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In my silent time today

Where I talk with my Source

I asked are we all loved

The response was yes, of course

Then I pondered for a moment

If that is truly the case

When did we create the lie

When did we fall off base

When did we decide that we

Could treat another so bad

What gives us the authority

To make others feel so sad

Why must we tear apart

The hopes and dreams others create

That…I heard intently

Is a lifelong debate

Mankind did not seek permission

From any higher power when

He decided to enslave and maim

Starting way back then

No one sought enlightenment

When evil came to mind

For that wrong which was done

Does not begin from the divine

For to hold back or desecrate

A man or group of the like

Is similar to searching for sunrise

But only during the night

It’s as backwards as

Placing horse behind a cart

Like playing make believe

With a most fragile heart

The problem worsens said my Source

When we make no moves to the latter

When my children have forgotten

All that really does matter

Like a smile out of nowhere

Rain making plants grow

Loving our fellow man

Allowing that love to show

We can hardly see the light

When the homeless are blamed

For our inability to reach out

Like Creation’s going insane

But if we do not wake up soon

The world will continue to create

The problems it has bred

Just more evil choices we’ll make

Learn to love immediately

For the seed of God runs deep

And the cost of sin is higher

Than any grudge we keep

Reach out for one another

Remember it may be only one hand

But like the great earthly beaches

It all started with a grain of sand

Create a chain of understanding

A tie that binds from your core

Show the love of your ancestors

And that of theirs before

So in your moments of silence

When our Creator touches you deep

Remember it’s not what you say

But the promises you should keep



Listen when  I tell you

There will be obstacles in store

But wear the smile you were given

It promises so much more

We can allow our circumstances

To rule our path divine

Our we can embrace the challenge

As the beauty we’re sure to find

I can assure I could have said

My challenges have brought me down

Illness or adversity one

Have given cause to drown

But the truth as I will tell it

And I will sing it every day

Is the things you may call misfortune

Have led me to MY WAY

Laugh if you want to

I have known real pain

But at the end of that storm

My rainbow shines again

So smile my dear brother and sister

Even when a smile is hard to find

Keep the happiest of thoughts

In your most beautiful of minds

Remember when the rains keep falling

And stormy weather clouds yours days

There is ONE who has a bigger plan

Let HIM sprinkle love along your way

Adversity is only love that is challenged

It is hope that is given doubt

But what harm is a nightmare

When we know a sweet dream is coming about

Accept the daily challenge always

It allows dreams to come

Remember you were made from greatness

And without That Greatness…there would be NONE

***I want to thank all the well wishes…while recovering from the 2 strokes I have had since December…I love you all and your support is a tremendous help to me***



As each day goes past

I am left with what will be

It seems it’s just myself

And this beautiful memory

This unmistakable laughter

Love which had no end

Yet still I feel broken

With a heart I cannot mend

Such beauty in and out

A rare gem you always were

We were just as alike

As we seemed to differ

I often wonder to myself

Would you handle this better

A rainbow at the end

But a huge storm to weather

Would you call out to me

Like I scream out to you

Why did you leave

What am I supposed to do

But my heart will quickly answer

Her work here it was done

All the battles she fought

This is a war she won

Life has its way of doing

Things we cannot see

So today I am wrestling

With a painful memory

Not painful as in bad

Not negative or angry

Just a part of my present

Struggling with a memory

I wish they could have known you

Known that smile and seen those eyes

The time you showed me love

More than I had realized

Your absence it is felt

By those who know my heart

And while I know it’s not an ending

But your divine new start

My heart gets heavy still

But at the end of my cry

I am only shouting praise


So today like all the rest

I will sing your praises in His name

Give thanks for this memory

That is sprinkled with your name

I love you forever

My sister…my friend

Thank you God for this gift

That never seems to end

For the pain is minor

When compared to the glee

When I think about this angel

My Blue eyed memory

Abundant Peace

Abundant Peace

There have been those who have doubted

My call to uplift man

Those who may not choose to

Or want not to understand

I’m not saying those who are suffering

Are less important than me

But more about the part we play

In our humanity

Why do we just sit and watch

Children starving to death

Look in awe all the while

People take their last breaths

We will say it’s far away

What really can I do

I say…how did you help

Those in front of you

They may not look the same

As those dying far away

But they are suffering…

How many did you pass today

How many homeless people

Did you turn your sight from

Hoping that on the way home

That eyesore would be gone

How many screams have you heard

Praying it would stop

Yet when you hear about their demise

You had the nerve to be shocked

How many more kids must die

At the hands of a gun

How many more will fall

Before this day is done

How many more coffins

Will lay premature in the ground

How many lives will be lost

While just trying to be found

How many hands could we hold

To say I am here for you

How it would put a heart at ease

The right thing for us to do

How many times have we wondered

What if I had done that thing

Could it have made a difference

With the love it would bring

How many times can we afford

To live a life full of regret

I can tell you …a long time

If we allow ourselves to forget

If we forget that we all are children

Under Our Creator so great

And every time we allow it

It’s His heart that we break

For our purpose, I promise

Is not to turn away

From the plights of man

What he’s faced with today

But to lift him up to the Heavens

To stop indifference and then

Remind him that we have humanity

So we can start loving again

Shower your down and out brother

Give him a shoulder to lean

Remind him of God’s love

And all that it means

For when we start that cycle

The wars can finally cease

And we can finally get back to God

Living in abundant peace

I’ll Walk With You

I’ll Walk With You

The storm it is brewing

The war has been waged

We have altered a life

A child filled with rage

Where we might think it isn’t

A communicable disorder

We have started a chain

Can not be afforded

Outside looking inward

Logic is lost for a while

Why would an abused adult

Then abuse another child

It is a painful cycle no less

If we don’t stop the track

More children will be tainted

Falling under attack

This is not the legacy

We want to leave behind

Breaking young hearts

Tainting little minds

We can do better I know

It’s what must be done

We’re all victims…trapped

A vicious web has been spun

Let’s take back our lives

Stop giving in to neglect

It’s what God wants

What He expects

Protect the children now

There is nothing to think through

Would you want your parents silent

If it was happening to you

Our lives they are on fire

We are burning as we speak

Protect our children

The young…the weak

We have created our own hell

By being silent and still

These acts of cowardice

Are of our own will

Please join in my call

Make your actions follow my voice

It doesn’t have to be like this

We do have a choice

I will choose love forever

And too show my true way

I will announce and denounce

Those who live in the gray

You know the gray matter

Those who know but don’t speak

We have the power to change

We are not the ones weak

Be strong and stand tall

Know that God walks with you

Bring child abuse awareness

And I’ll walk with you too

**We MUST stop child abuse now…END THE CYCLE

God Will Speak Through You

When we seek peace

It’s not just of the mind

It’s all that is around us

…every proof of life we find

It’s the unimagined truth

Which balances us all

It’s the force which holds us steady

Or we will surely fall

Peace is not found in silence

…our biting of our tongue

Its found in lovers debating

…in the cries of the very young

It’s clearing the air so to speak

…in a time of despair

It’s showing love in all ways

…it’s how we know we care

It can be found in disagreement

…as well as in our smiles

For silence can still breed unrest

Which spans across the miles

Controversy can be peaceful

It can begin to clear the air

It can help us mend bridges

When we treat other beings fair

It isn’t about falsely agreeing

Nodding as if we do agree

But about loving enough to listen

Wanting each other to see

For God fully expects

The trials we will obtain

Knowing if we follow His love

We will live to argue again

Search for peace always I say

It’s important to our destination

But never discount the love of God

In spite of our aggravation

Let God live through your words

Let your actions be always true

And peace will thrive again

As God will speak through you

Our Spiritual Seed

Our Spiritual Seed

The existence of God

How I know He is real

Is found not in a book

But in how I love…how I feel

I hardly need directions

To my hearts’ known path

When He is my compass

There’s no need for a map

I have no need to question

The reason for our being

When all is as it should be

No need for earthly things

It is only when our focus

Falls away from the TRUTH

That we question faith

Our divine views

For as steady as the wind blows

As sure as the sun will set

God will guide us down our path

Hasn’t failed to do so yet

And although we may not see

Or understand the reason why

The picture just isn’t clear yet

But in time we can’t deny

All things have their purpose

And all seasons have their time

You will have your path

And I,of course will have mine

Question His existence…not I

For as I live and breathe

I understand the miracle of life

It’s happened to me

When all reason and logic

Says this could not should not be

I point my finger to Heaven

Nodding assuredly

He creates mighty ocean waves

In fact created the very first drop

Created day created night

I need nothing He is not

Where is the proof of His life

It’s in every gasp of air

It’s in all things breathing

But He didn’t stop there

He thought into light

Each and every little thing

Made us dependant on one another

Do you know what that means

It means we are a full circle

It all comes back around to us

Leaving me to never wonder why

It’s in GOD we trust

I will leave you with one thought

At the end of every day

When we  are tired and lost

Why do we bother to pray

We pray because deep inside

Behind our earthly doubts

Is the TRUTH we were born with

Nothing happens…it is allowed

We may become disheartened

About the things we think we need

But He answered our prayers

When He  planted our spiritual seed

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I thought of something today

I just had to give you a call

Then sadly I realized

There wouldn’t be an answer…no answer at all

It made me think of time wasted

And I was filled with regret

Regret of vacations not taken

And memories we hadn’t made yet

Did I ever tell about how your smile

Made you stand out in a crowd

And how every day I’m left hoping

That you are smiling down us now

To know you was to love you

And to love you was a gift

Now I’m left regretful

Of all the chances that I missed

The times I missed out on your calls

Missed out on your laugh

Missed the chance to look into your eyes

Missing now what we had

I don’t think I paid enough attention

And now I’m stuck trying to recall

The greatest sister since creation

The brightest light of us all

If you are watching…know that

I know you no longer feel pain

And for that I am thankful

But one truth still remains

My heart it is still breaking

But my lungs still fill with air

The world it keeps spinning

And it doesn’t seem fair

Please look down often

And remind us to go on

Until one day we are doing it

All on our own

One day in the future

You will look down from the sky

Smile down on us to say

See…I told you…you’re going to be alright

In closing my blue eyed angel

Give God thanks and a smile

For these precious moments with you

Made my life seem worthwhile

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Lifting My Hands

Lifting My Hands

My Father who lives in Heaven

As I bend my knees to declare my love

My heart feels so heavy

This will be this which I speak of

When I was a girl I used to dream

Of flying a rocket to the moon

Not about million dollar contracts

Or growing up too soon

I only thought about laughter

And having fun with friends

Not about drinking or drugs

Or fights that no one wins

I never debated religion

Or what our Creator should be called

Only that He was our source of love

The Father of us all

I could never find in any book

The intention of my heart

So I just loved peacefully

Never tearing others apart

I’m not sure when I first noticed

The condition of our world

Somewhere between adulthood

And that naïve little girl

Life began to be look grim

A sad and lonely place

With images so horrifying

They would never be erased

But once I saw a child killed

On a public street

And it wasn’t a movie

But the news on my TV

All of a sudden bloodshed

And violence was all around

And I so missed the days when

Our feet were planted on the ground

If I could have one wish

And have it immediately come true

It would be to have a clean slate

And to make everything brand new

There would be no separation

Or racial barrier lines

Or wars putting brother against brother

And no more picket lines

When our brother talked

We at least considered his stance

And we would give him an opportunity

At least give him a chance

We would be more kind and concerned

When our fellow man was attacked

No more talk about superiority

Or what another person lacked

There would be peace and prosperity

All across our great land

We would walk joyously together

Always reaching for each others hand

There would never come a moment

When any man could decide

That it was acceptable

It batter and abuse his wife

We wouldn’t hear about the terror

That children now do know

We would just plant our seeds of love

And watch them start to grow

Our forests would again flourish

Natural skyscrapers growing still

Animals could roam freely

As it was always your will

Our self destructive nature

Would come to a screeching end

And instead of making enemies

We created great new friends

Some may think this is foolish

That I dream too much

But I say it is never wrong

To expect better things and such

So every day when I close my eyes

Raising my thoughts for mankind to the sky

My wishes are never laughed at

My creator never wonders why

And while my thoughts my seem fruitless

To the ill will of my fellow man

I know my thoughts do please you

And that you understand

While our world is under attack

By its inhabitants each day

I ask for your guidance

And your help along the way

I pray one day what we say

And all the things we do

Will only show our gratitude

And how much that we love you

I lift my hands to Heaven

Knowing until then

You will be watching over us lovingly


What God Brings Together

What God Brings Together

Tell her that you love her
But only if you do
The sweet words are like music
But only if they are true

Remind her how she makes your heart
Beat faster when she walks by
It is important to tell her
But not if it is a lie

Treat her like you wish
Life had treated you
When you were lied to
And left feeling blue

You will find the blessings
You have had in your mind
But first you must leave
That other guy behind

You know the one who has broken
So very many tender hearts
The one who caused pain
You knew he would from the start

He counted women as numbers
Not as an angelic voice
He thought only about him
As if he had no other choice

Become the man that
God molded you to be
Not the trapped animal
Who needs to be freed

Forget everything that you
Thought that you knew
And love without restriction
Become the real you

Remember that the love of God
Is always on your side
Choose between the man and the boy
Its time to decide

Don’t shower her with gifts
To win her favor
She is someone’s daughter
She is someone’s neighbor

Someone loves her
Every single day
She is not a token
On a game that you play

Show her your heart
By giving her your respect
And you will get so much more
Than you’ve come to expect

And even if the meeting
Leaves you friendly but not at odds
Speak of one another kindly
As you are children of God

No moment in the light of God
Is one made in haste
Love each other divinely
You have no time to waste

Use your gentle words
Then touch her tender heart
And what God bringeth together
May no one tear apart

~~ From my heart to yours

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