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Define Irony

Define Irony

We are taught
Don’t speak until spoken to
And when a young girl’s uncle steals her virtue
A parent is defending HIM
we allow bullies to harass our kids
Until one commits suicide ( RIP Amanda Todd )
And we sit quietly while the world blames her
It is more acceptable to join a gang
Than to pray
Somewhere in America
A parent walks away from a family
And we will criticize that child for being angry and bitter
We embrace racial superiority
While we shun learning that black history month is more than MLK
And as little as we learn about black history…
We know little to nothing about our ancestors of native American descent
We would rather watch a YouTube video filled with misogyny
Than to tell our daughters we love them
We will teach our sons not to hit girls ever
And our daughters watch on
We will show our daughters how important they are
By telling their brothers not to be a bitch

Define Irony

I love you all

The Storm

The Storm


I have written and spoken many times about Domestic Violence. This is something that I, personally, survived. I know there are some people that may want me to be quiet about it and there are others that may NEED me to be quiet about it. But the problem with this is that I dream of a world where women don’t have to hide their faces in social media. I dream of a time and place where women don’t have to hide bruises or make excuses for a man that has no self-control.

Whether this is a world that you are unaware of or if it’s a life that you have and are trying to keep quiet…here is my message to you:

I survived a difficult cycle in my life…but there are others that are experiencing it and have no voice. I will continue to speak out on this, because whether it fits into our ideas about who a person “really” is or not…this behavior exists. Unless you have been through this, I don’t even think you could fathom what that life is like. And if any of us want this behavior swept under the rug or would prefer that it is not spoken on here or on our radio show…I am left to wonder why?

Everything in the darkness always comes to light…no doubt about that; even if that light is only there to show us who we really are.

Abuse comes in all sizes and shapes, all races, creeds and religions; we cannot think that because a woman doesn’t come forward when WE think she should…if she comes forward at all, that it isn’t true. There is nothing as tormenting as hiding behind bushes hoping that you won’t be seen. There is nothing quite like…fearing nighttime. There is nothing like being afraid everywhere you go…no one should have to live that way…yet there are those of us who will tell you…that struggle is very real.

I will not minimize it or make it seem “not THAT bad” to make another person more comfortable. What happened to me and so many other women should be screamed from the rooftops…only then will this learned behavior stop.

There is nothing like the damage that abuse does to you. It leaves scars and we carry those scars forever. We forever carry around the weight that those types of experiences taint our souls with. It is one thing to survive it…that in itself is miraculous…because too many of us aren’t lucky enough to escape and others of us are too afraid to try but it is quite another to have to break the cycle. The real struggle is when we find real love…that everlasting love and we are so busy watching for cues and clues of abuse that we destroy the innocent in our lives. Of course, that is the point of abuse, to destroy us for another person. I beg of you to not let that happen. I know it isn’t easy. Bruises are so much simpler to hide and heal than a soul that has been tortured.

I will forever speak out against this horrific life cycle. I may make people uncomfortable, but if that is the case…maybe we should ask ourselves …why? Why do you, I or anyone need this swept under the rug? Are we sick of hearing about it or are we hiding who we really are? Are we speaking out of line with the people in our lives? Calling one another names…belittling one another. Is this the best that we can do? Would silencing me make things easier?

Unfortunately silencing me will not change anything…and too many of my sisters are being battered and broken, by people that claim to love them. The time for awakening is now. We don’t have time to sit around and try to figure out why he hits, pushes, slaps, punches, or verbally assaults her. We have no more time to try to find an understanding about why he holds her captive monetarily. While I hope these individuals get the help that they need…it is not the victims place to try and FIX him…because you didn’t break him. Sometimes we have to love people from afar.

As for myself, I will continue to speak out against anyone…male or female that abuses another human being. No one should have to live this way and hiding from it …changes nothing. If you are a man or woman in this situation…speak out…you have a voice. You are not alone…reach out.

For all others that have requested that I silence my thunder…the storm is just beginning…buckle up.

I wish you all light and love.



~LM Young

I am Waging War

I am Waging War

I am waging war

I am putting down my mark

Against private wars against women

Which leave scars upon our hearts

A female journalist said

Don’t drink you won’t be raped

She even believing the lies

Leading to gender hate

A politician was quoted

Not saying it was her fault but…

Please Mister Government

That really is enough

We have allowed women

And their body parts to be used

As insults for our sons

Another form of abuse

You hit like a girl men yell

An insult for a boy

See we teach hate young

Leaving both sexes feeling a void

IF we teach our wonderful sons

That a female is a curse

Is it any wonder his opinion

Of women is the worst?

We are not only breeding hatred

Within our sons who are so young

But our daughters hate themselves

MY GOD…what have we done?

She feels she is unworthy

Maybe the assault was my fault

Please forgive us FATHER

This behavior has to stop

Remember the sluts that you talk of

Some ones daughter…someone’s mother

Of the sins we bathe in

When we fail to love one another

Please before it goes further

Weigh your words…they can be deadly

The time for forgiveness is now

Don’t you think the world is ready?

Ready to stand up for its sisters

Ready to speak out on her beauty

Yes…upward and onward

It’s our job…no OUR DUTY

Yes, I am waging war

I will no longer be idle

And you can call me one name

QUEEN is my title

So if you feel you have the urge

To spout negativity from afar

Go ahead I am ready…

I am waging war



Not About sexual orientation

Not about race

Not about religion

Or other sacred place

Not about location

Not about country or land

Not about politics or other

Ignorance we don’t understand

NO matter what we disguise it as

No matter what name we shout

Let me tell you…about HATE

How it comes about

We separate ourselves from others

We shake our indifferent fist

Disregarding all but us

Hating that THEY…even exist

THEY aren’t like us after all

THEY don’t speak like WE do

THEY pray funny…hey

YOU would hate THEM too

THEIR skin is too light

Or sometimes it is too dark

THEY live where evil grows

The apartments by the park

THEY don’t make good decisions

THEY sell drugs…THEY must



THEY got what THEY deserved

THEY are less than WE

THEIR hair is ugly…accents show US


These are the lies we teach

And often are told

But be aware now and always

This is how souls…they are sold

YOU are no better

In fact the judgment you render

Is all that GOD hates

Breaking hearts that are so tender

THEY my friend you see

Are all that YOU are

This is what GOD wanted?

You’ve veered away too far

Seek yourself in others

For the greatness which selected you

Chose the others you wage against

For THEY are greatness too

Instead of finding reasons

To point fingers and raise arms

Lift your hearts and souls

HATE always causes harm

Throw away your labels

Rid yourself of anger

It’s YOU not THEM

Whose salvation in in danger

Embrace one and all

No hate…make amends

For at a Creator’s Glance

WE…actually are THEM

Waiting For You

Waiting For You

There is a defining lesson

Still here to be had

And if you find the patience

Without getting mad

I will share with you a truth

That no one can deny

The supremacy of racial hues

THAT is a lie

So they say you are too dark

No matter who you are within

It hurt and caused feelings

This judgment of your skin

I understand the emotions

I get where it hangs out

But let me tell what has happened

Without a single doubt

This talking that’s going on

About the lighter version of you

Is a manipulation tactic

This talk of “better” hue

When they get you to attack

Another who is lighter

They have caused a dimming

Of a soul that was brighter

It’s like when you were a child

They threw rocks at your esteem

Causing you to feel animosity

Toward other human beings

So when you talk down upon

Another walking breathing love

You are missing the reason

You were sent from above

You have cried many tears

Over this I am too dark problem

But the tables have turned and

YOU now have become them

Hating and conspiring

Loathing and attacking

Be careful my loves

Cards against you are stacking

There is NO greater race

No tint of skin greater

WE all came from ONE

Most loving Creator

If we hold onto that truth

Release the evil ideal

Holding on to HIS love

THAT…is for real

We are who we should be

Beauty is not with our skin

Like the value of a book

It’s found…within

SO the next time your mouth

Speaks louder than your heart

Remember it is these thoughts

That tear humanity apart

Smile beautiful angel

They know not what they do

Be the Queen of all Queens

They are waiting for you

All That You Do

All That You Do

I wonder when it happened

When we started to deface

The integrity of others

Solely based on their race

I’m not even certain when

Races came to be

We certainly weren’t created

From this hostility

It is man made but I wonder

Why would one think

That being superior

Would make all others shrink?

Hmmm, one must realize

With the logic we have

That looking down on others

Just makes us look bad

I mean God created all things

Who are we to say

What is better…who is brighter

How are we living today

We merely exist, I tell you

Due to our own selfish pride

It’s clear we are making errors

We are barely getting by

The planet is dying

Our air is dirty

Everyday we prove

Why we are unworthy

Yet every single day goes by

More hate being spread

And we are deciding

Who is better off dead

There is no superior man

No greater race

No perfect culture

This is not OUR space

May God be patient

With our egotistical ways

And may we find His Grace

Before kneeling to pray

So here’s to us all

Man and woman alike

Love all skin tones

Black yellow red or white

Let us recall with humility

The love inserted in our being

Allow us to spread God’s joy

To all people and things

May we all cross the finish line

With the answer to this

Did you give back to My Creation

Or did you merely exist

What did you contribute

Our Father will ask

Did you love all things

It was your only task

My friends give love…be love

In all that you do

Shine light and hope

As He has shone on you

Be the greater being

Be the example of our Creator

You are part of a plan

Of something so much greater

So when looking down on others

Remember this poem’s for you

Reminding all to shine brighter

In all that you do

We Are All Jane doe

We Are All Jane Doe

A crime often misrepresented

A woman under assault

Society telling her

It must have been her fault

Why did you wear those clothes

Why did you go to that place

What made you drink so much

Verbal assaults can’t be erased

She is the victim/ survivor

She managed to stay strong…be tough

She didn’t realize her protection

Would be treating her so rough

 A tear slides down her cheek

She must have done something wrong

She is cheap, easy…a drunk

She simply doesn’t belong

She stole his bright future

She brought negativity to our town

Never mind the sexual assault

Or when the “hero” threw her down

Never mind that she said no

Or worse…she didn’t say yes

Never mind the invasion made

To get a simple arrest

You are mad her name isn’t displayed

What…her wounds aren’t severe enough

Would your harsh accusations exist

If Jane Doe was someone you loved

Jane I understand it now

I know your pain is real

I too…have been tainted

I sadly know how you feel

The empty hollow feeling

The silent tears you shed

What good is survival

When they wish you were dead

I know the hand slaps you received

Shame on your behavior…you

Shouldn’t have tempted him so

While you ask…what did I do?

The truth …be it told

No matter what anyone will say

She was a victim who survived

And shouldn’t be treated this way

She was robbed of her virtue

And no matter what clothes she wore

Regardless of how late she was out

Whether she drank or she swore

She is a child of God

Protected by his Grace

No one has the right

To steal her sacred place

So my friends I implore you

Stop victimizing her again

She is someone’s daughter

She didn’t deserve this end

Stand up and speak out

Tell everyone one you know

Rape is NEVER okay

And we are ALL Jane Doe


My True Relief

I have known pain

I have known tears

I have known abuse

That causes REAL fear

I have known frustration

I have known isolation

I have known illness

I have known degradation

I have known loneliness

I have known hate

I have known racism

And other ills we create

I have known insincerity

I have known lies

I have known hurt so deep

Words cannot define

But when I let go of these

Reasons for being apart

When I looked with my soul

And opened up my heart

I realized that these things

Made me a woman who is strong

And what felt like years and years

Didn’t really last that long

For I am fueled by a source

Who says I am LIGHT

It fills my being

And clears my obstructed sight

I have known those things…yes

But let me tell you what

I have known much more

Than what I have not

I have known joy

I have known love

I have known peace

Given from above

So while I may have known disaster

And devastating illness and grief

I have also known HIM

My Father…my TRUE relief

I Will Walk

I Will Walk

I will walk right beside you

Truth our only guide

Never allowing race to separate us

For hate is a bumpy ride

I will stand beside you forever

Hold your hand when needed

Until you feel safe and loved

When the flood waters have receded

I will wear a smile for you because

I know darkness can leave us wary

And the evils man does at times

Can often be dismal and scary

Yes I will walk beside you eternally

Never leading or being led

Using God as my compass

Where light and love are bred

My path may be filled with challenges

Something I simply cannot take away

But it is also filled with unwavering love

That grows more each passing day

I will walk right beside you

I will love you endlessly

I will gladly lend you my hope

My vision of humanity

No matter the circumstance

Or what occurs along the way

I will refuse to create borders

Based on bias, indifference and hate

You are welcome along my path

For it has been for you too

My path is paved with love and truth

And I will walk…right beside you

Your Biggest Regret

Your Biggest Regret

  There have been times in my life when I have learned, the hard way; that these moments will never come again. I will never again be inclined to say these exact words to you, again. While it is true that I will still talk to you, and write my thought s and sometimes rhymes; they will not be about this very moment.

  This very second is unique; it has never been experienced before and it never will again. You may ask why this thought is important; it is a fair question, after all. If we fail to appreciate what we have now…the future will be nothing but memories of what we regret. We may regret not saying enough; or saying too much. There should be no room for regret; make the most of today, it is what we are supposed to do.

  Now having said that, I must include another thought; in this moment that we are making the most of, CHOOSE TO LOVE. This is an important statement, because I do not want to give you a false impression or idea; when I suggest making the most of your moments in life. This is not about the ego; the ego is false, we created it. Things and possessions are not going to make a difference in our lives; in the grand scheme of things. I am suggesting that monetary gains will not enrich your growth; and at the end of your path…what memory can money bring you?

  The warmest feeling I have ever experienced was with a homeless man on the beach. I was sitting on a bench overlooking the boardwalk; it was sunset and I was just enjoying the serenity of the moment. I guess, in after thought, I was sitting on the spot he laid on. He was dirty, seemingly having not bathed in a while, and carried his belongings in a bag, thrown over his shoulder.  But I didn’t walk away, as I was prompted by friends; instead I stayed on that bench and listened as this stranger talked to me. I suppose my friends were doing what most of us do; walk away from that which we do not understand. But on this day; I wanted to know more.

  I do not recall the entire conversation; only that at the end he told me that no one ever took the time to listen to him. This thought brought me to tears; he was thanking me for not ignoring him, for being human. I remember touching the top of his hand; while I thanked him for talking to me. I can not recall another moment when I felt so good. This man was thanking me; when I should have thanked him. He gave me a part of himself; all I had to do was turn off the outside interference and listen. In that one single slight conversation; He and I displayed how we should love one another.

  I will forever think that he was an angel sent to me; sometimes I am still brought to tears when I recall that day.

  How many lost opportunities have you experienced? The greatest lessons in our lives come from the most unexpected places; that is what love is. Love is just taking the time; the extra time needed to see things a little more clearly. Love is a smile, which we haven’t yet extended. Why do we need an excuse to be kind to another person? This man did not ask me for a single penny, he just wanted to talk. He had something to say.

  I am urging you to look past what the world is telling you and search your own heart. The world will tell you to turn your back on people; people of different races, religions or geographic locations. I am telling you; when we turn our backs on mankind, we are creating our own demise.

  There is no reason to hate anyone or anything…ever. Why should you love someone who has shown you the hate or indifference? Love people because that is what you are supposed to do. Why is it so hard? Because we have forgotten that we were supposed to do it. The more we show and express love, the more we remind others of their path, as well.

  I hope you do not live a single moment of regret; for regret is a terminal illness which will kill your soul. Be kind to one another as often as humanly possible; before your life becomes your biggest regret.

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