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If You Ever

If You Ever

If you ever fall in love

Let it be in her eyes

The way they sparkle

Stars in a midnight sky

If you ever fall in love

Let it be the way she smiles

Like no one has ever seen

You be loved in quite a while

If you ever fall in love

Notice the tears she drops

And hold her heart always

In fact don’t ever stop

If you ever fall in love

Tell her every day

She is the one

She is the way

If you ever fall in love

It’s something you would miss

And perhaps you would desire

To write a poem such as this

                           ~LM Young

The Lesson of Hope

The Lesson of Hope

What are the lessons I am teaching

While hanging on the end of your rope?

With God all things are possible

For He provides replenishing hope

Don’t feed the internal wolf

Of negativity and despair

For since the beginning of the beginning

It has always been there

But remember my loved ones

Even whilst dangling from a thread

We are holding on to the Truth

We were molded from instead

Hope can seem out of fashion

Can seem out of date

But it’s the age old Truth

It is never too late

Never too late to love one another

Never too late to make amends

Never too late to embrace an enemy

Making a place for new friends

I give you hope on these visits

For it is my destiny

To reopen your beautiful hearts

To the possibility

Life can run you over

It can shatter your dreams

Can make God more like a myth

Or so it may seem

But adversity is not an enemy

It actually can deter

The evils sent to destroy us

Make us weaker…as it were

Problems make us seek direction

Seeking solutions we didn’t see

Showing us the beauty of God

How He created humanity

Yes, I know we can feel broken

Deserted…with every issue thrown

But no matter what we may think

We are not alone

Hope is a reminder

Of all which we’ve been given

With God as our compass

Doesn’t matter where we were driven

All roads lead to home

The pathway is lit with God’s love

For home isn’t a house

But His mansion far above

So the lesson again is hope

Please never let it escape you

For I will need you to pass it on

To someone who needs it too

Until next time beloveds

I wish your hearts much ease

Go with God’s abundant blessings

And His eternal peace

You Alone Are Enough

You Alone Are Enough

Sometimes the only reminder

Of what we are supposed to do

Comes from those on the outside

Looking in toward you

Reminders of what is right

Reminders of not so much

Reminding us to be kind

To all our words do touch

Reminders come in all forms

Including some less kind

Some we may have looked over

Never expected to find

Perhaps the reminder is found

In witnessing something unjust

Or an experience or shock

From one we used to trust

No matter what the package

The contents are the same

No matter how it’s wrapped

The Truth is what remains

God sends us these reminders

Like a gentle nudge

When we are being stubborn

Simply will not budge

Like the story about the wind

Trying to force the man

To remove his coat

Making it hard for him to stand

But the man held on tighter

Until his fingertips turned blue

The wind gave all he had

He blew and blew and blew

The wind in its ego thought

He could force the man

To remove his coat

By gale forces across the land

Then out came the sunshine

Doing all that it does

Beamed down God’s light

Warming with His love

The man removed his coat

The day it had gotten hot

The sun remembered something

The wind had forgot

Embrace people with love

Their hearts will then move

God’s love is bountiful

Like this lesson proves

Reminders of God’s reasoning

We were brought to this place

Is found in the hearts of men

On a child’s sweet face

Today this is your reminder

Find caution in your speech

REALLY love your neighbor

By giving a smile to each

Brighten up a gloomy day

For a heart that has a frown

Like throwing a life vest

Before a soul starts to drown

Remember to remember to

Embrace a heart gone cold

Bringing sheep back to God

Into His loving fold

In closing I remind you

I know this task can be rough

But with God as your shepherd

You …yes you, alone are enough



Find a smile in laughter

Find a smile in a child

Find smiles in hope of others

Smiling makes life worthwhile

Yes we have all had broken fences

Where the joy has been released

And while we are searching

Our aggravation seems brief

However even for a second

Is a moment made in haste

Life is too precious…there is

No time left to waste

Find your smile quickly

Wear it like a hat

Pushing down our frustration

It’s as easy as that

For a smile is like a gift

Which doubles its worth

Expressing sheer gratitude

For our time here on earth

Like carrying around sunshine

In a nice neat box

Reminding others to smile

In case they forgot

Smile because you woke up

Let not darkness steal it away

For smiles are they light

With which God leads today

Smile through adversity

Keep smiling through your pain

Smile because you woke up and can

Start smiling again

Smile at your enemy remember

Turn the other cheek

Smiling gives you strength

All that we may need

For smiling tells God

We appreciate the notion

And we will show it by smiling

Our silent devotion

Smile even when you feel broken

For the energy it brings

Can bring peace and cure hatred

Giving earth angels wings

Smile when in doubt

Smile when you are sure

Smile knowing the love of God

Has always been pure

Smile when you are reading

Smile in all you do

Knowing when I wrote this

I was smiling too

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