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Life Won’t Let Us Forget

Life Won’t Let Us Forget

Life can throw us curves; we have all experienced instances or situations that we feel we aren’t prepared for. If we re-examine our lives we can see more clearly why these things happened.

My heart was broken as a teenager, for what seemed to be no reason at all. I sought answers that would never come. We have all been through that; the tears that seem to never end…until one day, unexpectedly, they do.

I remember when my very good friend stopped being that. It was, as if my world began crumbling beneath my feet. I tried to find logic in the situation, where there was none. I was certain that I would never trust like that again…until one day I did.

I remember the first time that a child hurt my daughter’s feelings; and her tears seemed to be weighted with cement, her heartbreak became mine. I have never been so angry or sad in my life. Something happens to us when our children are targeted. In that moment of sadness for my daughter…it felt like the weight of her world crashed on top of my head, I felt helpless.

I recall the very first time I was hit by someone that said they cared about me. I had never been struck by another individual, it felt unreal…yet too real. This was my first bout with physical abuse and I felt completely vulnerable. It seemed to be a long road for me; it took many weeks and maybe months before I could sleep without a light on. The nightmares can still wake me up; although now I wake knowing that he can’t hurt me any longer.

I remember the first time I was told that I would forever live, with this disease called Lupus. I had heard of Lupus, but wasn’t really sure how it would affect me. What I learned is that Lupus affects everyone differently; I had good and not-so-good- days. I could go into a “flare” and stay there for extended periods of time. It was like having a severe case of flu…that just never seemed to stop.

These are all lessons that we aren’t permitted to forget.

I learned that not everyone would love me as I loved them, but that was okay. We are all individuals and how we express and we exhibit love will be as unique as we are. We may feel that a breakup is the end of happiness as we know it; and quite possibly that is true. But it is only true because that was just first level happiness; there will always be bigger and better things ahead for us. Remember to forgive that first love that broke your heart…later in life, you will grow to understand that it was only supposed to be temporary. Looking at the life I have now, I am thankful for every broken heart I endured…because it led me to this wonderful place in my life.

Maybe all of our very best girlfriends won’t betray our trust; but life does have a way of re-aligning us with our Source. We may not see the logic or reasoning, behind why we are feeling the pain; but when it is time…it will be made clear.

Children are a sore spot for anyone that loves them. There are so many things that we go through as adults; that we would never in a million years wish on our children. When our children are hurt or in any kind of pain, be it physical, spiritual or emotional, it is difficult to watch. But we should try to understand that our children also have a path and that pain may be part of their growth, as well.

Domestic violence is a burden that far too many people have to bear; a cross carried by men, women and children alike. The scars that it causes are far reaching, even past the initial success of getting out of the situation. Always have a plan, do not allow yourself to become anyone’s sacrificial lamb…more importantly do not take the anger and fury that your experience created in you…to poison the life of another. Look for the signs of someone who may grow to be abusive. Listen for the emotional sands of the hour glass to spill out. Does he/she raise a hand…even in jest? Does he/she make demeaning and humiliating jokes about you? This is something that we cannot afford to be blindsided about. If you are in trouble, tell someone…tell everyone.

Lupus is a vile disease. It destroys your immune system. It can take your life far too soon. I have had many medical issues, due to this silent enemy. Learn all that you can about it, because even if you do not have this illness…chances are you know someone who does.

Life does not allow us to forget these lessons, we shouldn’t want to forget them. There are something’s that you may only experience one time in your life…what did you learn from it? What knowledge did you carry away with you? If any of these experience or life lessons caused you to become bitter…look at them more closely.

There are other life lessons that we are also gifted; to take away one would mean that you are also defaulting on the great ones too.

The first time you hear a newborn baby cry. The first time you lost a tooth. The first time that he/she said “I love you”; and you can’t wait until it is said again. The first flower blooming in the spring. The leaves changing colors in the fall. The first time you smelled pumpkin pie. The time you heard a baby laugh…from deep within their soul and you have to laugh too. The day you were told…you are in remission. A walk at night when you are just gazing at the stars.

Nothing that you experience is a waste of time. You cannot turn off the bad without also turning off the good. Embrace all that life has to offer you; it’s an abundant supply of LOVE.

Remember that there are also life lessons…you wouldn’t ever want to forget!!



I wanted to share with you all the most recent 5 star review on Amazon and GoodReads of this very emotional book. By Cianna Elizabeth whose blog is wonderful,,,,


This is a breathtakingly lovely book. A woman’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of her sister, and chronicling her journey to help other people who are going through the same struggles.

She writes letters to her sister throughout the book, exposing her thoughts, feelings and heartbreak trying to work through her loss, one letter at a time.

After the letters come poems, poems about the loss, the struggle and the hurt. Poems about carrying on and about finding hope.

She writes about touching memories, and thought and discussions that haunt her now that her sister has passed away:

“You simply replied…“I’m not strong enough to live without you…so God will have to take me first ”.

We laughed that remark off…never giving more thought or energy to it; until January 4th came.”

Her book, designed to show her journey but also to guide others who are grieving themselves, with kind words, and hopeful thoughts.

“If there was anything I could say to another person about any of this, it would be to spend more time with their loved ones. Spend more time laughing at the small stuff and less time worrying about things you have no control over. In life, we will only have the memories of the laughter and sometimes…the memories will have to be enough.”

The author looks back on her life struggles, being in a coma, car accident, cancer, and remembers her sister’s wisdom and guidance during those times. Her sister’s presence in her life.

This is a wonderful book, a wonderful memoir of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with loss. The letters and poetry are so real, and heartfelt, there’s no question about the quality of the book.

This isn’t really a book you can review, there’s no real plot to this story, it’s just a person’s journey through life, and it’s wonderful that they decided to share it with the world.

If you’d like to read this book, or find out more about L.M Young check out the website, goodreads, or on Amazon.


You can find her wonderful blog here and I hope you visit it often

Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy don’t go

The girl softly cried

I’m coming back

Just another lie

I wonder if he knew

The choices he did make

Would damage a life

A heart he did break

If he had only looked back

Seen that last tear fall

He could have righted a wrong

In no time at all

Maybe if he had been there

She wouldn’t have needed

The attention negative or not

Which abandonment breeded

Her mom was there yes, but

Who can really say

What would have happened

Had he not left that day

Our daughters are precious

We must try and understand

Their fathers help create

Their future’s floor plan

For Daddy when you leave

Someone else will step in

And since you weren’t there

No telling how it will end

Are you responsible for others…no

But from the very start

You were supposed to be there for her

And that fragile little heart

When you stepped out on mom

You walked away from this sweet girl

Who loved you every single day

You were her entire world

So when she now makes choices

As we sometimes tend to do

Remember her greatest teacher

Was supposed to be you

Don’t make this love story

End before it starts

Cause saying “Daddy don’t go”

Even breaks a woman’s heart

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