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A Man With No Home

A Man With No Home

Man without a home

As people keep driving by

Some judging and pointing

Rarely asking how or why

He is delivering a message

And carrying a cardboard sign

The God sent angels message

No question…it was mine

The man he was humble

He had the bluest eyes

As tears came to mine

He whispered…please don’t cry

God loves you he said

My heart was filled with joy

For he spoke of a truth I could not avoid

For the malice of man

Was a creation of greed

We overlook our purpose

What we really need

The man had no home

But when I outstretched my hand

It warmed my very soul

My heart began to expand

For the messages we receive

Come in many different looks

Varied sizes and shapes

Not just those found in books

I thank God for my blessing

It was the most fruitful seed sown

God giving me His love

Through a man with no home

Your Cup Has Run Over

Your Cup Has Run Over

  My cup; it runs over. This is a true sentence. If we give it much thought; we would have to agree. This does not say that the cup is only filled with rainbows and unicorns; but that my blessings are bountiful.

  I have led a very balanced life, while it was not always filled with wine and roses; it was always filled with love. Love is a funny thing; when we are going through tough times; we may say that we are not loved. We can develop the mindset that love equals “smooth sailing”.

  For me, love is not the equivalent of smooth sailing. Allow me to give you an example; if you are punished as a child for telling a lie; do your parents still love you? If you fall off of the skateboard that you were told not to ride, breaking your arm; are you still loved? If your 20 year marriage ends in a messy divorce; does this mean that you were cheated out of love?

  We are constantly given love. It may be strongest when we are told “NO”; as opposed to when we are met with no disagreement.

  Things in this life can be difficult; but why do we make them unbearable?

  If I am told, by a source greater than I, to hold some sand; what does that mean? Initially I may hold out my hand and let the sand fall into it, as I create a cup from my palm, to hold it safely. My thought process being that; surely I would not be asked to hold more than a handful of sand. When the sand continues to pour into my hand; until it is overflowing and I have to use my other hand, who is at fault? Suppose both hands are full and over flowing; we are forced to begin filling the sand with a bowl. As the bowl gets fuller; we realize that we need a bucket, barrel, or even a dump truck.

  What was the point of this? We were not created with boundaries. I was not told that I would only be given enough sand to fill one hand; I made that assumption. I decided what my limitations were. I, who was created from an infinite Source, decided that I would only be asked to hold as much…as I saw fit.

  This same is true when we are met with adversity. We decide that we are not supposed to have to suffer. We decide how much is too much, for us. Just as with the handfuls of sand, we grow anxious and agitated; when our own self imposed limitations have been over run.

  How can we, after all, KNOW how much that we can take? We are limitless. We are not bound to the borders and lines that we have created ourselves. We are only bound with the limitations that were given from birth.

  The truth is that we were given NO limitations. Do we ever say, I have more happiness than I can handle; can you take some back? NO, of course we don’t. Why? We have decided what we WANT to handle; and we made it law.

  In my life I have known hardships; I have heard some say that it wasn’t fair. I was somehow cheated into carrying around the weight of several people. The truth is though; you, nor I, can determine how much…is too much.

  If we allow ourselves to be of the mindset that we have limits; then we will always feel defeated. There is a higher purpose for all things; but we may not know what that purpose is, until we are met with them. For instance, we may think that we could never handle being homeless. But if that were a REAL limitation; why would there be so many homeless people? Rape or domestic violence may seem like a limitation; so how would we explain the numbers of survivors, who have lived to tell their stories? Why do people with Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes, kidney disease, patients on dialysis; live? Surely those impairments are more than we should have to handle. Yet there are people who live with these diseases and situations…every day.

  My cup, it runs over. I am given and accept all of my challenges, in this life. I stand straight and strong, in the wake of a storm. I will not allow MY WILL to defeat me. I am not owned by a disease, simply because man says I should be. I am not defeated by a situation, such as abuse, simply because people have said that it must be unbearable. I am supported and carried; by a love that is deeper and longer than anything that man can decide is TOO much, for me.

  Even in the middle of a disaster; I am loved higher than, any anguish I have suffered. This does not mean that people who are abused; or have endured great pain, aren’t actually suffering. It only means that my limitations are not determined, by me, or anyone else. I will take all I can take; until my body can no longer withstand it.

  In any regard, the sand will always overflow your HUMAN hand. We will always be met with challenges. We just have to understand and appreciate that with these challenges; we will also have realized our TRUE strength.

  Stop counting the travesties of your life, they are a fraction of the total experiences that you have had. Blessings are given daily; every moment of this life, is something to be grateful for.

  Today I challenge you; count every blessing that you experience. It may be hard, because we have developed the mind state that we deserve to have certain things. We may feel that we deserve to breathe, to walk, to speak, to hear; but the truth is; that we deserve nothing. Yet we are given certain blessings anyway.

  Count your blessings today; and at the end of the day…let’s see how many times; your cup has run over.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Paint a picture of your life. In this picture, what will you find? Will it be filled with beauty and wonder? Will we find chaos there? Will your painting show you as a challenger or a champion? What does a physical victory mean to us?

Why is the fight so important? Why must we do or die? If it was suggested that we are winners; no matter what the world tells us…what would that mean?

It is often the Grace of our Creator that we are all seeking. We may not call it grace; we may call it humility or kindness. I have even heard grace termed as weakness. Is grace weakness?

Is it weak to walk away from the fight; or is it something stronger? Have you ever walked away from a fight; even though your blood is pumping faster and your heart rate is accelerated? Most of us have had that physical feeling; I ask you, is it easy to have that feeling…and then walk away?

I am suggesting to you that true strength is exhibited in the warrior, who has found the strength to walk away. This may sound strange to you; but be rest assured, this is true.

Why is it strange to be encouraged to walk away? Simply said; the world has been telling you how important it is to destroy anything that gets in your way. People do not get in your way, only you do. People are not objects that are cast into your path, only to be stepped on or walked over. People are set in our path, because there is a larger lesson or blessing there. We must decide to be patient and search for the meaning of the circumstance.

The destination is not as important as the journey that takes us there. We have often heard the phrase “stop and smell the flowers”’ what does that mean? It is just as easy as it sounds; stop. Take a breath; slow down your pace and look around at all of the wonder which surrounds you. Smell the existence of our creation; enjoy the possibilities that this life has to offer.

When we fail to enjoy the ride; we fail to live up to our higher expectation. We are supposed to touch other hearts. A smile is regenerating. A simple upturned smile can be the difference between peace and war. Open your hearts and minds to all that you can be.

No one is getting in your way. You are creating your own obstacles. You may disagree with this analogy. Allow me to explain further. Many times we will know what we want to get accomplished; notice I did not say “what we hope to accomplish”. While we may know what we want to accomplish; we will follow it up with “but” or “if”. When we say out loud what might happen to alter our goals; we are no longer concentrating on the goal. We are now looking for the adversity or challenge that will, most certainly, stop us.

I challenge you; do not “hope” for anything…will it into reality. Hope says, I want it…but I probably won’t get it. Decide what you want, that is half the battle. We can accomplish anything that we decide that we are going to do.

Do not give the challenge your energy. Acknowledge your goal; create a plan and then walk forward, as if it is written in gold…because it is.

Some will say that I am being too child-like in my words; but how does a man with 2 amputated legs win a marathon? How does a little girl who is deaf and dumb touch so many lives? How does a man who has A.D.D. become a great doctor and philosopher? It is very simple; they didn’t believe that they could not do it, even of the rest of the world doubted them. They made goals a reality, before they even happened. They did not allow the negativity of the world to tear away their hopes of success. Did you know that Stephen King was told that he could not write? What if he had believed that concept? There have been many famous people who were one time or another, rejected.

The object here is to remind ourselves that other people do not determine our worth. We are created from greatness; when did we start believing that we were less? The truth is that the world will always find reasons to knock you down; but we get to decide if we will get up again.

What is grace? Grace is simply the knowledge that we were created from a place which is limitless, sprinkled with humility. Once we acknowledge our path and realize that we are our only obstacles…the rest is simple. This is the tricky part; we must be able to accept our ability, while checking our ego at the door. You are not better than anyone else…but you have the ability to be better than YOU are right now.

Paint a picture of your life; and in this picture add the grace of our Creator. Grace is amazing; it announces who we are; while realizing that it is made possible through the love of our Father.

Let It Grow

Let It Grow

The things we take for granted

Like breathing fresh air

The lessons we are afforded

To make us more aware

Experiencing the first light of day

The night’s first seen star

Are often clouded by judgments

Taking away from where we are

The sound of a newborn baby

An unexpected smile

Signs of God all around

Making life worthwhile

Fresh morning breezes

Cool mountain air

The touch of his hand

The smell of her hair

The things we overlook

When seeking reasons to hate

The blessings we step on

The hearts we do break

The boundaries we enforce

Creating reasons to step away

Rationalizing the thoughts

Finding reasons not to pray

Never seeking forgiveness

Making it harder to give

Building false expectations

Getting harder to live

When will we realize that we

Are being given another attempt

But are accountable for our actions

We are not love exempt

If you cannot find it in your heart

To reach out to a soul in need

What will happen to the children

Oh, the hate we do breed

We teach them indifference

How to worship material wealth

Forgetting about humility

What a hard hand they are dealt

For we are all given

Tools to pass along

So we will all be in tune

Singing the same song

Count your blessings I beg you

Be thankful for each one

Before they are stricken from you

And your time on earth is done

For when it all is said

Finished and then

You will think about could have’s

What might have been

Be proactive in your life

Grateful in your tones

Watch your demeanor

Stop casting verbal stones

For the cost of hate is large

More than you can afford

It can cost you salvation

Promised by our Lord

In closing I must tell you

So you will always know

Inside you have God’s love

It’s time to let it grow

The Light Of Our Path


I wanted to take a small moment to thank all of you for your support in my writing, you have all become priceless to me. I finally have listed my poetry book “The Light of Our Path” on Amazon…in Kindle form. I hope that you get a chance to check it out.

I have written about the same things I always write about and talk about…if you know me well. I have poetry about the constant day to day challenges that we all face and must overcome if we are expected to survive in the vast world together.

The link to the book is on the side and all you have to do is click on the link to get access to it.


Once again, I want to thank you for being so warm and receptive to me…obviously you have lit my path.


I wish you all much peace and love

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