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The Bright Side

The Bright Side

Life can sometimes spiral out of control. We can feel as if we are lost or even as if we may not want to be found. We may feel alone or isolated…wondering who would even notice if we just dropped off the face of the earth. These sentiments are what make this topic pertinent. We are all important, our lives are essential in some plan that God has for us. Just like when we speak of the importance of animals and the chain or circle of life…we, too, are critical parts; in the grander scheme of things. Something as minor as a smile to a stranger…may change the course or energy of a day. A kind word or gesture could turn war time into a moment of peace.

What is the bright side of a life which appears to have no particular meaning? Well, we woke up today. We lifted our heads…and because we were willed to do so…the work God has lain out for us has begun. The bright side is the fact that today…unlike some…you received the gift of another moment…another opportunity to do the work of our Creator. Today we can hold our heads up and move forward. We get to choose whether we live or simply exist; while keeping in mind that we are the example that others are turning to. People don’t want us to tell them what to do…but they are open to observing those thoughts in action. We are responsible for all of our deeds…large and small…good and bad. We can impress or depress people…we have the luxury of choosing the path we walk.

Look on the bright side…today is a new day…and the way we view it may help or hinder someone else. Things happen in life, some of these things may seem like they have broken us…left us in pieces. I think we have all felt this way…one time or another. But the actual truth is…we were not broken, shattered, crushed, or defeated. We were simply temporarily impaired…stunned…surprised…startled and dismayed. And here we are…not only present and accounted for but looking on the bright side of life. We have simply evolved into another part of who we were intended to be. We may feel sad at times due to a change or loss in our lives; and while I am not trying to take away from that very real feeling…I am going to tell you that hope always exists.

You get to decide the energy that you will emit on others…just as I do. And yes, we will sometimes falter. It is okay to stumble on the building blocks of life…as long as we understand that they are just blocks…and not giant walls with no means of escape. You have to remember to pick yourself up and press on…eyes are watching you. If you have hope…someone else will be able to feed off of it…and they will be able to give hope to others, as well. Use the foundation that we were created with…love…peace….understanding and kindness; these are the elements of success and hope.

Life is a gift. It regenerates, rejuvenates and revitalizes our souls. It is okay to have rough days…but understand that…better days will follow. No one expects perfection, but we do expect, desire, and need your word that you will constantly strive for more.

Our lives contribute to the ever populating circle of love…and the bright side of that concept is that love always comes back ten fold. Love is more like the boomerang of God…no matter where you toss it…God will make sure it finds you again. Contribute to the lives of others…remember they too are looking for a bright side…be that for them. Other people have the same insecurities, anxieties, and hesitations that you may have…lend them your shoulder and in doing so…open your heart.

The possibilities of life are endless…unless we stop trying. Do not be your own road block…expect the impossible…because with the divine love of our Creator…all things are attainable. There is no goal or idea which is too much for our Creator…we simply need to ask and be prepared to receive it. Look at the bright side…no matter how dire a situation seems…this too shall pass…and the lesson in the struggle may feed the hopes and aspirations of others.

His Grace

 His Grace


I woke up feeling sad

My heart was so blue

What was happening…oh

It was me missing you


It strikes all of a sudden

From a jump start

When my “missing you” thoughts

Go straight to my heart


So I wanted to write you

Reach out to you now

When I don’t know what to do

Not quite sure how


I miss you more each day

Though I guess it shouldn’t be

I should be used to this feeling

It’s such a part of me


So maybe I just needed

To whisper your name

Say I know you love me

And I feel the same


Let the tears that I drop

Water hearts forever

Reminding them…one day

We will again be together


Don’t wrinkle your nose

I know what you will say

Go out…live your life

Don’t grieve for me this way


Don’t let me cause sadness

Don’t let your heart break

You are loved and embraced

With every breath that you take


So straighten your walk

Turn the   soft music down

Wear that smile

Embrace the love you have found


Until next time my sister

My God Given best friend

When we are together forever

When time never ends


You filled my hearts heart

With love…warm feelings of you

I love you and am with you

No matter what you may do


As my tears slowly faded

And dried upon my face

I am thankful to Heaven

God lent me His grace

Being Me

Being Me


I was once given a compliment

Although a short life it had

For it was followed with insult

Which made me feel so bad


Why was it necessary

I pondered in my thought

What outcome was expected

Which reaction was sought


Was he troubled by my smile

Did I laugh a little too much

Was he living a life of darkness

Of greed, vanity and such


Whatever his real reason

For saying things of cruel intent

I gave him my thoughts

And off…I then went


But it bothered me still

Not of him…but those like

Who say whatever they wish

As if they have a right


Make your moments count

For we may only get one

To do the work of God

And then that moment is done


Don’t waste it on ill humor

Don’t poison a hearts desire

Don’t dampen a sweet dream

Because you are on fire


Smile through your anger

Release it not on to me

For I cannot entertain

Such negative things


Give love with every breath

Be the one who gives

You have only a little time

Make the most of how you live


What is the lesson

Of this true but sad day

Turn the other cheek

It didn’t matter anyway


For no matter what is thought

Of who or what I will be

I serve a gracious God

Who said…I’m perfect at being me

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Paint a picture of your life. In this picture, what will you find? Will it be filled with beauty and wonder? Will we find chaos there? Will your painting show you as a challenger or a champion? What does a physical victory mean to us?

Why is the fight so important? Why must we do or die? If it was suggested that we are winners; no matter what the world tells us…what would that mean?

It is often the Grace of our Creator that we are all seeking. We may not call it grace; we may call it humility or kindness. I have even heard grace termed as weakness. Is grace weakness?

Is it weak to walk away from the fight; or is it something stronger? Have you ever walked away from a fight; even though your blood is pumping faster and your heart rate is accelerated? Most of us have had that physical feeling; I ask you, is it easy to have that feeling…and then walk away?

I am suggesting to you that true strength is exhibited in the warrior, who has found the strength to walk away. This may sound strange to you; but be rest assured, this is true.

Why is it strange to be encouraged to walk away? Simply said; the world has been telling you how important it is to destroy anything that gets in your way. People do not get in your way, only you do. People are not objects that are cast into your path, only to be stepped on or walked over. People are set in our path, because there is a larger lesson or blessing there. We must decide to be patient and search for the meaning of the circumstance.

The destination is not as important as the journey that takes us there. We have often heard the phrase “stop and smell the flowers”’ what does that mean? It is just as easy as it sounds; stop. Take a breath; slow down your pace and look around at all of the wonder which surrounds you. Smell the existence of our creation; enjoy the possibilities that this life has to offer.

When we fail to enjoy the ride; we fail to live up to our higher expectation. We are supposed to touch other hearts. A smile is regenerating. A simple upturned smile can be the difference between peace and war. Open your hearts and minds to all that you can be.

No one is getting in your way. You are creating your own obstacles. You may disagree with this analogy. Allow me to explain further. Many times we will know what we want to get accomplished; notice I did not say “what we hope to accomplish”. While we may know what we want to accomplish; we will follow it up with “but” or “if”. When we say out loud what might happen to alter our goals; we are no longer concentrating on the goal. We are now looking for the adversity or challenge that will, most certainly, stop us.

I challenge you; do not “hope” for anything…will it into reality. Hope says, I want it…but I probably won’t get it. Decide what you want, that is half the battle. We can accomplish anything that we decide that we are going to do.

Do not give the challenge your energy. Acknowledge your goal; create a plan and then walk forward, as if it is written in gold…because it is.

Some will say that I am being too child-like in my words; but how does a man with 2 amputated legs win a marathon? How does a little girl who is deaf and dumb touch so many lives? How does a man who has A.D.D. become a great doctor and philosopher? It is very simple; they didn’t believe that they could not do it, even of the rest of the world doubted them. They made goals a reality, before they even happened. They did not allow the negativity of the world to tear away their hopes of success. Did you know that Stephen King was told that he could not write? What if he had believed that concept? There have been many famous people who were one time or another, rejected.

The object here is to remind ourselves that other people do not determine our worth. We are created from greatness; when did we start believing that we were less? The truth is that the world will always find reasons to knock you down; but we get to decide if we will get up again.

What is grace? Grace is simply the knowledge that we were created from a place which is limitless, sprinkled with humility. Once we acknowledge our path and realize that we are our only obstacles…the rest is simple. This is the tricky part; we must be able to accept our ability, while checking our ego at the door. You are not better than anyone else…but you have the ability to be better than YOU are right now.

Paint a picture of your life; and in this picture add the grace of our Creator. Grace is amazing; it announces who we are; while realizing that it is made possible through the love of our Father.

Best Friend

Best Friend

It’s been a while since I wrote you

Not that I don’t miss your face

But God has reminded me

Has let me borrow His grace

He has shown me your life

Touched so much more than me

So to keep you all to myself

Would be nothing less than greed

I still miss your contagious laughter

The way you wrinkled up your nose

The way your eyes sparkled

Oh, I really miss those

I miss calling you up

And you yelling for it taking so long

Yes, sometimes I still cry

When I hear your favorite song

I still wish this was a dream

That I could go to your house

Watching and enjoying you

Just watching you go about

The days sometimes go forever

The nights can be so hard

To say how much I love you

Would fill a greeting card

I get angry so often

People take for granted time

I wish they could see

This broken heart of mine

How foolish people are

Wasting words of vile intent

Oh, the regret that happens

When all your time is spent

I feel closer to God now

We talk a lot more

About His divine plan for me

The blessings He has in store

I’m sorry if I ever failed

To tell you enough

I’m proud to be your sister

I love you very much

When I mess up…we know I will

Just give me a gentle nudge

I know you will mean well

And you aren’t trying to judge

But that’s what families do

Look over each other’s hearts

That hasn’t changed even though

We’re further apart

Thank God for the time

He gave to us down here

We will always have your memory

Only your body disappeared

If there’s one thing I got

From your time with me

I hope it was your loving way

And bright energy

Cause sometimes the clouds seem to part

When I’m missing you too bad

Like God’s giving me a moment

With the best friend I ever had

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The Walls came Tumbling Down

In the heat of the moment

In the still of the night

So many things go wrong

The blink of an eye

I’m sure in after thought

You would have complied stat

Are you following him?

We don’t need you to do that

A moment of thought

Could have made this just a debate

Now it’s up to the courts

To decide your life’s fate

A sad turn of events

A trip to the store

A child’s life

Will live no more

Oh we have the memories

Those precious moments in time

When he was laughing and loving

Remembering how he did shine

Anger will not change

What happened that night

But he was just a child

Keep that in your sight

No matter what we hold onto

When we think of his time

Was he a trouble maker

Or an angel of our mind

He was a child of God

He was created by Him

His life was ended

Due to a human’s whim

Why don’t we ask questions

Before acting it out

Oh the tragic results

When this comes about

Trayvon had a message

Even with his death

Even if it was only found

Upon taking his last breath

The message is clear

I hope we all one day can see

We are all important

Even someone like me

Someone who is loved by their parents

Someone who had a beautiful smile

Someone who, yes, was human

And got in trouble once in a while

Someone who had a future

Could have fallen in love

Was someone you could count on

When push came to shove

My race didn’t make me better

But God knows didn’t make me worse

But a decision made in haste showed

You acted before thinking first

I hope you one day understand

What really came about

Because there are parents now

Who are living without

I pray God will show us

The way to heal hearts broken

Before more angry actions are taken

While less words are spoken

For one thing is definite

Death cannot be undone

And grief is a morbid battle

Never can be won

So, Lord if you’re listening

As I write this down

Show us your grace before

The walls come tumbling down

 **IN conjunction with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Awareness…we are happy to donate a portion of the proceeds from our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter

7×7 Award

7×7 Award
I first would like to thank Colline at Collinesblog for nominating me for this award. I have taken a while to post it on my own blog, because there are just so many beautiful blogs out there and I just wanted to try and recognize those that I hadn’t before. You guys know if I had my way I would nominate everyone I have met and befriended here. I like the 7×7 award because it also helps me reflect back on some of my other writing and makes me look deeper into it. I hope you all get a chance to view the bloggers that I am nominating…they are moving and I truly believe they are noteworthy.
So this blog award asks that we note 7 of our own blogs to link back to and that we nominate 7 bloggers of our choice. As always I wish you all peace and blessings…today and always.

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Reach For The Stars

Reach For the Stars

You will bear your cross

And I, of course, will bear mine

But the first step is the hardest

To reaching the finish line

We are faced with

Uncharted journeys with uncertainty

But once we start the trip

There are endless possibilities

We must first acknowledge

That life sometimes doesn’t seem fair

Then we must hand it to our Father

And trust Him to be there

It can be hard to let go

Of the solutions we have devised

But do so we must

For He is all knowing…most wise

Our crosses can get heavy

Like carrying the world on our back

But the lessons they will teach are endless

And this is a fact

While some lessons are harder

And some seem to just bring pain

Once we take a step back

We can absorb the love which remains

We will deal with abuse from loved ones

And illness which seems to not end

But as I mentioned before

You are not broken…and its okay to bend

Bending is a way which we learn

To adjust our perception of life

How we learn that we are stronger

In our hearts and our minds

We were not broken at all

And although battered and bruised

We are the victor after all

With Him there is no way to lose

Move forward with this knowledge

Every success was once a dream

Know that no eagle takes flight

Before spreading his wings

Release the anxiety and anger

Which darkness can breed

Knowing God loves you

And that’s all that you need

He will place angels at your feet

Who will help repair your heart

And while the unknown is scary

You won’t know until you start

Take my hand if you need it

I’ve been where you are

Hold your head high

And reach for the stars

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