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In The Blink Of An Eye

In The Blink Of An Eye

Life can be funny
Then one day it is not
One day graduating
The next day you were shot

A future so filled with brightness
An honor student in demand
A parent’s pride and joy
Life robbed by another’s hand

Tears come out of nowhere
Childhood friend’s hearts are breaking
Because some one didn’t think
About the life they were taking

Just kids at a party
Celebrating a future that was bright
Ended with bloodshed
On that cold Saturday night

Now instead of planning for college
As always doing his best
A mourning family musters up strength
To put this fallen angel to rest

My house is certainly solemn
My daughter needed to be held
Hard to convince our world is loving
When she’s experiencing Hell

How do we explain to our children
Why things like this occur
When the victim was a good child
Someone just like her

Why do bad things happen
I still recall her quest
He was only there 5 minutes
Always doing his best

Sadly I have no answer that
Would ease her troubled heart
Except that like right now
Ty’Quan was an angel from the start

So even though it is hard to let go
Of the ones that have come to touch our souls
Remember he now resides in Heaven
With more love than we’ll ever know

As a service I will tell you all
Treasure the children in your sight
For those moments can be stolen
At the blink of an eye.

**RIP TY’QUAN JOHNSON…you will forever be in our hearts

When I Stop Loving You

When I Stop Loving You

My greatest joy as a mother

Was bound to happen since your birth

The day you decided in your mind

How much your soul was worth

It’s the moment we all wait for

Sometimes holding our tongues

When the love of our Creator

Is absorbed through our young

The moment they decide to decide

Separating right from wrong

Dancing to a different beat

Singing their own song

My blessings have been overflowing

When I give it a second glance

When my child stood up for the weak

No matter the circumstance

When her love for the Creator

Was shown by her fight for a tree

When her hopes in man was in

Fighting the death penalty

How brave it is to even think

How much better we can do

To believe we can make a change

Start living life brand new

It is a great honor watching

My sapling grow into a flower

Such lives she has touched

Those beings she helped to empower

There is no preparation

For when your once shy little girl

Is ready to make her way

In this sometimes cruel world

But the most I can hope for today

Is that the lessons she learned

Remind her to not play in man’s fire

Where we all tend to be burned

I pray that when she needs guidance

She will look up toward the stars

Knowing the love of God

Will never be too far

I hope that she will remember

Not to hold on to the greed

That man tends to emit

When focusing on his “needs”

I can not say it is easy

To let her fly from our nest

But like this and all things

Life is a great big test

She has the light of an angel

God’s love is all around

She has more positive energy

Than anyone I have ever found

So I guess for myself

This was a test too

Which all started when

I became a mother to you

So on this day of graduation

I guess we all get a degree

Grateful for having you to love

And for you loving me

But in stopping my chatter

There is one last thing too

There will never be a time

When I stop loving you

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