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You Are Never Alone

Grief is a difficult cycle of life
We will be told that we are sorry for our loss
But really what we lost is just the control of
Our own emotions
Its a transformation of love change
It makes us sad
Because we have forgotten
This is the first type of love ever given to us
Divine love
Love without barriers
Without bars or windows
As humans we may try and facilitate
Physical love…
And that confuses our higher selves
Because our souls realize
That physical love is limiting
It causes us to forget that smells and sounds
Colors and a gentle breeze
Made us smile as infants
Not because we could wrap our tiny fingers around it
But because we understood, at that time
What it was like to be loved from within
For so many of our friends and family members
I wish I could stop the aching in your hearts
I know it too well
And I hope one day you will be able to receive
What I am trying to give to you
Because all the love you were given…
No matter how short their stay here…
Was a seed that they planted
Something that will always connect you
And one day when you are desperately seeking an answer
And one shows up…
Without explanation…
Just know that it was your loved one(s)
Giving you a moment of relief
Love never leaves you
In fact…
From this point forward it can only grow
Just know that you are being watched
From a place that you have been before
But have forgotten
Love knows no boundaries…
And you will never be alone

Heaven’s Brilliant Light

This child of mine

He goes by many names

But no matter how you see him

I still love him the same

You may see only his skin

Or a style of clothing he wears

But I see him with my heart

Something most mothers share

You may see a trouble maker

An assumption most will make

But to me he was just my son

He had a future…can’t you relate

This child of mine is not a token

He doesn’t stand for your cause

He was a child taken too soon

Caused an entire country to take pause

You may decide he was nothing

A waste of time and energy

But he was my love and life

He meant the world to me

A year ago today a young man

Was stolen from us all

And if we decide he wasn’t worthy

Because of tattoos…or he was too tall

Perhaps we should re-evaluate

Our values and moral ideals

Because when a child is killed

It’s about…how do we heal

How does a family mend

When life has been shot down

And explanation as of yet

Has yet to be found

This angel has a name

It isn’t thug or criminal

He’s just a debate to most

But your view is minimal

Tonight when you go home

Tucking your children to sleep

Remember sometimes we try to

Make wolves out of sheep

Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin

May you watch over us today

And remind us what happens

When we put hate in our way

Give us patience and grace

From our Creator so bright

Until we meet you in heaven

To bask in Heavens brilliant light


He Gave Her His Ring

He Gave Her His Ring


Love unrequited

Love so brand new

They knew it instantly

When they came into view

Like a missing piece to a puzzle

And the magic it brings

God joined them together

When he gave her his ring

Two souls that needed

Only one heart

Where her sentence left off

His began to start

After sixty two years

Of wedded bliss

Only having an “US”

Not hers…not his

Walking through life together

Happily as one

But before it was over

Said and done

As he slowly walked

Up Heavens golden stairs

She whispers softly

I will meet you there

And a few hours later

After her love passed that day

His loyal soul mate

Faded away

This bittersweet moment

Life’s true tale

That love conquers all

Without fail

Their life was made full

By our Blessed King

It goes to show

What true love means

They said she died

From a broken heart

But I think it was a beginning

A divine new start

So rest in peace

And with the angels sing

This love story that started

When he gave her his ring

***This was inspired completely by the story of Melvin and Doris Cornelson a couple who were married for 62 years…who died just hours apart. May God Bless Them



Beauty unrealized

Letting others tell us so

Too fat too thin

The world screaming no

But I will tell you now

It’s not about perfection

Beauty is not skin deep

Or others expectations

True beauty was established

Upon our first glance

Of your beautiful heart

Thank you for the chance

For beauty is not defined

By the eye of mankind

But something so much deeper

Let me tell you what’s in my mind

You are pure beauty

As depicted in beautiful prose

It’s the beat of your spirit

The life you chose

The kindness in your tone

The whisper of the truth

The rare innocence

Only found in our youth

So the next time someone decides

You aren’t good enough today

Smile and simply tell them

It wasn’t for you anyway

For we were created from

A place without mistake

A land of perfection

Paradise a land so great

How can any child think

They are less than their source

Greatness is where we came from

It is our steady course

So smile your best smile

Head up toward the clouds

For your beauty is found

In being unique from the crowd

Embrace your true self

Cast aside judgment of them

Give your thanks always

Praise God…Amen

His Grace

His Grace

I don’t know what to say

When I see you down below

I know that you feel lonely

Having to let me go

I almost feel guilty

Watching you when you cry

Sad we couldn’t have one more chat

Never saying good bye

And when that faint smile

Comes across your face

Know that God sent it

From the most amazing place

I want you to understand

I had things to say too

Like how you touched my life

How much that I love you

I know it’s hard to find a reason

To start to move ahead

But don’t let guilt or grief

Hold you back instead

Know that I loved you then

As I still do to this day

Sometimes life has to change

God needed it this way

Maybe there was a bridge that you

Were afraid to cross alone

Or maybe we held on too tight

As we were always prone

But whatever cause or reason

The Lord called me here

Know that I will never leave you

My love is always near

For after every thunderstorm

Our Creator shows His love

By bending every color known

From His mansion high above

Please do not cry for your loss

For one truth will always remain

God sent you to me once

He will do it once again

So until we meet at Heavens Gate

Here’s a promise to you

I will never leave your side

No matter what you say or do

We were bonded by blood

Connected by our choice

I am loving you still

Though you cannot hear my voice

When you wake up this morning

Let the smile come across your face

Accept the will of God now

And show the world His grace

Walks With Angels

 Walking with angels

It is that which she does

 Smiling and laughing

Filling Heaven with her love


She no longer feels

Hurt or pain

And while I may never

Feel the same


Her time here was over

She needed to rest

Knowing her was a privilege

No doubt I was blessed


No question she honored us

Each day with her smile

This angel  God allowed us

To know for a while


Like clockwork her laughter

Resounds in my ear

When I need her voice

Or just wish she was here


She whispers sweetly

 “You are not alone”

I never left your heart…

My permanent home


I couldn’t ever walk

Away from you

I would have never left…

You know it’s true


However the plans of God

Are never in vain

And while you may think

Things have changed


She went on to say…

God had plans for me

And just knowing you

Gave me wings


Please do not cry

And do not mourn

For you, too,

Will be reborn


It’s like a balmy paradise

Every single day

We smile on those we’ve met

Along the way


Please smile when I

Come to your heart

And know you have been there

From the start


Nothing so beautiful

You could ever have known

As when our Father

Calls us home


While you feel my absence

From your ear

Know that God

Will  keep me near


For on your lifelong journey

Which may at times seem bleak

I will always be here by your side

 With anything you seek


Don’t worry my love

And don’t feel awry

God is watching over you

And He’s right by my side


So I ask you today

Welcome joy in your heart

Knowing you may not see me…

But we are never apart

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