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You are not me

I am not you

But be kind just the same

In all that you do

For there may come a day

When you will reach out

To only indifference

Reluctance and doubt

The look of disapproval

Or judgmental stare

Can be felt in your soul

When we fail to care

Your hand may be slapped

When you ask while in need

So be cautious of your words

And the cycles that you breed

Hate is a weapon of destruction

Kills the soul of mankind

Listen not just hear

Stop living in the blind

For whatever you do give

Is as good as you may get

We were created by ONE

We should never forget

Our world is on fire

There are bodies being maimed

Killing women and children

We should all be ashamed

For we are no better

Than one or the other

That man you attacked

He is your spiritual brother

Step back from this place

Take a deep breath

Start moving to the light

If you haven’t done so yet

For the answer to your prayers

Has already arrived

Give thanks…give love

Come back to life

For the contamination of hate

Can douse out God’s light

Will kill the hopes of man

And dreams that are bright

Negativity can have life

But only when given the right

Take back your souls

Give up the fight

For the winner of this war

Is not found in munitions

But the choice is yours

Of your own volition

Choose humanity now

Our world is dying out

Give love…by being love

It’s what life is all about



What to wear today

So many things to choose

But if you were homeless

What would you do?

Sick of people and their noise

Don’t want to hear their mess

But if you were deaf…

Would it bother you less?

Children’s endless banter

Shut up or go to your room

Would you choose that thought

If they would be gone too soon

I’m too tired to walk

Can barely take another step

But if your legs were gone

You’d feel different I bet

We are surrounded by blessings

The air we inhale and breathe

The flowers we rush past

The birds in the trees

Children crying in rhythm

A song in the air

Life just gets lighter

When you choose to care

It is a choice remember

We get to make it real

Make your moments last

There’s more I must reveal

Hope and dreams endless

We choose how we will live

It isn’t about receiving

What do we choose to give

Will you give someone your time

Will you hand out a free smile

Will you offer a kind word

Although you’ve heard none in a while

Will you look past you

Will you see all else

Will you give out love

And stop choosing self

Will you uplift others

Even when you are blue

Will you be a better person

What will you choose

The World’s Greatest Dad

The World’s Greatest Dad

Our time was shortened

You were called away

I know that you wouldn’t

Want me to hurt this way

The shoulder I could lean on

The storm chaser for me

My best friend and more

My Dad…my family

I miss you more than I knew

I could miss any thing

But I hold tight to the love

And comfort you would bring

When you see a tear fall

Don’t worry I understand

I just miss the days

You reached out for my hand

You were gone too soon

I didn’t realize it then

I didn’t just lose my Dad

But my very best friend

But along with the sorrow

That makes me so sad

I have joy in having loved

The World’s Greatest dad

** Appreciate the love we have in our lives…every moment not spent with them is a lifetime of memories we failed to make**

God Bless you, Kerry

The Only way

The Only Way

I cried a tear of frustration

When I heard the news

Another child was found

Abandoned and abused

There was no huge story though

No fanfare or plea for help

Just a brief intermission

Then it moved to something else

I wonder why it’s no big wonder

Or no big conversation

Abused kids get less attention

Than talking about taxation

I guess we have gotten accustomed to

Seeing our world growing cold

No real shock factor or ratings

When these stories are told

Sad when you think about it

More attention is gained

When we hear a meteorologist

Promise for more rain

A world going frigid

Forgetting our true path

Not concerned about destination

Only the things that we have

I saw a report about the war

The gunmen were just little kids

They spoke of the evil

And the things that they did

Still don’t think it’s your problem

Because they are so far away

We get further from God

When we look at life this way

Our children are dying

Being recruited at ten

Once they are taken

Hard to come back again

Take the world by its reins

Slow down the beaten pace

This isn’t about geography

It isn’t about race

It’s about light and love

It’s about God and truth

It’s about saving lives

Restoring our youth

Make a stand with me

Children are a dying breed

Stop staring into space

While they continue to bleed

Teach hope and possibility

No more negative displays

Give love…by being love

It’s the only way

King of Kings

King of Kings

Another life is lost

  The world will do without

All because of the things

We slip out of our mouth

NO easy or tender way

To extract the truth of this

Only one way to tell it

Today this is it

Amanda Todd just fifteen

Took a life that was so young

Never to see her birthday

For damage had been done

NO question there is fault

Yet we still try to shift the blame

Call it bullying or harassment

Hate has many names

She tried to reach out

Even posted a video as to such

But on October tenth

The pain became too much

Yet and still her death wasn’t

Enough to slow our poor taste

We are missing the message

Evil is a waste

A waste of time and energy

A waste of life causing death

A waste of people who are wasting

Someone’s last breath

She tried suicide before

In fact drank a glass of bleach

She cried out for help

But was treated like a freak

A family now mourns

A beautiful soul lifted up

All because children were

Trying to be so tough

This lesson didn’t have to be

If humanity was in stilled

Instead of populating caskets

Would be hearts that we fill

Good bye beautiful child

I hope you finally find peace

I pray your fragile little heart

Will now be at ease

For the cruelty of humans

Is wasted on the divine

You will finally be accepted

By the Creator of mankind

And while we await our verdict

For the sins we forced on you

I pray we make a change

Or our souls will be taken too

Rest In Peace Amanda Todd

Angel who found her wings

I wish you blessings of peace

With the King of all Kings

**RIP Amanda Todd 11/27/96 – 10/10/12**

A Blessed Gift

A Blessed Gift

Another lifelong memory

They often come too fast

Yet every memory I recall

Creates more smiles than the last

Sometimes tears still fall

Out of nowhere they release

The pain is all too obvious

But can’t hide what’s underneath

And the core layer of this

Is so much love outpouring

My soul has taken wings

Like an eagle we are soaring

You give my spirit warmth

It smiles when you arrive

Giving me more reason

Thankful I am alive

For in my life I knew you

And even on day like today

When my heart is aching

I find more smiles this way

So happy birthday to you

God’s presents know how to touch

The very heart of a soul

Even though I miss you so much

So today and always dear one

Thank you for a life well spent

And thank God for sharing you

We have loved you ever since

I love you even in grief

My tears are filled with joy

It helps fill the gaps

Your leaving left a void

But I am thankful still you know

For you touched a life in need

Yes thank God for this always

A blessed gift indeed





Oh Mommy and Daddy how I wish

When you sat down to talk to me

About the dangers of strangers

The things I couldn’t see

If only you had asked me

What do I think of when it comes to mind

Was it someone much darker

Or a face which could be kind

I didn’t see him as a nice man

Asking me to look for his pet

I guess he fooled us all

Even you I would bet

Who knew he was so sneaky

His voice it was so kind

The fact that he was a stranger

It simply slipped my mind

I wish I had known that

He wouldn’t be cloaked and mean

I wish I had pictured something nicer

There was no in between

I wish I had felt it then

When he asked me to help look

He mirrored no image I created

Not an evil man or a crook

He just wanted my help

He made me feel grown

Who could’ve imagined it

Who really would have known

This man I thought was nice

Would be the evil only in books

If only a better picture had been painted

I might have taken a second look

But I only wanted to help him

His tears made me believe

He was missing his puppy

Not something gruesome up his sleeve

Please forgive me Daddy

I didn’t then realize

His kindness toward me

It was only a disguise

The things that he did

The pain that I felt

Would be enough

For your heart to melt

Thankfully God didn’t wait long

Before carrying me home

Don’t worry I was never

Left all alone

So in your grieving moments

Teach other parents too

That strangers to children

Isn’t the same as it is to you

So teach our dear babies

A stranger is not a look which is dark

It could be almost anyone

You may have seen in a park

A stranger to be  simply put is

A person you do not know

Please don’t wait until

A child beyond the grave tells you so

So beware children and teens

The danger is everywhere

Be clear on this subject

I just want to be fair

A stranger took my life today

But it’s not all he took from me

Now it’s up to me and God

To watch my family

I must go for now but please

Let not it be in vain

Because as sure as the world will spin

A child will die again

Another angel taken

Another talk we should have had

Another life forsaken

Making another family mad

Talk openly to your children

Make them aware of the REAL dangers

But be inquisitive about how your child

Pictures this person called stranger

Move On

Move On

Appreciate every single day

These moments are so rare

We have such a small window

To show how much we care

Appreciate every hug you get

Every ray of God’s light

Appreciate waking up every morning

And experiencing every night

Tell those you love that you do

Remind them with every breath

From you most recent encounter

Starting the day you met

Smile…even in conversation

Appreciate laughter when you may

Life is a true blessing and

We don’t know how long we’ll stay

Grieve not the regrets we have

For we can not fix the past

But hold steady onto the love

The only thing meant to last

Even as a tear falls from

Your beautiful misty eyes

You are loved beyond the grave

By a Source most wise

Appreciate the moments

They never come again

Share the love with family

And as you gather with friends

Look straight ahead now

For if you let this slip away

You will again feel regret

For lost moments from today

Let your heart feel its sorrow

It must cry a little too

But do not let grief own

The beauty which is you

It’s hard to say goodbye

To those we love and trust

But only the flesh is gone

They still love you just as much

They didn’t leave you at all

Although I know your hearts pain

For I, too, know about loss

When only you remain

I have felt your heart break

My heart too, has been shattered

When my love was sent home

Felt like I didn’t matter

Love not waste not

Your memories will prevail

You will love again

It will happen without fail

Then one day you will wake

And before you know its true

Your sadness with give way

To what you were meant to do

So before you are stuck in gloom

Appreciate the dawn

Time…it waits for no one

And it always does move on

Changing Directions

Changing Directions

A last minute decision

Going to the movies instead

Ending in chaos…fear

50 wounded…12 people dead

A country needing answers

More funerals to plan

Again lives were ended

At another’s hand

Tears they are flowing

Understanding…it is lost

How can we make sense

Of what a soul knows not

Is there an explanation

Which will wash it away

Will it alter the manner

Life ended on that day?

I will say…not even close

Words could not describe

Why a family must mourn

Someone who needlessly died

Yet again it happened

So many lives changed

The act of a mad man

Must have been deranged

But insane or not, you see

Our lives were shocked

Not by how we rised above

But of how we have not

True most don’t carry weapons

Which will cause such devastation

But why are we preoccupied with

Things that create no elevation

The murders were awful, I agree

But what else is going on here

Hard to find…love…peace

When did it all disappear?

We are so filled with anger

We justify the existence

I’m wondering why love

Is met with such resistance

We failed to remember our path

All created from one Source

When did we spiral out of control

Lose our souls true course

A nation left in shock

We never get used to such news

People being murdered


Where is our humanity I ask you

Why is it so hard to see

That we have literally become

Our most vile enemy

We cause our own obstacles

We get in our own way

By the choices we make

Things we do…things we say

We sling hate like a weapon

Sharpened by our tongue

We are killing mankind

Maiming our young

When will we start doing right

Turning the other cheek

Decide to be the Truth

We are the answers we seek

We are one good decision away

From living in peace not war

Yet we fail to deliver the message

What we were sent here for

Why is it more acceptable to hear

Language which is so foul

Than…I love you my brother

I did then and do now

We have shut off our hearts

Therefore crushing our dreams

It really isn’t another’s fault

No matter how it may seem

We decide to decide what

We will be every morn

It has been this way

Since the moment we were born

What does a soul look like

I’m so glad that you asked

It’s that baby laughing

In it’s first bubble bath

Our souls are full of love

WE talk their intention away

It’s why we mourned another

Person taken today

So if you seek change do

But look long at your reflection

For our path has always been set

So stop changing directions

**My heart goes out to the lives lost in, not only Aurora, Colorado…but all over the world…every day.

Peace to you all

Amongst The Clouds

Amongst the Clouds

What have we become

Where are our thoughts

What happened to humanity

The values we were taught

Why do we now have to discuss

How a 6 year old could be dead

What happened to Sierra was awful

Kidnapped raped pulled from her bed

We seem to be sleep walking

For we are making the same mistake

Stepping on the hearts of children

The lies we are telling…rules that we break

But we can’t kiss away

A wound which is so deep

When there are cowardly adults

Upon our children they do creep

She was a baby…in fact

When evil seeped through

Not only taking her purity

But her last breath too

She wasn’t old enough

To fight someone so truly ill

That they would invade her body

Til she lay completely still

The police will search for it

This nameless evil thing

To bring about justice

But what does that mean?

Will an arrest change

What I just read

Will it make her okay

Will she be less dead?

The answer is no…it won’t

Parents will mourn yet again

Just like parents after them

We just don’t know when

We are so highly evolved today

Understanding more than one could believe

But sleep walkers is what we are

So another family will grieve

Our humanity is absent

Letting our hearts grow cold

And if that’s insulting…good

Because only part of a story was told

WE allow the violence to happen

It happens every single day

We close our eyes to what doesn’t touch us

Yet get on our knees to pray

What are we praying for now

Are we in some kind of need

Oh the lessons we overlook

The warnings we never heed

Sierra was a child of God

She had a future bold and bright

We allowed it to be stolen

On one mid summer’s night

Please make a change I beg you

One day it could be someone you know

Someone whose life was cut short

Being stolen of a chance to grow

Be humane…it is our nature

Speak up and do it loud

Before YOUR Sierra is next

TO only live amongst the clouds

**RIP Sierra Newbold…another angel gone too soon

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