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Things do not just happen

When you are riddled with a headache

When your day just feels heavy

Think back to the energy

Which you entertain

Bad things do not just happen

Set aside the ideas that

You are always sick…

Bad things always happen to you

That you just don’t make enough money…

These are self-proclaimed excuses for what is happening

Think instead…about…

Who you gave your energy to

What did you talk about

What jokes did you laugh at

It is perfectly okay to have a negative thought

It, in fact, is natural…

But did you follow it up with a thought of





Think hard about those which we give our attention to

What are they talking about…

And how you responded to them

Did you engage in gossip

Or did you shine light on the conversation

You will be amazed at the people who will not

Engage in negative conversations about others

Once they realize that you won’t play a part in them

Participate in your own life

Things do not just happen

We call to them

You cannot call upon indifference and expect kindness

You cannot conjure up hate and expect to prosper

What you call upon the universe to give you

You most certainly will receive

So be aware of your words

Be thoughtful in your speech

Be loving in even your thoughts

What you produce can be no more than what you are

Never expect a banana to grow on an orange tree

Be the light in which you seek

Be the compassion





Person…that you will search for

Life is not a random series of events

The world is not out to get you

But sometimes you have to look outside of yourself

Detach yourself from your emotions

Think like a God or Goddess

Set aside the ideas of what about me

What do I deserve

When will I get this or that

When will it be my time…

Because my loves…

Your time is NOW…

Conquer your thoughts

And the victory will be yours

Remember that someone somewhere

Is watching …

Wondering why we laughed at their expense

Why our entertainment

Came at such a high price to them…

And for one moment …

Be them…

Embrace your beauty…

Which is held within

And shine your light into the darkness

Participate in your own life

And watch what beauty and love you can create

And it is so simple…

Because you only have to



Release into the universe

Release out to the sea

Past relationship woes

Man-made negativities

Release what he or she did

Release the things they said

Don’t feed into the hate

When love needs to be fed

Release the pain and anguish

Release promises not kept

Focus on the journey

It isn’t over yet

Release the weight of your baggage

Set down your emotional sobs

Find the forgiveness you seek

From a most loving God

Release all that now binds you

Let go of feelings from your past

Inhale the light and love

For this will most certainly last

Yes…take this moment

Let go of destructive thoughts

Let me tell you about Forgiveness

And others attributes I’ve brought

Kindness is healing

It is the center of our core

It makes way for our blessings

And I tell you there is more

Empathy is involvement

It says I understand it too

It’s the flowing of love

Saying…this is for you

Joy is the nutrient

Which feeds the souls need

To release all that stunts our growth

In fact…helps us be free

Free of frustration and anger

Free of negative vibes

Freeing a heart broken

Letting the memory subside

The last thing that I brought you

Is love boundless and bright

To show your beauty untapped

When washed in the Light

Release all the dark days

Make room for delight

And see yourself as I do

Beautiful in my sight

**Don’t make the great people in your lives pay for the relationships that didn’t work…these relationships were created to help us grow…stop living there



To the girl who smiled
Behind so much pain
Who just disappeared
Never to be seen again

To the little boy
Not tough enough
Who was taught a lesson
About how to be rough

To the woman who cries
At the drop of a hat
That others ridicule
Never want to be that

To the man who found
Strength in being him
Who was killed for nothing
Another’s evil whim

I want to apologize to you
For we let you slip past
Your lessons were overlooked
We really aren’t so vast

We should have taken time
To simply ask why
Such an easy thing to say
There’s no need to cry

And if you are crying because
Someone let you down
We should have dried your tears
Maybe then you would have found

A reason to stay here
A reason to not go away
A reason to hold your head up
A better reason to stay

It should be so easy
To just be me
Yet we’re met with such

We pretend ourselves away
Hiding deep within our faults
They always knew who they were
Maybe it is us who was lost

Why not ask that girl whose smile
Seems to look right through
Everyone she sees
Her smile never seems to move

Why didn’t we call it what it was
Pain so brutal and raw
She hides what she has seen
And has seen it all

To the soft little boy
Just being a kid
Got beat on for nothing
Call it what it is

Bullying and no less
A reason to be mean
We allowed it to happen
More cruel intentions unseen

The sweet woman who cried
How dare we make fun
Adding further isolation
To a battle never to be won

How dare we judge her
For feeling pain so deep
She’s sharing the world’s pain
The secrets her heart keeps

As for the man being honest
About his true being
We’ve seen people telling lies
About much smaller things

Yet we kill his body
Because he won’t deny his soul
He has more strength in his finger
Than our bodies will ever know

Shame on us all
For saying such things
This is what evil does
Makes us become lesser beings

So when it’s your time to list
All the good you have done
When you feel defeated
Remember you could have won

We could have stood up tall
Could have held another up
Might have made a difference
Said…enough is enough

So the next time you watch another
Screaming I just want to be me
Remember who you are and practice

Sweetest Devotion

Sweetest Devotion

She held her hands up to Him
Crying…why oh why
Our Lord acknowledged her presence
Why do you cry

My dearest Father
I ask for your help
I can’t stop crying
In spite of myself

Everyone I pass by
The suffering I see
I feel it within my soul
As if it happened to me

I can”t control my emotions
My lip keeps quivering
I feel abandoned…isolated
My entire body is shivering

My heart feels broken
Yet I have had no use
No one has tortured or threatened
No violence or abuse

Our Father who art in Heaven
Please fix what I broke
I am feeling too much
It isn’t a joke

God nodded slightly…my child
You are not afflicted
You’re experiencing compassion
Although times its explicit

Take it back she wailed
To where it came from
Our Creator frowned
His head…it just hung

I’ve given you a gift
A most splendid thing
To show you how others hurt
The sadness it brings

It’s important to have empathy
For others who are in need
So that we may find understanding
You are a dying breed

We walk away from each other
Turn our heads as we speak
Careful not to touch another
Not even in our speech

It’s not our problem we claim
We didn’t create this clutter
Placing ourselves above all else
Enough to make a hearts shudder

Empathy is a present to you
Why can’t you see
It realigns the stars
Brightens humanity

For if you fail to understand
What causes real tears to fall
Then your life here on earth
Has meant nothing at all

So go my dear child
Touch every soul you see
Enjoy the gift of insight
It’s for you from me

And as His voice did fade
He left one more thought
The journey of love
Is the thing that you got

Love your neighbor and theirs
Reach out while you may
For love’s eternal test
It starts for you today

So fret no more sweet one
Instead take with you a notion
Loving others as self
Is your God’s sweetest devotion



A single tear falls
What does it contain
Salt and water
But what else remains

I remember her words
Almost too well
Her many life lessons
As another tear fell

Every single drop of water
Which is released from your eye
Contains all your hope…dreams
Love…and even sadness…as she sighed

I know you may hide your face
A weakness is what you see
But what you are showing is love
She continued on softly

A single drop from you
Is a love letter of song
Showing the world
What we’ve known all along

Your hearts beat
Your souls true flow
Is part of Gods great lesson
It’s time that you did know

When tears fall from our bodies
We share the blessings from within
Sending part of ourselves
To the earth our Godly friend

So cry as you may need
My sweet daughter of mine
For your sharing yourself
In a way which is most divine

She held me close that day
Filling up my broken heart
Little was I to know then
It was her plan from the start

For even the slightest crack
Our heart may have to endure
Can begin again to heal
When the love  given is pure

So share yourself with us
Let the tears fall if they must
For like if you werent here
The earth would only be dust

Just follow up your tears always
With that smile of bright light
Know that we are all here for love
and everything will be  all right


  How often do we make decisions and judgments based solely on the information we have at hand? We may think or believe we know all there is to know. And with that knowledge we will make decisions about what is really going on and we may feel justified in doing so; but are we?

  This brings me back to the “Footprints” poem that so many of us have read. The narrator was having a conversation with God asking why He had turned away from the narrator when his life had become so difficult. The speaker, not unlike most of us, saw something and made a decision. He saw two set of footprints and then just one…so he made the assumption that during his time of need he was walking alone. It isn’t until he has a conversation with God that he is told that the time where he only saw one set of footprints…he was then being carried by God.

  What would have happened had that dialogue not occurred? Would he have just felt disappointed and abandoned by God? If he was simply going on what he saw, then it would be easy to see how he could have come to that conclusion. But that situation, like most…is only a portion of the truth. The truth is, often there are many factors that we may not be aware of…and yet we will still jump to conclusions. Perhaps if the speaker had noticed how much deeper the footprints in the sand had gotten when there was only one set of them…he may have questioned what was really going on.

  We may only be one question away from the truth. Often we will look at an action and judge it…sometimes too harshly; without asking ourselves what was the “cause of the effect”? If we start asking questions such as these, we may open ourselves up to the truth. And while someone may offend us with the way they react or behave, if we take a moment to attempt to understand why they did so…then perhaps we could see them a little more clearly.

  After all if a child is striking other children…before we get angry and explosive about the action…ask “why”? Why is this child doing this? How did someone get to be so violent? But understand, when asking probing questions…we must be prepared for the responses. How easy would it be to maintain our anger if the angry child was hitting other children because daily he/she is hit by their parent? Or what if the child has to watch their mother get hit by their father everyday; and while they may be unable to stand up to him…they can transfer that anger to other children? Aren’t some questions worth asking?

  Perhaps, even for a moment we should ask ourselves if we really know all there is to know…or if there is more to learn that will make things more clear in our minds and hearts. Remember like fingerprints that are unique to the fingers attached to them…footprints can be equally identifying. Who in life can say that they know what a person is really going through until we walk a mile in their shoes? Perhaps the weight that another is carrying can become too overwhelming. Try to look at it this way…some loads can not be laid down. Sometimes we just have to carry the load which has been given to us…even if a little more is added everyday. This is why it is important to try and be compassionate toward everyone we come into contact with. Please do not add more to a person who is barely holding up the load they were given before you even said hello.

  Don’t make excuses for unacceptable behavior, but don’t judge it either. Reach out for peoples hearts, because broken hearts are far too easy to hide. Stop breaking people down, in a need to be the victor because when we tear down our fellow man/woman we are tearing down God and His path for us…we need to start being the loving examples we were created to be.

  Our paths in life may not be smooth…we may come face to face with tragedy, loss, anger, or even worse….indifference. Our purpose is not to match our aggressor blow for blow…but to show him/her that peace can never be obtained that way. Never fail to realize that sometimes we are only given one opportunity to do what is right…wouldn’t it be a shame if we were so caught up in the challenge that we missed out?

  Live everyday as if it is our last…and in a way it is. This is the last moment like this…we will ever have. This wrinkle in time will never occur again, except in our memory. Let’s start creating beautiful memories for our children to read about in History. We should be giving our children something to strive toward, something to be proud of. Shine the love of our Creator in all we say and do…the reflection will be more brilliant than a priceless diamond.

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