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The Eagle

The Eagle

You walked through a raging fire

You weathered a storms intent

You survived more than most

And higher you went

You rose above the ashes

Like a Phoenix high and proud

Searching for brethren

Somewhere in the crowd

Just looking for a person

To acknowledge your fight

Someone to understand

How you made it right

But even if your journey

May seem cold and slight

Your decisions touch many

Who couldn’t see past the night

I commend you for your decision

To do what your conscience dictates

Maybe they will follow you

And the path that you create

For the first step is the hardest

Loneliest often too

But what is right is right

I am thankful for you

For the struggle of a warrior

Is harder than they will say

Fighting isn’t half as hard

As finally walking away

A warriors face I understand

The battle cry is our creed

But you can elevate above nations

Setting our lives free

You are the example we hoped for

You committed to a change

It might be a struggle

I know it may seem strange

But fight that good fight now

Don’t let it pull you back through

All eyes are on the Eagle

Yes they are watching you

So never think it in vain

The journey you have made

Leaving was the best decision

You have ever made

Show the children who are watching

To stand tall and be true

Because they watch the eagle

Yes…they are watching you


Wake Up

Wake Up

Walking around in a daze
Sleep walking through the streets
Barely acknowledging…hardly noticing
People that we meet

Every once in a while
We are startled by a distant cry
But eventually we shut it out
And continue walking by

I know we must not be awake
So we must be sleeping
There are people living on the streets
There are children who aren’t eating

Our daughters are sold onto slavery
…a sex toy for hire
Yet we move unaffected
While our lives are on fire

Children are gone too soon
The streets swallowing them whole
Gangs are their only family
The only one  they’d ever know

But when their lives are done
The streets keep going too
What happened to that family
The only one they ever knew?

The streets can seem enticing
Like a new breath of air
But when you are used up
The streets no longer care

We must get up from our slumber
Our children need us awake
They need guidance and love
They are making big mistakes

The promise of hope is grim
When the only thing you see
Is a parent being abused
Children stuck in poverty

Reach out your hand to the world
Show it that you really care
Gently realign its path
People are dying everywhere

People without homes
Abandoned children all around
Set aside the excuses
So called…standing your ground

For death cannot be undone
A corpse’s flesh never goes to court
All that matters is a child was lost
Nothing sensational to report

The world around us is so cruel
We might try and wish it away
But if we do that as adults
Where will children play?

Innocence too often stolen
Doors and windows can be shut
Children paying the price
Until we decide to WAKE UP

Life Lessons

Life Lessons



    Life has a way of showing us things about ourselves that, at times, we don’t see. We often times complain about things…without giving it much thought. For instance, it would seem ridiculous to complain about how big our home is or isn’t….when there are homeless people walking our streets. And yet we do. We debate what we are going to eat for dinner…and there are people tonight who will go to bed hungry. We will complain about it being so cold outside, because we have to turn on the heat in our homes…and there are families…entire families who LIVE out in the cold…with no choice. The sad part is that we, as people, will donate time in homeless shelters or soup kitchens during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will be publicized, on the television, even the President and his family will do it, during that time of year. I think it makes it worse when that is done, because now we can’t even claim ignorance. We can’t say…wow…I didn’t know people had to live like that; because the President of our country showed us these people on national television. But I wonder about something…if the condition of our country is so dire that a high ranking official is serving dinner to the homeless, on Christmas, what happens the other 364 days of the year? Why do we only want to show kinship, love and compassion during that time of year? Do we not realize that those same people are hungry ALL year long? But we turn a blind eye…caught up in our own lives. We are given the opportunity to show love and compassion, every day…but how many of us can say that we really actually do it?

  We complain, about the very gifts that we are given…as if we don’t appreciate them. I remember a time, when I was ill and in the hospital for an extended period of time. I was complaining, to myself, because my hair was long and thick and I couldn’t really get it to do what I wanted it to. And a woman came and sat beside me, in the rehab room, of the hospital. I watched her thumbing quietly through a magazine. At the time, I didn’t pay attention to the type of magazine. A therapist came over to her, because the woman was softly sobbing to herself. I can remember the therapist telling the woman that she would help her select a wig, and reassuring her that no one would know it wasn’t her natural hair. The woman was a cancer patient. She was softly crying because she didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to herself…she was in the process of chemotherapy and was losing large amounts of hair. And I was complaining about a hairstyle. I have never felt so awful…rightfully so. Because even though I am not the reason she was losing her hair…I was being ungrateful for what I had. 

 It is so easy to forget and be thankful for the very gifts that we take for granted. There are hundreds of examples of instances where we are ungrateful for that moment.  We complain about having to take the stairs, because the elevators are broken…be thankful; you aren’t in a wheelchair.  We complain that the sun is too bright…I’m sure a blind person would love that opportunity. We take even the simplest things for granted…the ability to walk, talk, hear, and see.  Give thanks for what you have, and find a way to give back. It’s great if you lead a privileged life…but doesn’t that mean that you have the means to assist someone else? I am not talking about charity…but lifting others up. If you run a successful business…what would it hurt to donate your time, speaking to youths that may just need a little encouragement? Donate time to a recreation center or even at a public library where you can simply read a book to some children. When we reach out to people…the response is love. Even if the response seems angry…remember they probably haven’t had an easy life. Speak with your heart, and hearts will respond. People just want to matter. They want hope…what is wrong with giving them at least that much?

 Do you know why drug abuse and gangs are so prevalent; because gang members convince children and young adults that they are “family”.  And in a lot of cases, those young minds don’t have anyone else showing them anything differently. There are fathers or mothers in jail or prison…and children left to raise themselves. The parent left to raise the children has to work more than one job, just to make ends meet. Its no wonder that children turn to violence…they have seen nothing else. Do you know how hard it is to do the right thing when you have little or nothing to go on as an example?

  But I have great news, because love is free. It’s a gift from God…and meant to be given away. Be thankful for whatever you have been blessed with…and give back whenever it is possible. We are supposed to love each other…it isn’t a new idea…but it is necessary for our survival.

 In the length of time it took you to read this…you could have told ten children that you love them.





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