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The Light You save

The Light You Save

I will tell you once again

And my words are true

Be responsible in your speech

And all that you may do

For the moment will always come

Your day will soon appear

When your words are all

You will have to fear

For when you crush the heart of man

Spread rumors so untrue

The next enemy we find

Is your thoughts and you

I beg you right now

To use caution please

Those lights you stomp out

Will be those that you need

Remember a house divided

Cannot stand alone

Some damage that occurs

Will not be undone

A family that exists

As individuals will fail

For a house divided

Shall never prevail

Be guided by His glory

Do not falter in His sight

Be not resistant of truth

Walk toward the Light

This journey we have taken

The responsibility we have selected

Is part of our truer selves

Yet still what is expected

So when you wake up today

As I pray you may do

Remember the Light you may save

May belong to you


What God Brings Together

What God Brings Together

Tell her that you love her
But only if you do
The sweet words are like music
But only if they are true

Remind her how she makes your heart
Beat faster when she walks by
It is important to tell her
But not if it is a lie

Treat her like you wish
Life had treated you
When you were lied to
And left feeling blue

You will find the blessings
You have had in your mind
But first you must leave
That other guy behind

You know the one who has broken
So very many tender hearts
The one who caused pain
You knew he would from the start

He counted women as numbers
Not as an angelic voice
He thought only about him
As if he had no other choice

Become the man that
God molded you to be
Not the trapped animal
Who needs to be freed

Forget everything that you
Thought that you knew
And love without restriction
Become the real you

Remember that the love of God
Is always on your side
Choose between the man and the boy
Its time to decide

Don’t shower her with gifts
To win her favor
She is someone’s daughter
She is someone’s neighbor

Someone loves her
Every single day
She is not a token
On a game that you play

Show her your heart
By giving her your respect
And you will get so much more
Than you’ve come to expect

And even if the meeting
Leaves you friendly but not at odds
Speak of one another kindly
As you are children of God

No moment in the light of God
Is one made in haste
Love each other divinely
You have no time to waste

Use your gentle words
Then touch her tender heart
And what God bringeth together
May no one tear apart

~~ From my heart to yours

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