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What is the greatest

 Weakness of man

To give a clue…

It’s not of another’s hand

Not love, hate or indifference

Others shout

 It’s ye of little faith…

Those who harbor doubt

It’s that little inner voice saying

I don’t know

Fear of the other voice saying…

I told you so

It’s the fear of the unknown…

Shadows in the dark

Inner self making you

Afraid of who you are

Do not let another single soul

Remove you from your place

They know not of you

Only their own dark space

For when evil comes knocking

Telling us all that we are not

It shows not our shortcomings

But THEIR lives are on the spot

When in doubt seek direction

Let no other man guide you blindly

The truth is never hidden

But you must desire to find it

Doubt not your selves ever

Nor your Creator from on High

For you exist because of He

Doesn’t really matter why

We all have a path which is written

Upon that which we came

Seek Truth…set aside doubt

For Truth is without blame

Love not waste not

For moments are best spent

With love all surrounding

It’s a show stopping event

Doubt not my loved ones

The love which brought us here

Will guide you through all storms

There is nothing but doubt to fear

                                                       ~LM Young

Where Does Your Heart Lie

  I was looking at photographs the other day, of homeless or underprivileged children. The photographer was trying to create awareness, and attention to this ongoing problem in our world. He was smart enough to know that people tend to be more sympathetic towards small children and any suffering they may go through, as opposed to any other age group. And, as was the expected effect, I was saddened, beyond words.

However today, it had me thinking a little deeper, into the state of the human condition. The pictures I saw were moving. It led me to think about something I saw once about homeless people living under a bridge. No one was taking pictures of these people, except to draw attention to what an eye sore they were. It bothered people, who were DRIVING past to go to their air conditioned offices, to have to see someone in that state. The people were not asking for money, they weren’t even asking for food…they had signs asking for a job. They didn’t want a handout; they wanted to EARN their own way. But instead, they got a petition started about them, because people driving passed didn’t want to feel bad about driving past them. Imagine…they wanted to feel good, so they had to NOT eliminate the problem, but to not have to SEE the problem. I suppose it would be different if I said this was happening in another country, because we tend to only care about those causes when it is politically correct, and we are expected to care. How many opportunities does God have to give us, to show love to others? Would it have been more difficult for those people to drive past a 5 year old living under the bridge?  Where is our compassion? What has happened to our hearts? Why have we gone cold? Are we ever thinking that the man under the bridge may be trying to find work for a family, which depends on him, everyday? And all we gave him was a slap on the hand, saying “looking at you reminds me that I am not doing what God meant for me to do”. I’m not saying that the people who drove past were bad people, just that they weren’t showing compassion and love to one of God’s creatures…and don’t we know by now that we are supposed to love one another?

Of course, the real problem is that we never put ourselves into any one else’s shoes. We never think about how hard life must be for that person, or his family. We never think about how humbling it must be to have to stand under a bridge all day long asking some one to give us a chance to earn our own way. There are people in this country that think it is embarrassing to not have 250 cable channels, or to get a cell phone turned off for non-payment; never mind having to carry a sign under a bridge. And we think God is looking down on us, smiling?

We are so quick to pass judgment on people, and there appearance or circumstances. We REALLY believe it could never be us. We need to remember, most likely, that man wasn’t born homeless. Things happen, people lose jobs, homes, and cars…the thing that make us feel that we are better than the next person. How long would you feel this way, if you were trying to support a family…with the wrong LOOK? Never mind not having a car, or the only car you have is the one your family lives out of. Do you know that if a homeless person lives out of their car, that the state will take away their children? And instead of helping…we judge; saying things like people “like that” shouldn’t have children. We all are victims of circumstance…just because you believe you have it all doesn’t mean anything…that “belief” is an illusion.

What lessons are we teaching our children? Remember the most important lessons, are the ones NOT spoken…but observed. Why do we only see homeless or hungry children on the commercials asking for money? Because those organizations know that we, as people, think that an adult…could have made better decisions. It is my deepest hope for mankind…that God DOESN’T know the intentions of all of our hearts.

The important thing to remember is this…it is a new day. We can wake up today, and decide to do the right thing.



What is the greatest weakness of man

To give a clue…it’s not of another’s hand

Not love, hate or indifference others shout

 Its ye of little faith… those who harbor doubt

Its that little inner voice saying I don’t know

Fear of the other voice saying…I told you so

It’s the fear of the unknown…shadows in the dark

Inner self making you afraid of who you are

Do not let another single soul

Remove you from your place

They know not of you

Only their own dark space

For when evil comes knocking

Telling us all that we are not

It shows not our shortcomings

But THEIR lives are on the spot

When in doubt seek direction

Let no other man guide you blindly

The truth is never hidden

But you must desire to find it

Doubt not your selves ever

Nor your Creator from on High

For you exist because of He

Doesn’t really matter why

We all have a path which is written

Upon that which we came

Seek Truth…set aside doubt

For Truth is without blame

Love not waste not

For moments are best spent

With love all surrounding

It’s a show stopping event

Doubt not my loved ones

The love which brought us here

Will guide you through all storms

There is nothing but doubt to fear

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

The tears that we cry

Say and do so much

About who we really are

Hearts that we touch

Some say it is a weakness

Too emotional too weep

Oh the lies we live when

Negativity comes to creep

Tears…just like water

Allows growth of living things

While releasing love from our souls

Can you see what that means?

Our souls fulfillment

Is found in a tear drop

And you are telling me

Not to cry…that I should stop?

I will share this with you

My love is not in vain

As for my too emotional-ness

I refuse to abstain

For the feelings I emit

Come from a much greater source

Who expects me to reflect them

It’s part of my course

So get ready for my tears

And feelings they bring about

Know that I love you too

Without ever a doubt

My life springs eternal

I’m giving back to Creation

By shedding my soul showers

Without further deviation

So if you think I cry too much

Maybe you should look deeper

I have a duty to my Creator

I am my brother’s keeper

So my tears are a promise

They are the light reflective of

The message of our Creator





In my silent time today

Where I talk with my Source

I asked are we all loved

The response was yes, of course

Then I pondered for a moment

If that is truly the case

When did we create the lie

When did we fall off base

When did we decide that we

Could treat another so bad

What gives us the authority

To make others feel so sad

Why must we tear apart

The hopes and dreams others create

That…I heard intently

Is a lifelong debate

Mankind did not seek permission

From any higher power when

He decided to enslave and maim

Starting way back then

No one sought enlightenment

When evil came to mind

For that wrong which was done

Does not begin from the divine

For to hold back or desecrate

A man or group of the like

Is similar to searching for sunrise

But only during the night

It’s as backwards as

Placing horse behind a cart

Like playing make believe

With a most fragile heart

The problem worsens said my Source

When we make no moves to the latter

When my children have forgotten

All that really does matter

Like a smile out of nowhere

Rain making plants grow

Loving our fellow man

Allowing that love to show

We can hardly see the light

When the homeless are blamed

For our inability to reach out

Like Creation’s going insane

But if we do not wake up soon

The world will continue to create

The problems it has bred

Just more evil choices we’ll make

Learn to love immediately

For the seed of God runs deep

And the cost of sin is higher

Than any grudge we keep

Reach out for one another

Remember it may be only one hand

But like the great earthly beaches

It all started with a grain of sand

Create a chain of understanding

A tie that binds from your core

Show the love of your ancestors

And that of theirs before

So in your moments of silence

When our Creator touches you deep

Remember it’s not what you say

But the promises you should keep

An Angels Hands

An Angels Hands

In the darkness it seems

We know all there is to see

Believing our own lies

Those of humanity

Why can’t be wake up

A simple answer is this

It is not our problem

It is hers…it is his

The darkness while inviting

For it preys upon our fears

All the while causing

The pain within our tears

To live in darkness is one thing

Especially if we don’t know

That there is a divine light

Waiting to help us grow

The light is not an illusion

It is the Truth…Path …The Way

It is the road map of our lives

Always been this way

While we claim we are alone

Abandonment all around

The illusion is in the thought

God’s love needs to be found

Oh, my beautiful brother

Love is not contained

It is found in every drop

Of our Creator’s rain

It is found in a sunbeam

It is in the oceans deep and wide

In all points up and down

Backwards…forward…side to side

God’s love need not be sought

It is not a material thing to earn

Just in thinking that

Means there is so much to learn

Love is in the air and water

It is all we eat and drink

It is in an unexpected smile

Love is more than what we think

Love is not a direction yet

Can guide us just the same

Love is not about

Our Savior’s Earthly name

Love is the beginning

Love will be in the end

Love is in an enemy

Just as a loving friend

Love is the exception

To all rules which we know

It exists in a year long drought

Yet still thrives in a winter’s snow

Love is the only reason

We were sent here to be

It’s the hope of the future

Endless possibilities

Love can mend bridges

Can mend a broken heart

It is and was all things

From the very start

So while you think it hopeless

I will give this candle to light

To help you see the truth

That what I say is right

No need to listen to me

Your beating heart will speak to you

Hold on to the rhythm

And what it says to do

Go forward and tread lightly

Speak softly in your tones

For the love in which you seek

You have already owned

The darkness is an illusion

We are never left alone

So stop with the anger

Cast aside your stones

Love one another often

It is what Our Lord demands

You will then learn that you

Have been holding an angels hands

Wonder Why

Wonder Why

I have always known God
Nothing anyone could say
Could tell me I don’t
No how…No way

I know of the power held
I understand the respect earned
But one day I saw Him
Let me tell you what I learned

I saw the majesty of an eagle
God’s unwaivering royalty
When I visited a sick friend
Just walked passed the nursery

These little tiny fingers
Ten sweet small toes
Eyes of an angel
Cute button nose

Yes I’ve known God my whole life
But until I met him face to face
I really had no ideas
Of our Savior’s reigning grace

My life was changed forever
I faced true reality
When I saw my Lord’s face
In that newborn baby

So Father as I write this note
Thank you for the remind
That biggest blessings can be seen
In the smallest treasures we find

Of course you love all the children
They are a sign of You
It’s why we should protect them
In all we say and do

I pray you show us the errors
So one day we can say without doubt
That God has been in us all along
Since we first came about

And when we finally learn
To protect the children from harm
We can join you in paradise
Not too cold…not too warm

So the next time you see a baby
Notice everyone who smiles close by
It’s because it’s the face of God
No need to wonder why

If Not For God

If Not For God

If not for God…

Where would I ever be

Like walking around blind

For God allowed us to see

If not for God…

The many blessings I have received

Would have been overlooked

For God watches over thee

If not for God…

And all His work which has been done

Could have been lost in my grief

The day I lost my dear son

If not for God…

I would have drowned in my own tears

But God kept me whole

Made my purpose crystal clear

It not for God…

My reason for living could be in vain

But He gave me peace and love

Now only that remains

For God gave me purpose

He granted me love for life

And He have me more strength

Making me my soul mates wife

Our love grows deeper

Where only angels dare to trod

Trials have been tested yet failed

Due to my loving God

If not for God…

I could sink into an abyss

But He never gave up on me

It’s why you’re reading this

So if you ever dare wonder

Why I smile when life seems so grim

It’s due to my love of God

Yes…it’s all because of Him

**This poem is dedicated to a very strong woman…whose faith was unwavering even through the loss of not only one but two children**

The Stranger

The Stranger

The man stared at me

Right into my eyes

Saying…you are smiling

I wanna know why

I look shocked and amazed

Did something happen today

He said, no, but why

Must you smile in this way

Why is your glass half full

Your cup running over its rim

Claiming life is so bright

When we both know it is grim

He was obviously angry

His jaw clinched tight

I offered him some water

Sir, are you alright?

Yes, I’m fine he stated

I’m just sick of this chatter

About love and peace

None of that even matters

I looked into his angry face

His eyes seemed so sad

His journey seemed so long

A hard life he had

I gently touched his hand

Squeezing ever so slight

I don’t know what happened sir

But everything will be alright

He looked at me half witted

You know nothing about me

No, but I can feel your pain

It’s easy to see

Anytime we hold on to anger

With such force

It’s due to great pain

I don’t know you of course

But I have a grandfather

And I would pray every day

That if someone saw him

In pain this way

They would softly remind him

How blessed the world has been

To have the benefit of his life

Which makes us all win

The mans eyes grew teary

Saying his load had grown tiring

I smiled and said yes, I know

All the while love was transpiring

I reminded him that even I

Was touched by his being

It wasn’t about my smile

Or the song I was singing

God sent me to you sir

For I know on this day

You needed an angel

Saying everything is okay

He squeezed my hand back

A weight lifted off of him

The sadness disappeared

He started to grin

I never knew what happened

To cause his sadness and tears

But I became filled with divine love

As I watched it disappear

This day I was reminded of what

I was selected to do

To constantly show strangers

God loves them too

Do What Is Right

Do What Is Right

In the beginning there was light

And all things in between

We’ve been told this since birth

But what does it mean?

Does it mean how I worship

Should fall under scrutiny

Or that if my skin is too dark

I will be a victim of mutiny

No I didn’t get that message

When those words were said to me

Hate was never part of our

Eternal destiny

You can not impose your beliefs

Upon another’s heart

Just speak truth…wish them peace

When you go to part

You may think I should look

A little more like you

I guess the problem starts

When I feel the same way too

But the truth is that we

Are only part of a plan

No matter what we say

Like the blades on a fan

If we work against one another

There will be no cool air

And although life may get hard

Seem to be unfair

We are only a portion

Of a much larger picture

So stop sitting around indifferent

Like a kitchen tile fixture

Step up…speak up

Finally do what is right

Wrong is just wrong

Fight the good fight

If the debate of injustice

Just wages in your head

You’ve ended no war

Today there’s more dead

Does this seem melodramatic

A stretch of the imagination

We are walking around in hell

Our living damnation

The children we claim to love

Are starving to death


Another took his last breath

Sitting around politely

Wearing a sweet smile

Is evil when

Our children are defiled

Make some noise…yell

Make people jump to their feet

It’s nice if you want no problem

But there’s a child being beat

Maybe you didn’t give birth

To that child next door

But be rest assured

That child is yours

It’s the world’s child

What you do next is the key

Will you keep him locked up

Or set him free

Will you be his voice

No matter where you reside

Or sit there quietly

While again he dies

Understand my brother

And yes my sister too

That child is me

That child is you

Give him the chance to

Grow and learn from love

Show him our Creator is great

Embracing from above

Please wait no more

He has taken all he can bear

Show him humanity

By just being there

Don’t wait for another

To step and take over

Give him a childhood

Of roses in fields full of clover

Show humanity today

Shine God’s brilliant light

Help a child in need

I ask…do what is right

**We can put an end to child abuse…it is up to us…do your part. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from our poetry book “The Light of Our Path”  to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc

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