Waiting For You

There is a defining lesson

Still here to be had

And if you find the patience

Without getting mad

I will share with you a truth

That no one can deny

The supremacy of racial hues

THAT is a lie

So they say you are too dark

No matter who you are within

It hurt and caused feelings

This judgment of your skin

I understand the emotions

I get where it hangs out

But let me tell what has happened

Without a single doubt

This talking that’s going on

About the lighter version of you

Is a manipulation tactic

This talk of “better” hue

When they get you to attack

Another who is lighter

They have caused a dimming

Of a soul that was brighter

It’s like when you were a child

They threw rocks at your esteem

Causing you to feel animosity

Toward other human beings

So when you talk down upon

Another walking breathing love

You are missing the reason

You were sent from above

You have cried many tears

Over this I am too dark problem

But the tables have turned and

YOU now have become them

Hating and conspiring

Loathing and attacking

Be careful my loves

Cards against you are stacking

There is NO greater race

No tint of skin greater

WE all came from ONE

Most loving Creator

If we hold onto that truth

Release the evil ideal

Holding on to HIS love

THAT…is for real

We are who we should be

Beauty is not with our skin

Like the value of a book

It’s found…within

SO the next time your mouth

Speaks louder than your heart

Remember it is these thoughts

That tear humanity apart

Smile beautiful angel

They know not what they do

Be the Queen of all Queens

They are waiting for you