I used to take moments for granted

Put it off til tomorrow I would say

I was a procrastinator…the worst kind

But I tell you…not today

I would sparingly send “I love You’s”

Pick and choose calls I returned

But not today I tell you

There is a painful lesson I learned

When we think there is always tomorrow

When we buy into that lie we create

Our window of opportunity will close

If we do not act…today

Is there is someone in your life

That you have taken for granted

I would strongly suggest

No…I am going to demand it

Life is short as we know it

And once a life line ends

We’re left with regret boundless

No way to make amends

Make the most of this moment

For moments aren’t supposed to last

Like sand in an hourglass

Our time falls away so fast

I once did what most do

I didn’t take enough time to say

I love you…I need you

But I promise…not today

For the love in our lives isn’t forever

They have work here also to do

Don’t put off until next time

Or you will have regret too

Make the most of this time

Before the sands of life wash it away

The pain of “what if’s” could be eased

If we made the most of today

Give love and be love always

Leave no room for sorrow

The time for action is today

Don’t put it off til tomorrow

Even up to this last few lines

I want to give you love in this way

Don’t postpone what needs to be done

Tell them “I Love You” today