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Wonder Why

Wonder Why

I have always known God
Nothing anyone could say
Could tell me I don’t
No how…No way

I know of the power held
I understand the respect earned
But one day I saw Him
Let me tell you what I learned

I saw the majesty of an eagle
God’s unwaivering royalty
When I visited a sick friend
Just walked passed the nursery

These little tiny fingers
Ten sweet small toes
Eyes of an angel
Cute button nose

Yes I’ve known God my whole life
But until I met him face to face
I really had no ideas
Of our Savior’s reigning grace

My life was changed forever
I faced true reality
When I saw my Lord’s face
In that newborn baby

So Father as I write this note
Thank you for the remind
That biggest blessings can be seen
In the smallest treasures we find

Of course you love all the children
They are a sign of You
It’s why we should protect them
In all we say and do

I pray you show us the errors
So one day we can say without doubt
That God has been in us all along
Since we first came about

And when we finally learn
To protect the children from harm
We can join you in paradise
Not too cold…not too warm

So the next time you see a baby
Notice everyone who smiles close by
It’s because it’s the face of God
No need to wonder why


The Face of God

The Face of God

The thing about God’s light

It can show up in an unexpected place

A flower growing out of a sidewalk

Or in the innocence of a child’s face

It can show up out of nowhere

Like in the breaking dawn

You hear it in the chirp of birds

Or the first steps of a fawn

You can hear Our Creators light

In the laughter of a child

It’s His way of reminding us

That life is certainly worthwhile

I have heard God’s light

In my sorrow…yes even in my grief

It steals away my sadness

Like a most welcome thief

It’s His way of showing us

That we are never alone

By giving us the proof of life

And how it does go on

What love a father shows

When He wipes aside a tear

And warms us without a single touch

But the knowledge he is near

He shows the balance of His love

Because even in the heart break of death

He reminds us life goes on

As we watch a newborn take the first breath

It’s hard to remain bitter

When the most beautiful sounds

Can be experienced flying over head

Or walking all around

Have you ever sat on a park bench

And just listened to children play

Not worrying what tomorrow brings

Living only for today

I believe this is the true message

That only love of God can bring

He who has the gentleness of a lamb

The royalty of Our King

So when the day gets heavy

As we all know that it can

Smile at the adversity

Relying on the word of no man

I tell you love each other often

I say smiling with a nod

Because when you love one another

You are loving the face of God

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