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God Will Speak Through You

When we seek peace

It’s not just of the mind

It’s all that is around us

…every proof of life we find

It’s the unimagined truth

Which balances us all

It’s the force which holds us steady

Or we will surely fall

Peace is not found in silence

…our biting of our tongue

Its found in lovers debating

…in the cries of the very young

It’s clearing the air so to speak

…in a time of despair

It’s showing love in all ways

…it’s how we know we care

It can be found in disagreement

…as well as in our smiles

For silence can still breed unrest

Which spans across the miles

Controversy can be peaceful

It can begin to clear the air

It can help us mend bridges

When we treat other beings fair

It isn’t about falsely agreeing

Nodding as if we do agree

But about loving enough to listen

Wanting each other to see

For God fully expects

The trials we will obtain

Knowing if we follow His love

We will live to argue again

Search for peace always I say

It’s important to our destination

But never discount the love of God

In spite of our aggravation

Let God live through your words

Let your actions be always true

And peace will thrive again

As God will speak through you


A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes
Because the heart doesn’t yet know
Of the people and obstacles
Which don’t allow hope to grow

So during our slumber at night
While the whole world is at rest
Our hopes and dreams imagine
Putting our limits to the test

Some dream of larger houses
Some people dream of fame
Some dream of a different life
Never to feel pain again

In our dreams we can attain
Goals we have never met
We can even create our
Ideal panoramic sunset

The heart idyllic has no bars
Therefore doesn’t understand no
But only the “where’s” and “when’s”
No one saying I told you so

On days where we ponder wondering
What allows our hearts dare trod
Wonder no more…for encased
In your heart…that is God

He allows us to dream in living color
He gives us the tools for our success
It is only our fear of failure
Allowing us to forget we are blessed

When we allow our souls to be touched
By anything but the love of Him
It is only then that our dreams
Become battles that we can’t win

A dream is a wish our hearts make
God always allows it to be
Hope for the things we want
As God is our deepest need

Dare dream the outlandish
Become something as large as a king
Or something simple as a flower blooming
And the smile that can bring

For a dream knows no restriction
God is its Heavenly guard
For the hope for our future is as simple
As a wish made from your heart



Find a smile in laughter

Find a smile in a child

Find smiles in hope of others

Smiling makes life worthwhile

Yes we have all had broken fences

Where the joy has been released

And while we are searching

Our aggravation seems brief

However even for a second

Is a moment made in haste

Life is too precious…there is

No time left to waste

Find your smile quickly

Wear it like a hat

Pushing down our frustration

It’s as easy as that

For a smile is like a gift

Which doubles its worth

Expressing sheer gratitude

For our time here on earth

Like carrying around sunshine

In a nice neat box

Reminding others to smile

In case they forgot

Smile because you woke up

Let not darkness steal it away

For smiles are they light

With which God leads today

Smile through adversity

Keep smiling through your pain

Smile because you woke up and can

Start smiling again

Smile at your enemy remember

Turn the other cheek

Smiling gives you strength

All that we may need

For smiling tells God

We appreciate the notion

And we will show it by smiling

Our silent devotion

Smile even when you feel broken

For the energy it brings

Can bring peace and cure hatred

Giving earth angels wings

Smile when in doubt

Smile when you are sure

Smile knowing the love of God

Has always been pure

Smile when you are reading

Smile in all you do

Knowing when I wrote this

I was smiling too



Once there was anguish

More pain than anyone knew

And God again proved His love

Because then came you

Rough around the edges

But so beautiful to the core

A warrior when needed

But there was so much more

So much more I needed to tell you

Much more that you needed to know

And oh how you were loved

I was amazed as I watched love grow

I had never visually imagined

Someone as unique as you

Could create so much balance

I’m glad that God knew

He knew I needed you

So He created a place

So in my hectic life

For you He made a space

One that I thought would last forever

I never imagined saying goodbye

And doing so caused so much pain

I thought I would surely die

But dying was not God’s plan for me yet

There was more I needed to do

So I hold my memories close

Thankful that there was you

Your voice kept me going

Long after the flesh had gone to pass

Reminding me to stop…slow down

That I didn’t want to move to fast

Take time to smell the flowers

Because they too have a short time

To leave footprints on your heart

Right along side of mine

Slow down in your speech

Use thoughtful words and phrase

Show your love through expression

We all need that these days

Remember its okay to cry about loss

But in your heartfelt pain

Recreate the laughter we shared

And learn to enjoy that again

Her voice would sometimes whisper

The pain will one day subside

It’s what you choose to with it

But only you can decide

Decide to move on with life

Decide to hold me forever in your heart

And know that in my bodies passing

Even death can’t keep us apart

Death is not a punishment

Or judgment God is placing

Just that my role in life was over

You have not been forsaken

Understand who you are

And the love you helped create

Know that your heart may feel pain

But God won’t allow it to break

So as my sister’s voice fades she says

There’s something I need you to do

Remember when I needed hope

Was when God gave me you

God’s Holy Light

God’s Holy Light

Do you think my eyes tell you?

All there really is to know

Do you make assumptions about my life?

Before first asking me so?

What means of measure do we use

To decide a persons value in our eyes

And if my hair color comes from a box

What am I trying to disguise

If I do not disclose my true weight

Does that mean that my soul is more lean

Or perhaps our judgment system

Has just become a little bit obscene

If I am homeless…heated only by a fire

Burning in an open can

Does that make you better than me?

Or make me less of a man

Or perhaps you think your bank account

Will make your words have weight

And perhaps…even you…

Believe the lies that you create

For you see within my soul

Lives the story of God untold

And that cannot be purchased

With any diamonds or gold

The monetary value we place on life

Will guarantee us nothing but a mirage

After all we can’t get to heaven

By driving what’s parked in the garage

Your new hairstyle…while very cute

Does not pay homage to our King

Neither does thinking that

You are better than anyone or anything

The color of my hair and eyes

Do not tell you what you need to know

Anymore than watering a plant with sand

Will encourage the seedling to grow

Ask me about my Lord and

The promises to Him I keep

Then you won’t guess but know

That my love…it runs deep

Ask me about my path and how

I face adversity when it comes

I will tell you…with my faith in God

My feet firmly planted…facing toward the sun

I challenge anyone…anything

And when it’s given all it’s got

I will tell that mountain to get out of my way

Because the love of God…I’ve got

When we challenge the value of anyone

We are challenging God and all His glory

And the wrath of God is steep

You know…you’ve read all the stories

So I’m saying to you be cautious

And when you talk of others be bright

Because you must look beneath the layers

To see people with God’s Holy Light

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

  I was watching a movie the other night. In a particular scene a parent was yelling at his children and the children muttered under their breath that he didn’t need to speak to them in that manner ; stating they are not animals.

  I found that statement to be funny…yet so true; although I am certain that how I took the statement was not the way the actors lines were meant to be received.

  We do have a tendency to think that we are better than most other living organisms. On one hand, yes we are highly evolved and intelligent creatures; but on the other hand…we often do not use that intelligence.

  I would suppose that we could say animals attack one another, and it looks brutal and senseless. But for one moment let us take it a step further…why are they fighting? Are they fighting because one is wearing a gang color? Are they fighting because one is wearing a pair of shoes or an item of clothing that the other wants? Of course not, that would make them irrational…wouldn’t it? After all of this time, I would think that we would know that all that we NEED in this life will be given to us…in God’s time. The fact that we have actually gotten to a point in our existence where we feel the need to take another’s belongings simply because we do not have them is a sad sight. This can be caused by two basic reasons…one of which is greed…we want more than we have. And for some reason we are of the belief that we should be able to have whatever we want whenever we want it. The second reason is deprivation. There are people walking around on our streets who go without the very basics in life…this can lead to behavior that would seem irrational. However if we, as a society, began treating one another as brother’s and sister’s then we would become proactive in each others lives. Whereas one may say that it is not my problem if another person doesn’t have food to eat, clothes on their backs, or shelter from the cold…we might say we have enough to worry about. I, too, have moments where I have felt like I have a lot on my plate; that I cannot take on another thing. However, when I am communing with God, I am gently reminded that all that I have is a gift. It is our job to look after one another…we are a family with ONE heavenly father. As a family, it is our responsibility to reach out for one another. If you watch a pack of wolves, you will begin to understand what family is about. They are one unit. They hunt for the entire pack…it is NEVER one for himself. Animals have a divine understanding, and unlike human beings they do not try to rationalize why they should veer from their path or purpose.

  We search for reasons not to care about one another. We create boundaries based on a physical difference…a skin color…a texture of hair…an accent or the shape of a facial feature. But underneath all of this…we are exactly the same in design. We all are made up of bones, blood, and skin. We should care and be concerned about one another because we were all created under the same heaven…by the same Creator.

  We will often pass by another human being in the street who has no home…no food…no money…no hope and we will fall to our knees in prayer that night asking for God to help us with one thing or another. And when we do not receive the outcome we had hoped for when we prayed; we will question what God is doing. Perhaps we should re-evaluate our lives…because I have been raised to believe that the homeless man on the street…is GOD. He is not God in the literal sense…but representative of what we are supposed to be doing for God. When we give unselfishly we are rewarded…every time.

  We have become so concerned with judging the actions of people that we fail to see the larger picture. The conditions of one another’s lives are our business…because it is a human condition. Something that affects your neighbor…should feel personal to you, because it could BE you…you could be the one being beaten, abused, raped, and murdered. I always try and speak in a way that everyone may be able to relate to…what if the woman next door who is being abused was your child? Wouldn’t you want her neighbor to look out for her…simply because she is your child? Don’t you think God feels the same way when we see something like that…and do nothing? Wouldn’t it make you sad or angry if someone saw your child freezing to death…with no coat…no food…and they just walked past?  What if that person then turned to you because they wanted a favor?  What would you do?

~~ From my heart to yours

My Mansion Far Above

My Mansion Far Above


I heard you crying

So I came right away

As I do daily

Usually to watch you play


Your eyes are filled with sadness

I saw you blink as a tear fell

I know the heaviness of your heart

But I’m here to say…all is well


I’m watching over you today

Like I have since your birth

And I am here to tell you

They do not realize your worth


But you must never let

Their ideas come to light

You are a child of God

Therefore a beauty in His sight


Let them judge your being

Those who are sad themselves

They will never know your path

And may never have your wealth


Because your wealth is not riches

At least not what they may find

But it is in your loving peace

Your inner light always shines


Please wipe away your tear my child

And always find your smile

You carry the TRUTH and the way

It is they who have been lost for a while


They have forgotten to remember

That all comes through ME

Sometimes life makes things clouded

But the light allows you to see


I will always watch over

My children…every one

And give them all my love

And when my work is done


They choose to live in darkness

Or they select to bask in My light

And what ever they may choose

I will keep them in my sight


For it is not the likes of you

Which makes your Father cry

But the ones who make the choice

To reject my mansion in the sky


But tomorrow again I will watch

And hope they will see My light

So I can embrace them

Knowing all is well throughout the night


I have watched you pray for hours

For those who seem to have less

I have seen you cry their tears

When they feel they have nothing left


I love you for your spirit

And your untainted soul

And your reward for this

Is a path paved in gold


Pray for the lost souls

Who are haunted in their sleep

Because of their lack of faith

And divine promise they failed to keep


Wish them peace and blessings

They need you…but cannot see

You are their path I have chosen

And you are bringing them to me


Remind them that they are loved

Even when they are walking away

Tell them God loves them

Even when they do not pray


Be kind to them my child

It is they who need love

And I will be watching

From my mansion far above






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