Do What Is Right

In the beginning there was light

And all things in between

We’ve been told this since birth

But what does it mean?

Does it mean how I worship

Should fall under scrutiny

Or that if my skin is too dark

I will be a victim of mutiny

No I didn’t get that message

When those words were said to me

Hate was never part of our

Eternal destiny

You can not impose your beliefs

Upon another’s heart

Just speak truth…wish them peace

When you go to part

You may think I should look

A little more like you

I guess the problem starts

When I feel the same way too

But the truth is that we

Are only part of a plan

No matter what we say

Like the blades on a fan

If we work against one another

There will be no cool air

And although life may get hard

Seem to be unfair

We are only a portion

Of a much larger picture

So stop sitting around indifferent

Like a kitchen tile fixture

Step up…speak up

Finally do what is right

Wrong is just wrong

Fight the good fight

If the debate of injustice

Just wages in your head

You’ve ended no war

Today there’s more dead

Does this seem melodramatic

A stretch of the imagination

We are walking around in hell

Our living damnation

The children we claim to love

Are starving to death


Another took his last breath

Sitting around politely

Wearing a sweet smile

Is evil when

Our children are defiled

Make some noise…yell

Make people jump to their feet

It’s nice if you want no problem

But there’s a child being beat

Maybe you didn’t give birth

To that child next door

But be rest assured

That child is yours

It’s the world’s child

What you do next is the key

Will you keep him locked up

Or set him free

Will you be his voice

No matter where you reside

Or sit there quietly

While again he dies

Understand my brother

And yes my sister too

That child is me

That child is you

Give him the chance to

Grow and learn from love

Show him our Creator is great

Embracing from above

Please wait no more

He has taken all he can bear

Show him humanity

By just being there

Don’t wait for another

To step and take over

Give him a childhood

Of roses in fields full of clover

Show humanity today

Shine God’s brilliant light

Help a child in need

I ask…do what is right

**We can put an end to child abuse…it is up to us…do your part. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from our poetry book “The Light of Our Path”  to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc