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Heaven’s Brilliant Light

This child of mine

He goes by many names

But no matter how you see him

I still love him the same

You may see only his skin

Or a style of clothing he wears

But I see him with my heart

Something most mothers share

You may see a trouble maker

An assumption most will make

But to me he was just my son

He had a future…can’t you relate

This child of mine is not a token

He doesn’t stand for your cause

He was a child taken too soon

Caused an entire country to take pause

You may decide he was nothing

A waste of time and energy

But he was my love and life

He meant the world to me

A year ago today a young man

Was stolen from us all

And if we decide he wasn’t worthy

Because of tattoos…or he was too tall

Perhaps we should re-evaluate

Our values and moral ideals

Because when a child is killed

It’s about…how do we heal

How does a family mend

When life has been shot down

And explanation as of yet

Has yet to be found

This angel has a name

It isn’t thug or criminal

He’s just a debate to most

But your view is minimal

Tonight when you go home

Tucking your children to sleep

Remember sometimes we try to

Make wolves out of sheep

Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin

May you watch over us today

And remind us what happens

When we put hate in our way

Give us patience and grace

From our Creator so bright

Until we meet you in heaven

To bask in Heavens brilliant light


Let It Grow

Let It Grow

The things we take for granted

Like breathing fresh air

The lessons we are afforded

To make us more aware

Experiencing the first light of day

The night’s first seen star

Are often clouded by judgments

Taking away from where we are

The sound of a newborn baby

An unexpected smile

Signs of God all around

Making life worthwhile

Fresh morning breezes

Cool mountain air

The touch of his hand

The smell of her hair

The things we overlook

When seeking reasons to hate

The blessings we step on

The hearts we do break

The boundaries we enforce

Creating reasons to step away

Rationalizing the thoughts

Finding reasons not to pray

Never seeking forgiveness

Making it harder to give

Building false expectations

Getting harder to live

When will we realize that we

Are being given another attempt

But are accountable for our actions

We are not love exempt

If you cannot find it in your heart

To reach out to a soul in need

What will happen to the children

Oh, the hate we do breed

We teach them indifference

How to worship material wealth

Forgetting about humility

What a hard hand they are dealt

For we are all given

Tools to pass along

So we will all be in tune

Singing the same song

Count your blessings I beg you

Be thankful for each one

Before they are stricken from you

And your time on earth is done

For when it all is said

Finished and then

You will think about could have’s

What might have been

Be proactive in your life

Grateful in your tones

Watch your demeanor

Stop casting verbal stones

For the cost of hate is large

More than you can afford

It can cost you salvation

Promised by our Lord

In closing I must tell you

So you will always know

Inside you have God’s love

It’s time to let it grow

Our Savior’s Light

Do not confuse what I say
When I speak of divine light
It’s not about being black
It’s not about being white

It’s about knowledge of God
Not about racial unrest
For try as we may
We still fail to do our best

We may make excuses for
The differences we do share
But when did that have to be
The reason we don’t care

After all I didn’t decide
The tone of my skin
Was more important than
The woman I am within

How can a predetermined factor
Tell you how dangerous I can be
If I was a different race
Wouldn’t I still be me?

I don’t know when my skin
Became more important than my soul
But if you get hung up on it
You’ll miss more than you know

Light is about our Creator
Not about good nor bad
It’s about the blessings
The greatest gifts we’ve ever had

It’s the reason we were sent here
Not the thing that we see
It’s why we were chosen
Why we were meant to be

Light is about the path
Our own predestined way
It’s about the time we spend
Each and every day

Do we spend it wisely
Or do we waste it to death
Can we love one another
Or am I wasting my breath?

Because my hopes for man are high
I believe the violence can end
When you stop looking for my faults
And accept me as a friend

For everywhere the light touches
All places every where else
Is where God …he lives
We need to remind ourselves

Children are God’s gift
Yet we cast them aside
We bury them too soon
Today another died

Our women are battered
Victims of a loved ones abuse
How can she ever heal
It’s her heart that’s been bruised

Give God’s love with purpose
Whether it be day or night
Fill hearts with the warmth
Found in our Savior’s light

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