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The Cafe

The Cafe

I was sitting quietly

 In a small café

Nothing too fancy

Just out of the way

An older woman sat

Across all alone

Along came a man…

Give me all that you own

The woman was unshaken

And softly smiled

How are you child…

Sit down a while

This angered the stranger

He had a menacing frown

Give me your money

I don’t want to sit down

I will give you all I have

She went on to say

But it won’t change

What led you here today

I know your path has been troubled

You’ve come so far

But listen to my child…

Because I see who you are

I don’t see your money or home

Those things can vary

I see a life made from love

Even if you are wary

I see the little boy

Who still holds out hope

That the troubled man…

On the unsteady slope

Will become the angel

That he was meant to be

It wasn’t chance son…

That brought you to me

Your whole life was planned

To the very last letter

The message I have for you…

May make things better

For any other person

You may have selected

May have given up

Or worse than you expected

But I, dear child,

I see you deeply

One with a good heart…

Who loves uniquely

I see the child in your soul

Crying for relief

I see the beauty in your eyes…

So far from a thief

Sit down my son…

Let me buy you a meal

What I am giving…

You could never steal

I am giving you your freedom

I am handing you your soul

I am feeding a broken heart…

And a life yet untold

I watched his hardened face soften…

A tear I wiped away

When the woman at the table

Spared his soul that day

I watched intently,

As she touched his hand so smooth

And by the end of her meal …

I saw him too

I saw the life filled with obstacles

And tears by the mile

A loving face he had….

Hidden away for a while

But by the time they both left the place

One thing I can decree

IN him she saw GOD…

Just as she saw it in me

Bless the woman for this lesson…

May we all again learn

That from which we came…

We most certainly shall return


The Doctor’s Visit

The Doctors Office

One day while I was waiting

To see the doctor around noon

I noticed an elderly man

As he slowly walked across the room

He seemed in a hurry not in movement

But his words…although kind

Simply asked if he could see the doctor next

If the nurse would not mind

She offered the man no hope

“The Doctor is busy today”

So he said thank you

And sat down in dismay

“Are you late for another appointment?”

I asked, “Are you ill?”

He smiled kindly…”No…”

But I have an important date…still”

He went on to say…”everyday at the same time”

“I meet my wife for lunch”

“She was never much for breakfast”

“And doesn’t care for brunch”

“Well…surely she will understand” I added

With a smile

He began, “no, not likely she hasn’t”

“Been herself in awhile”

He patted my young hand

And says, “For 50 years”

“She has been my lunch date”

“And I can’t stop here”

But its only one day, I exclaimed

As he patiently sat in wait

“Yes, but the last 15 have been a

Nursing home date”

“She is very ill…Alzheimer’s they say”

“She doesn’t even know my name”

“I doubt she would even miss me”

And I cried…”isn’t that a shame”

Then I added without thought

“If she doesn’t even know who you may be

Why go everyday and sit

And he smiled and said…”you see”

“Even if she doesn’t know me”

“I know who she is in my life”

“She’s been the answer to my prayers”

“My friend…my love…my wife”

“So if I must spend everyday”

“That God has given me left”

“To remind her how I love her”

“And how my life has been so blessed”

“I would give up all my possessions”

“I would lay down my last breath”

“I would follow her to the ends of the earth”

“I would follow her into death”

“It is my job to remind her that”

“She is my one and only queen”

And as a tear rolled down my cheek, I said

…”Nurse…this man needs to be seen”

For never in my years had I felt

A love that was so tender…so deep

As the day in the doctors office

When my heart rolled down my cheek


   If we look around us we can see God’s truest beauty in the things that some would call flaws. But if you look at something in its “weakest “state and can still be astounded by it beauty…this is a thing deserving highest praise.

   Some will say a rose is beautiful…right after it blooms. And granted that is when people will desire it…cut it…and place it in a beautiful vase. But the true beauty is how after time it starts to lower its bloom…and then people may pay less attention to it. It is in this adversity that I find the most beauty…because I get to watch it age…with royal dignity…still full of color and pride.

   There are people who will say that a young couple, so full of life is a beautiful sight…and they are. But I find that a couple who has aged together…to be a distinct thing of beauty. What could be more beautiful than watching two people who instinctively know the actions of the other and can prepare a reaction…without missing a beat? She will get ready to sit down…knowing that he will pull out her chair. You can watch them reaching out for one another’s hands….knowing that the other will be there to take it.

   True beauty, to me, is found not in the “perfections” that we try to emulate…but in the “realness” which is our truer self. It is so refreshing to watch someone just be so at ease with themselves…that they allow laughter at their expense. Such confidence is refreshing…

The Sweetest Things

The Sweetest Things


  The most beautiful gift that anyone didn’t lay in my hands…was the most wonderful gift I have ever known.

  This tends to be the season for gift giving. The stores are mobbed with last minute shoppers looking for the greatest gift ever. You will find sales papers and inserts, in the retail industries attempt to bring up sales for the end of the year. The internet will display online only bargains. Not surprisingly, these sales will contain the very thing…which most of the time…you never even knew that you wanted. There will be boxes and gift bags topped with ribbons and bows of bright red, gold and green. I have to admit, I love giving gifts also, and it gives me a feeling of warmth.

  But I have recently started trying to do fewer gifts which lean on the monetary side…and instead give gifts from the heart. Tangible presents can be exciting, that video game that everyone is talking about, the newest DVD that was just released, the perfect diamond ring that says I love you. Don’t get me wrong, those are great gifts; but I am more impressed with the gifts that come from the heart. They can still be tangible…something that we can have or hold…but they are presents that are more personable.

  For instance, this year I am giving I love you journals to the most important people in my life. Yes, I actually purchased the blank journals. However, I am filling all the pages with words that come from my heart. I am expressing my gratitude, love and appreciation through my words. I am even going as far as to handwrite my thoughts to them. Now, of course, this isn’t something that I would do for everyone…writing everyday in more than 2 journals and keep up with my daily writing…would be quite a task. But through these journal pages I hope that they will find the treasures that can not be bought. I am translating the language of my heart onto journal entries…and hopefully, in the years to come…they will reflect on what I wrote and remember this moment in time when they were important enough in my life to take this effort for.

  There are other things that we do, at my house to express how special people are to us. For instance, we will make cookies and candy and send them out to our loved ones. It’s our way of giving a part of ourselves to those that we hold so dear. Again, these are tangible…but the effort put into each gift, makes them priceless.

  Wal-Mart and Target will not be putting love, affection, or friendship on a sale rack this year. They will not offer tenderness, devotion, or kindness at an auction on EBay. We will not be able to Google the business address for joy, happiness, or delight. There will be no website to visit in order to find where or how to express jubilation during this holiday season.

  In order to give the gift that keeps on giving…and is unique every time you give to another person…we only need to seek it within ourselves. We can give the gift of love and life…simply by touching the hearts and minds of others. A homemade card can mean more than anything that Hallmark may have to offer. It is amazing how a little glitter and paint can warm a soul.

  This year I am asking all my friends and loved ones to give the gift of self. Donate time at a children’s hospital reading Christmas stories, to terminally ill children. Volunteer to work in the local soup kitchen serving dinner to those that have less than we do. Offer to babysit for a neighbor so that they can spend some time on themselves; shovel the sidewalk of an elderly person…just for the joy of doing it. Go out with a bunch of friends singing Christmas Carols in your neighborhood…and watch your gifts multiply.

  The best gifts given are those we give of ourselves. We can give our time or energy…and that investment will spread like a wild fire. When we give from our souls and not our wallets…we are giving a part of ourselves. We are touching the hearts of people who probably have forgotten how very special that they truly are. We should start reminding people that the most valuable offering we can give…is the gift of God’s undeniable love for us. Visiting with the elderly or disabled at a nursing home, can be more important than any diamond necklace ever would be.

  This year give compassion and watch it grow. The sweetest things in life do not cost anymore than a smile or a hug. Love is endless…eternal…and infinite, but it cannot be bought or bartered. Give the gift that gives back…the radiance of God’s unwavering love.

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