching over us lovingly


Hate Ends Here

Hate Ends Here


  February is Black History Month; and while I do intend on writing some pieces on the fabulous people of color in our great world, today I am choosing to write on something which I consider to be an epidemic…Indifference.

  Now many will say, and recently I have read the disgruntled statements made about specific groups having holidays, websites, awards shows, television channels etc. And while these statements were made to create hate and chaos amongst the masses…I found it to be a perfect platform for what I know to be true about the world that we live in and the capability of mankind.

  As human beings we waste so much precious time. We waste time separating ourselves from other human beings. Perhaps we do it because we have some need to want to feel more important; as children we all know how much better we feel if people are making a fuss over us. And it is only unfortunate that over the years we have come to realize that often when we are degrading or demoralizing another person…it is meant only to make us look shiny and new. Here in lies the problem, we aren’t shiny and new.

  When we are attacking and trying to lessen the significance of another person or being…we are only fueling an old fire. Racial bias, prejudice, misanthropy, religious persecutions…are real problems that we have been facing for centuries. Isn’t it sad to know that for hundreds of years we have been stuck in the same place? We have been fighting a tog of war against ourselves and wondering why we aren’t advancing. When we set aside the hearts and souls of those around us…we become indifferent to the plight of mankind.

  When we have to set a side a specific month to bring the focus on a particular group of people…it is only due to the fact that they have been overlooked in the world, at large. We should never have to search for how much a certain race or culture has added to our existence…as long as we include those beings in our daily acknowledgements of who brought us to where we are today. For example if all cultures of this country were equally represented in out public school curriculum then we may feel more balanced, over all.

  But the painful truth is…we do segregate ourselves from those not exactly like us. We will find reasons to diminish the contributions that people of other races…religions…sexes or cultures have brought to our daily lives. We have gotten so frigid and cold that we don’t realize that we are doing it; until someone from a minority group points it out. Then we will use our only defense and say…he/she is an angry man/woman. That is when the gloves come on and it becomes a slapping contest. We will all try and diminish the accomplishments of one another in an attempt to make us feel better about ourselves.

  We are ALL human beings…of one race. And given the way our paths are going we are not far from extinction. We have become destructive to each other and to ourselves. We find reasons to declare war on each other…as if we are the voice of truth and reason.

  Our Creator has high expectations of us all. I know, at times, it can seem difficult to fulfill such a tall order and we can become overwhelmed. But we need not feel that it is out of the realm of what we are capable of. We are supposed to be able to love and lean on one another. And if it feels strange and unusual to love so easily…it is only because we may be out of practice and quite possibly we are in worse shape than I am even relaying to you now.

  Let us show our children the way to God. They are depending on us to lead by example…so they can do the same for their children. Lift up one another. When we do that instead of tearing down one another, you can feel the change in the air. We start transferring good loving thoughts and energy to those around us. Let the cycle of life be a productive and prosperous one. Plant a seed of hope for someone who has feels lost…it’s like giving a road map of life to a person who has been driving around in circles.

  Search deep within you for the compliment that you are hoping someone will say to you…and give it to someone else. Transfer sunshine through your smile; show the world that starting with you…the hate ends here.


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