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Some Gave All

Some Gave All…
You hear this phrase a lot on days like this…
But what does it really mean?
Yes, some have given their lives while fighting on foreign soil
However, I am talking about something deeper
Some gave their families
In the hopes that they would be able to have that when they came back
But, unfortunately…that wasn’t always the case
Some families became broken…
As being kept from your loved ones can be a very difficult task for many
So they also lost their homes….and often their children
Children sometimes have difficulty understanding why mommy or daddy are away…for extended periods of time
And the facts are that the largest percentage of our homeless are or have been veterans.
It is estimated that a homeless veteran usually stays homeless for an average period of 5 years
That is a sobering fact…
So today…
Like all the days to come here after…
Let us give thanks for those who GAVE ALL…
Even when we weren’t watching
Because some of the most important times in our lives are not celebrated in a parade with flags and marching bands…
But when a soldier has to come back to this country…
And face the reality that…
And poverty
Do not just happen when we are in another land…
But when we are here
Where we should be celebrated

Some Gave All…
And even during times when it seems like we didn’t notice or care
Today…on behalf of

You are heroes to us all…


Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?


Where do broken hearts go? This Whitney Houston song came to me today; I loved her music, but it was the next line that spoke to me…”When they can’t find their way home”.

Today while I was out running errands, trying to figure out what to have for lunch…clinching my water bottle like it was my life line…I stumbled across today’s blessing.

Something caught the corner of my eye, I saw a young woman, in her early twenties. She was dressed neatly, nothing extravagant or too simple. I smiled at her; then I proceeded to watch her go through a trash can and dig. After I took a moment to absorb this; I thought maybe she was collecting aluminum cans, or even maybe looking for change that someone threw away unintentionally. I was saddened…as I watched this beautiful woman dig out of the trash can, a McDonald’s cup. She took off the lid, to look inside. She placed the lid and straw back on the cup and drank whatever was inside of it. I could feel my heart breaking, for her, and then for myself…having watched it.

I looked at her for a moment too long, and as she looked at me…a single tear fell down her face. There really is nothing more sad than a single tear…even deep sobs don’t bother me as much. They are the tears that say…I’ve been holding on as long as I can…and I just need to let go. My eyes swelled with tears. She came up to me and told me that I had a beautiful smile…and all at once we had a matching tear. I reached for my sealed bottle of SmartWater, feeling thankful that I had not yet opened it. I told her that I am always telling my husband that he doesn’t drink enough water and handed it to her…along with whatever lunch money I had in my hand, no longer caring about my lunch.

She smiled and said…your heart is probably the only thing larger than your smile. We both laughed. This light came across her face, as if it was the first time she had seen laughter in a while. She went on to say I was angelic, and even that statement brought tears to my eyes. She wished me well and we walked away from one another.

I have thought about her constantly since the meeting. I wonder how she will eat tonight, or if she even will eat tonight. I wondered how this happened to her. I prayed silently and out loud for her…for all of us.

Where do broken hearts go…when they can’t find their way home?

This was my blessing of the day…

I think that most of us may not feel angelic…I know that I don’t always feel that way. I fall short. I don’t mean to…and I always feel badly afterwards. I, like most, am flawed. I can be selfish and short on patience. But, today…I loved this woman. I loved her strength…and she loved me back, even though it wasn’t expected from either one of us.

We can do better, I thought. No, I can do better. Yes, I can.

My message for this day, be patient and forgiving of yourself. If you cannot forgive yourself, how can anyone trust that you will forgive them? Be patient, we are all works in progress. Remember that looks are deceiving, this woman looked like no homeless or indigent person…I had ever envisioned in my mind. Everyone is fighting some war…we don’t have to be a part of that.

Try a little tenderness; we all have battle scars. Wouldn’t be better if we didn’t crack open one another’s wounds with our words or maliciousness?

Where do broken hearts go? They go to a most loving Creator and that Creator sends them to one of us. It is the fact that even WE are so loved that we are given the opportunity to be tender with complete strangers.

Today…be the bandage and not the gash…which may heal the broken hearts, which find their way to our souls.


A Man With No Home

A Man With No Home

Man without a home

As people keep driving by

Some judging and pointing

Rarely asking how or why

He is delivering a message

And carrying a cardboard sign

The God sent angels message

No question…it was mine

The man he was humble

He had the bluest eyes

As tears came to mine

He whispered…please don’t cry

God loves you he said

My heart was filled with joy

For he spoke of a truth I could not avoid

For the malice of man

Was a creation of greed

We overlook our purpose

What we really need

The man had no home

But when I outstretched my hand

It warmed my very soul

My heart began to expand

For the messages we receive

Come in many different looks

Varied sizes and shapes

Not just those found in books

I thank God for my blessing

It was the most fruitful seed sown

God giving me His love

Through a man with no home

Where Does Your Heart Lie

  I was looking at photographs the other day, of homeless or underprivileged children. The photographer was trying to create awareness, and attention to this ongoing problem in our world. He was smart enough to know that people tend to be more sympathetic towards small children and any suffering they may go through, as opposed to any other age group. And, as was the expected effect, I was saddened, beyond words.

However today, it had me thinking a little deeper, into the state of the human condition. The pictures I saw were moving. It led me to think about something I saw once about homeless people living under a bridge. No one was taking pictures of these people, except to draw attention to what an eye sore they were. It bothered people, who were DRIVING past to go to their air conditioned offices, to have to see someone in that state. The people were not asking for money, they weren’t even asking for food…they had signs asking for a job. They didn’t want a handout; they wanted to EARN their own way. But instead, they got a petition started about them, because people driving passed didn’t want to feel bad about driving past them. Imagine…they wanted to feel good, so they had to NOT eliminate the problem, but to not have to SEE the problem. I suppose it would be different if I said this was happening in another country, because we tend to only care about those causes when it is politically correct, and we are expected to care. How many opportunities does God have to give us, to show love to others? Would it have been more difficult for those people to drive past a 5 year old living under the bridge?  Where is our compassion? What has happened to our hearts? Why have we gone cold? Are we ever thinking that the man under the bridge may be trying to find work for a family, which depends on him, everyday? And all we gave him was a slap on the hand, saying “looking at you reminds me that I am not doing what God meant for me to do”. I’m not saying that the people who drove past were bad people, just that they weren’t showing compassion and love to one of God’s creatures…and don’t we know by now that we are supposed to love one another?

Of course, the real problem is that we never put ourselves into any one else’s shoes. We never think about how hard life must be for that person, or his family. We never think about how humbling it must be to have to stand under a bridge all day long asking some one to give us a chance to earn our own way. There are people in this country that think it is embarrassing to not have 250 cable channels, or to get a cell phone turned off for non-payment; never mind having to carry a sign under a bridge. And we think God is looking down on us, smiling?

We are so quick to pass judgment on people, and there appearance or circumstances. We REALLY believe it could never be us. We need to remember, most likely, that man wasn’t born homeless. Things happen, people lose jobs, homes, and cars…the thing that make us feel that we are better than the next person. How long would you feel this way, if you were trying to support a family…with the wrong LOOK? Never mind not having a car, or the only car you have is the one your family lives out of. Do you know that if a homeless person lives out of their car, that the state will take away their children? And instead of helping…we judge; saying things like people “like that” shouldn’t have children. We all are victims of circumstance…just because you believe you have it all doesn’t mean anything…that “belief” is an illusion.

What lessons are we teaching our children? Remember the most important lessons, are the ones NOT spoken…but observed. Why do we only see homeless or hungry children on the commercials asking for money? Because those organizations know that we, as people, think that an adult…could have made better decisions. It is my deepest hope for mankind…that God DOESN’T know the intentions of all of our hearts.

The important thing to remember is this…it is a new day. We can wake up today, and decide to do the right thing.

A Man With No Home

A Man With No Home

Man without a home
As people keep driving by
Some judging and pointing
Rarely asking how or why

He is delivering a message
And carrying a cardboard sign
The God sent angels message
No question…it was mine

The man he was humble
He had the bluest eyes
As tears came to mine
He whispered…please don’t cry

God loves you he said
My heart was filled with joy
For he spoke of a truth
I could not avoid

For the malice of man
Was a creation of greed
We overlook our purpose
What we really need

The man had no home
But when I outstretched my hand
It warmed my very soul
My heart began to expand

For the messages we receive
Come in many different looks
Varied sizes and shapes
Not just those found in books

I thank God for my blessing
It was the most fruitful seed sown
God giving me His love
Through a man with no home



In my silent time today

Where I talk with my Source

I asked are we all loved

The response was yes, of course

Then I pondered for a moment

If that is truly the case

When did we create the lie

When did we fall off base

When did we decide that we

Could treat another so bad

What gives us the authority

To make others feel so sad

Why must we tear apart

The hopes and dreams others create

That…I heard intently

Is a lifelong debate

Mankind did not seek permission

From any higher power when

He decided to enslave and maim

Starting way back then

No one sought enlightenment

When evil came to mind

For that wrong which was done

Does not begin from the divine

For to hold back or desecrate

A man or group of the like

Is similar to searching for sunrise

But only during the night

It’s as backwards as

Placing horse behind a cart

Like playing make believe

With a most fragile heart

The problem worsens said my Source

When we make no moves to the latter

When my children have forgotten

All that really does matter

Like a smile out of nowhere

Rain making plants grow

Loving our fellow man

Allowing that love to show

We can hardly see the light

When the homeless are blamed

For our inability to reach out

Like Creation’s going insane

But if we do not wake up soon

The world will continue to create

The problems it has bred

Just more evil choices we’ll make

Learn to love immediately

For the seed of God runs deep

And the cost of sin is higher

Than any grudge we keep

Reach out for one another

Remember it may be only one hand

But like the great earthly beaches

It all started with a grain of sand

Create a chain of understanding

A tie that binds from your core

Show the love of your ancestors

And that of theirs before

So in your moments of silence

When our Creator touches you deep

Remember it’s not what you say

But the promises you should keep

With Our Heart

Children are dying
Soldiers of the street
Not killing for profit
Just food to eat

Mothers being abused
Beaten until they bleed
Overlooked by the system
Forsaking basic needs

Fathers feeling helpless
No jobs to be found
Homeless and judged
Their bed…the cold ground

We stand watching
Our brothers up in arms
Our own ill intention
Is causing them harm

Wake up and watch
Keep your eyes on the view
For this thing called poverty
It could happen to you

No more pointing the finger
No more laughter at their expense
The evils we all do
Just doesn’t make any sense

Are they different from us
Because we don’t have it so hard
What makes it easy to watch
People as they starve

What makes us so cold
Hardening our heart
Our own selfish needs
Tearing us apart

Reach out your hand
To one who has a need
The way we are living
Nothing but greed

If we loved ourselves
As we loved all else
We would spiritually die
Eternally burning in Hell

Open up your hearts
As you open up your eyes
This living for”Me”
Has been a great lie

For a life without love
Is a life not yet lived
It’s not what’s in it for you
But how much did you give

Give back to the earth
Clean up the ground
Stop shaking your heads
Aimlessly standing around

Speak out against violence
Be the voice yet unheard
Those lies we were told
Don’t believe a word

Uplift your neighbor
A possibility can create
A change in us all
The difference we can make

Take that first bold step
In making a fresh start
For when we speak of God
We’re talking with our hearts

Your Biggest Regret

Your Biggest Regret

  There have been times in my life when I have learned, the hard way; that these moments will never come again. I will never again be inclined to say these exact words to you, again. While it is true that I will still talk to you, and write my thought s and sometimes rhymes; they will not be about this very moment.

  This very second is unique; it has never been experienced before and it never will again. You may ask why this thought is important; it is a fair question, after all. If we fail to appreciate what we have now…the future will be nothing but memories of what we regret. We may regret not saying enough; or saying too much. There should be no room for regret; make the most of today, it is what we are supposed to do.

  Now having said that, I must include another thought; in this moment that we are making the most of, CHOOSE TO LOVE. This is an important statement, because I do not want to give you a false impression or idea; when I suggest making the most of your moments in life. This is not about the ego; the ego is false, we created it. Things and possessions are not going to make a difference in our lives; in the grand scheme of things. I am suggesting that monetary gains will not enrich your growth; and at the end of your path…what memory can money bring you?

  The warmest feeling I have ever experienced was with a homeless man on the beach. I was sitting on a bench overlooking the boardwalk; it was sunset and I was just enjoying the serenity of the moment. I guess, in after thought, I was sitting on the spot he laid on. He was dirty, seemingly having not bathed in a while, and carried his belongings in a bag, thrown over his shoulder.  But I didn’t walk away, as I was prompted by friends; instead I stayed on that bench and listened as this stranger talked to me. I suppose my friends were doing what most of us do; walk away from that which we do not understand. But on this day; I wanted to know more.

  I do not recall the entire conversation; only that at the end he told me that no one ever took the time to listen to him. This thought brought me to tears; he was thanking me for not ignoring him, for being human. I remember touching the top of his hand; while I thanked him for talking to me. I can not recall another moment when I felt so good. This man was thanking me; when I should have thanked him. He gave me a part of himself; all I had to do was turn off the outside interference and listen. In that one single slight conversation; He and I displayed how we should love one another.

  I will forever think that he was an angel sent to me; sometimes I am still brought to tears when I recall that day.

  How many lost opportunities have you experienced? The greatest lessons in our lives come from the most unexpected places; that is what love is. Love is just taking the time; the extra time needed to see things a little more clearly. Love is a smile, which we haven’t yet extended. Why do we need an excuse to be kind to another person? This man did not ask me for a single penny, he just wanted to talk. He had something to say.

  I am urging you to look past what the world is telling you and search your own heart. The world will tell you to turn your back on people; people of different races, religions or geographic locations. I am telling you; when we turn our backs on mankind, we are creating our own demise.

  There is no reason to hate anyone or anything…ever. Why should you love someone who has shown you the hate or indifference? Love people because that is what you are supposed to do. Why is it so hard? Because we have forgotten that we were supposed to do it. The more we show and express love, the more we remind others of their path, as well.

  I hope you do not live a single moment of regret; for regret is a terminal illness which will kill your soul. Be kind to one another as often as humanly possible; before your life becomes your biggest regret.



The streets were crowded

People randomly shouting

But a voice which seemed softer

Had more people crowding

There were shouts made in anger

One said…I’m glad it’s not the time of Jesus

The crowd agreed…a small girl stepped up

And what makes you think …he’s not one of us

What makes you seem so sure

He was not the boy that got shot

Or the homeless man with the sign

The abused girl getting hit a lot

What makes us so smug now

That we couldn’t even agree

That God could even look like

The kid trying to save a tree

She walked as she spoke

Making sure to touch our hands

Even though we have read the stories

We still fail to understand

Jesus didn’t have a glow over his head

He wasn’t accepted or adorned

Not in the beginning…or the end

Proved by a crown made of thorns

He simply spoke about peace

Some people listened…others did not

Even those who were close to him

Even those…they forgot

He was not a rich man

A carpenter…who just roamed

Often no food to eat

Never really had a home

Let’s say He is here amongst us

Even if just in fun

Today if that was Jesus

You would call him a bum

You would make fun of his plight

You would kick him when he fell

You would judge and belittle Him

The obscenities you would yell

You would not fall to your knees

Nor would you even ask his name

You call yourself faithful

We should all be ashamed

For even if the Lord is not walking

Along side of us today

We learned nothing from the past

It’s why we live this way

We point fingers and belittle

Those we fail to understand

We are so filled with self

We rarely reach out our hands

Remember the story we were told

About the young woman being stoned

Those men picked up rocks

They wouldn’t leave her alone

Jesus spoke above their banter

They were having actual fun

Jesus said…you without sin

May cast the first one

Rocks fell like rain at that moment

They all walked away

But how many of us

Lead by example like this today

How often do you say to others

Judge not lest you be judged

The crowd grew deadly quiet

Could see not one person budge

Fear not judgment upon death

The girl said humbly and clear

For if you live a life of love now

You would have nothing to fear

In a moment she was gone

No one even saw her leave

Did anyone get her name

But there really was no need

For the message she delivered

Was accepted and known

When amongst all of our feet

Were casted away stones

We Try

We Try

The girl dropped to her knees

Like she had most every day

Father I have a question

Wanted to ask it in this way

Wouldn’t it just be easier

Given you know our true path

If you just told us what to do

So we wouldn’t fail in our task

One quiet whisper of a breeze

Softly spoke into her ear

On this one instance…one time

I will tell you this my dear


I’ve given you all the tools you need

To figure things in life out

But I will tell you the true path

So you will know without doubt


You are all destined for greatness

The only fork in the road

Comes up when you want to

Reap more than you have sown


You are supposed to be kind to others

As you would have them be to you

You would love your fellow man

Only a few things you should do


Look over my sweet children

They are tender in their heart

Stop using your anger to violate

And tear their worlds apart


Don’t over look the homeless

They are there for a reason

Don’t just acknowledge their presence

During holiday season


Whether homeless or not

Their lives…they matter too

Remember it is not what you say

It is what you do

Have you ever conversed

With someone in the park

Wondered where they will sleep

When everything gets dark


Can you imagine a park bench

Not a comfy bed

Or do you push it out of your mind

To brighter thoughts instead


These are the things I watch

Over you for

Are you opening your hearts

Or slamming shut doors


What could you do better you ask

I’ll tell you again now

Every day when you awake

Make it better somehow


Be thankful for your first breath

Stop living a life in greed

Think of self with your mind

It’s your heart others need


Stop the cycle of violence

It must come to an end

Stop racking up enemies

Who could be your friends


What is your path you ask

Give love its what it’s for

And when that task is done

Give them love some more


For when you are spreading my news

Of love…hope and joy

You are delivering a message

That they cannot avoid

For through the love of God

There is no mountain they can’t climb

The forks in their road

Are all a state of mind


For I love you my child

When you do your very best

And I watch over you lovingly

Every night when you rest


It is at that moment I realized

What the whisper meant to me

An attempt to do better

Opened a worlds possibility

I don’t know if it was God

Who spoke to me that way

But I’m thankful for the love

He sent down to me that day

My prayer for humanity is simple

On this we always can rely

We may fall short sometimes

But it’s important that we try

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