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Amongst The Clouds

Amongst the Clouds

What have we become

Where are our thoughts

What happened to humanity

The values we were taught

Why do we now have to discuss

How a 6 year old could be dead

What happened to Sierra was awful

Kidnapped raped pulled from her bed

We seem to be sleep walking

For we are making the same mistake

Stepping on the hearts of children

The lies we are telling…rules that we break

But we can’t kiss away

A wound which is so deep

When there are cowardly adults

Upon our children they do creep

She was a baby…in fact

When evil seeped through

Not only taking her purity

But her last breath too

She wasn’t old enough

To fight someone so truly ill

That they would invade her body

Til she lay completely still

The police will search for it

This nameless evil thing

To bring about justice

But what does that mean?

Will an arrest change

What I just read

Will it make her okay

Will she be less dead?

The answer is no…it won’t

Parents will mourn yet again

Just like parents after them

We just don’t know when

We are so highly evolved today

Understanding more than one could believe

But sleep walkers is what we are

So another family will grieve

Our humanity is absent

Letting our hearts grow cold

And if that’s insulting…good

Because only part of a story was told

WE allow the violence to happen

It happens every single day

We close our eyes to what doesn’t touch us

Yet get on our knees to pray

What are we praying for now

Are we in some kind of need

Oh the lessons we overlook

The warnings we never heed

Sierra was a child of God

She had a future bold and bright

We allowed it to be stolen

On one mid summer’s night

Please make a change I beg you

One day it could be someone you know

Someone whose life was cut short

Being stolen of a chance to grow

Be humane…it is our nature

Speak up and do it loud

Before YOUR Sierra is next

TO only live amongst the clouds

**RIP Sierra Newbold…another angel gone too soon

The Best of Us All

The Best of Us All

We should never have cause

To mourn a child

Because we live in a world

That has simply gone wild

Children battered

Being constantly abused

The color of love

Is not the shade of a bruise

I have no understanding

Of how a parent can fore sake

The life of a child

The divine rules we do break

We have no right to injure

Or impose our gross interpretation

Of how we want life to be

Causing further alienation

Children are not little adults

They need our protection

Instead we have become the problem

The ongoing infection

I honestly can NOT tell you

I know why this occurred

And can’t get wrapped up in

How you might be disturbed

She was 9 years old

And then she was not

You were her father

I guess you forgot

So let me remind you

Her body was never yours to know

She was a baby…innocent

Now to never grow

So you took her life

To buy her silence about you

But let me give my voice

Another point of view

She no longer breathes

I think you should remember why

Because of what you did

Her silence you couldn’t buy

Children are true blessings

Each and every single one

Evidence of God is found

In our daughters and our sons

We must stop the violence

We can no longer turn away

Too many children are dying

Let us pray:

Oh Father…who is above Heaven

Please forgive our ignorant acts

Protect the children from us

For we know the facts

The fact is we neglect and abuse

The biggest blessings we’re given

We have no excuse

For the way we are living

Father please guard the children

We need to harbor them from the storm

It’s been our duty…our job

Since the day they were born

I don’t know when we lost our way

I just know that we did

Our children fell prey

We became sordid

Please remove the evil

Which flows through our veins

So we may meet you in Heaven

When we see you again

And too all those innocents

Which we sent home to you so fast

I hope you have finally found the love

You have needed at last

May you all have eternal peace

Knowing no harm can again befall

You TRULY are the very

Best of us all


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