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What If

What If


Most of us were raised to be just like everyone else. We have been taught what to think, how to dress, how to respond to others and to not speak until spoken to.

But What If…

What if we dared to think outside of the box?

What if we chose the path less travelled?

What if we asked why or why not?

What if we found a way to exceed, even what our dreams are for ourselves?

What then?

WE get to choose what road we take; be responsible for it.

Why do we choose silence over action?

Does action always have to be violent?

What if we taught our children to embrace the uniqueness, which is them?

What if we taught our children, through example, to appreciate the things that make us all different…yet the same?

What if the way to end war…was in a single drop of water?

What if we realized the most beautiful beaches…started with a drop of water and a grain of sand?

What if we stopped behaving like ants…and began seeking our own way, in spite of controversy?

What if we started shining and stopped covering up our light?

What if we had no boundaries holding us back?


What if we ended hate, by acting, reacting, and responding with pure unwavering love?

What if we found God in everything?

What if we realized that every day…we could make a difference?

What if we embraced every dream?

What if we made the hurting stop…not through retaliation…but with the heart of a child, who thinks anything is possible?

What if we realized that we are more powerful with a single “I Love You”, than with all weapons of mass destruction?

What if you realized that all that you see in me…is a mere reflection of yourself?

What if we decided to smile…and watched that smile cultivate in the hearts of our brothers?

What if we became the change we seek in others?

What if we weighed our words more heavily than our pockets?

What if we reached out instead of walking away?

What if we tried a little kindness?

What if we recognized ourselves in others…and smiled?

What if we did…without expectation?

What if we dared to dream and allowed others to do the same?

What if we REALLY loved one another?

Yes…What If…


National Day of Hope

National Day of Hope

Hope is an inescapable driving force

It helps create a dream

It teaches us answers to questions

Lifts our self esteem

So I ask you today to give another a reason

to wake up…to dream…to live

Often blessings are not found in what we receive

But indeed that in which we give

Hope can spring eternal

Permission to dare to move forward

Remind us of the possibilities

That we can all move toward

Give our children a reason to arise

To hold their heads up high

Give them strength to face the unknown

Their hearts aiming for the sky

For when we place effort

In the lives of little minds

Our blessings would double

Mere words could not define

When we start giving permission

To think outside of self

We gain the prize possession

Of our spiritual wealth

Give a gift today…one you always had

Dangling on a divine rope

Love a child and do it often

On our National Day of Hope

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes
Because the heart doesn’t yet know
Of the people and obstacles
Which don’t allow hope to grow

So during our slumber at night
While the whole world is at rest
Our hopes and dreams imagine
Putting our limits to the test

Some dream of larger houses
Some people dream of fame
Some dream of a different life
Never to feel pain again

In our dreams we can attain
Goals we have never met
We can even create our
Ideal panoramic sunset

The heart idyllic has no bars
Therefore doesn’t understand no
But only the “where’s” and “when’s”
No one saying I told you so

On days where we ponder wondering
What allows our hearts dare trod
Wonder no more…for encased
In your heart…that is God

He allows us to dream in living color
He gives us the tools for our success
It is only our fear of failure
Allowing us to forget we are blessed

When we allow our souls to be touched
By anything but the love of Him
It is only then that our dreams
Become battles that we can’t win

A dream is a wish our hearts make
God always allows it to be
Hope for the things we want
As God is our deepest need

Dare dream the outlandish
Become something as large as a king
Or something simple as a flower blooming
And the smile that can bring

For a dream knows no restriction
God is its Heavenly guard
For the hope for our future is as simple
As a wish made from your heart

Lifting My Hands

Lifting My Hands

My Father who lives in Heaven

As I bend my knees to declare my love

My heart feels so heavy

This will be this which I speak of

When I was a girl I used to dream

Of flying a rocket to the moon

Not about million dollar contracts

Or growing up too soon

I only thought about laughter

And having fun with friends

Not about drinking or drugs

Or fights that no one wins

I never debated religion

Or what our Creator should be called

Only that He was our source of love

The Father of us all

I could never find in any book

The intention of my heart

So I just loved peacefully

Never tearing others apart

I’m not sure when I first noticed

The condition of our world

Somewhere between adulthood

And that naïve little girl

Life began to be look grim

A sad and lonely place

With images so horrifying

They would never be erased

But once I saw a child killed

On a public street

And it wasn’t a movie

But the news on my TV

All of a sudden bloodshed

And violence was all around

And I so missed the days when

Our feet were planted on the ground

If I could have one wish

And have it immediately come true

It would be to have a clean slate

And to make everything brand new

There would be no separation

Or racial barrier lines

Or wars putting brother against brother

And no more picket lines

When our brother talked

We at least considered his stance

And we would give him an opportunity

At least give him a chance

We would be more kind and concerned

When our fellow man was attacked

No more talk about superiority

Or what another person lacked

There would be peace and prosperity

All across our great land

We would walk joyously together

Always reaching for each others hand

There would never come a moment

When any man could decide

That it was acceptable

It batter and abuse his wife

We wouldn’t hear about the terror

That children now do know

We would just plant our seeds of love

And watch them start to grow

Our forests would again flourish

Natural skyscrapers growing still

Animals could roam freely

As it was always your will

Our self destructive nature

Would come to a screeching end

And instead of making enemies

We created great new friends

Some may think this is foolish

That I dream too much

But I say it is never wrong

To expect better things and such

So every day when I close my eyes

Raising my thoughts for mankind to the sky

My wishes are never laughed at

My creator never wonders why

And while my thoughts my seem fruitless

To the ill will of my fellow man

I know my thoughts do please you

And that you understand

While our world is under attack

By its inhabitants each day

I ask for your guidance

And your help along the way

I pray one day what we say

And all the things we do

Will only show our gratitude

And how much that we love you

I lift my hands to Heaven

Knowing until then

You will be watching over us lovingly







Anything the light touches

Everything known to man

It all started

When your heart reached for my hand



My reason for smiling

The first thought of every day

Is how very much I love you

And it grows in every way



So blessed I have become

In simply knowing your name

And while I met beautiful people

On my path along the way



It feels like my life’s first breath

Began with that first hello

I felt you so deep

In ways you may never know



And if I ever fail

To make you feel divine

Know that I have your heart

As you have always had mine



You are my live unimagined

My wide awake best dream

My heart, my soul

You are my everything


On this unspecific day

In this non-particular note

You have become the best seller

Of the best story I never wrote



So when I raise my hand to God

With thanks for all he has done

No matter what else follows

You are always my number one



The number one reason

Our love is so refined

The number one reason

Each day is so sublime



The most amazing gift

I could have ever received

Giving me more love

Than a fantasy yet conceived



You are my purple spirit

You have become my shining light

Helping me stay focused

Whether during midday or still of night



I love you more every day

And thankful for whom you are

For such love is rarely known
Except amongst the stars



So my prince charming

I never needed a white horse

Because God walks beside us

And keeps us always on our course








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