Wake Up

Walking around in a daze
Sleep walking through the streets
Barely acknowledging…hardly noticing
People that we meet

Every once in a while
We are startled by a distant cry
But eventually we shut it out
And continue walking by

I know we must not be awake
So we must be sleeping
There are people living on the streets
There are children who aren’t eating

Our daughters are sold onto slavery
…a sex toy for hire
Yet we move unaffected
While our lives are on fire

Children are gone too soon
The streets swallowing them whole
Gangs are their only family
The only oneĀ  they’d ever know

But when their lives are done
The streets keep going too
What happened to that family
The only one they ever knew?

The streets can seem enticing
Like a new breath of air
But when you are used up
The streets no longer care

We must get up from our slumber
Our children need us awake
They need guidance and love
They are making big mistakes

The promise of hope is grim
When the only thing you see
Is a parent being abused
Children stuck in poverty

Reach out your hand to the world
Show it that you really care
Gently realign its path
People are dying everywhere

People without homes
Abandoned children all around
Set aside the excuses
So called…standing your ground

For death cannot be undone
A corpse’s flesh never goes to court
All that matters is a child was lost
Nothing sensational to report

The world around us is so cruel
We might try and wish it away
But if we do that as adults
Where will children play?

Innocence too often stolen
Doors and windows can be shut
Children paying the price
Until we decide to WAKE UP