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I Remember

I Remember

I remember when
She first held my hand
When I was afraid of the dark
More fear than I could stand
I remember when
She held me close through it all
With weathering a heartache
Or some gymnastic fall
I remember when
She said you can do it…with a smile
When she said come here…
Lets just sit a while
I remember when
I heard her softly sigh
Learning true pain
When my beautiful mom cried
I remember when
She said it’s okay…it will get better
There are rainbows beyond the clouds
We will find them together
I remember when
She sang and warmed my heart
In fact she’s always done that
From the very start
I remember her eyes
So filled with love and joy
Making now…hard
When sometimes I see a void
Mom…I remember
How you love me so deep
Even if these memories from you
Are starting to creep
While I still have a breath
While my heart…it still beats
I will remind you of these days
And the love…what it means
I love you mom
No matter what…FOREVER
So while you are unable
…I will remember

***For a very close friend of my family…We Love you!!***


Release into the universe

Release out to the sea

Past relationship woes

Man-made negativities

Release what he or she did

Release the things they said

Don’t feed into the hate

When love needs to be fed

Release the pain and anguish

Release promises not kept

Focus on the journey

It isn’t over yet

Release the weight of your baggage

Set down your emotional sobs

Find the forgiveness you seek

From a most loving God

Release all that now binds you

Let go of feelings from your past

Inhale the light and love

For this will most certainly last

Yes…take this moment

Let go of destructive thoughts

Let me tell you about Forgiveness

And others attributes I’ve brought

Kindness is healing

It is the center of our core

It makes way for our blessings

And I tell you there is more

Empathy is involvement

It says I understand it too

It’s the flowing of love

Saying…this is for you

Joy is the nutrient

Which feeds the souls need

To release all that stunts our growth

In fact…helps us be free

Free of frustration and anger

Free of negative vibes

Freeing a heart broken

Letting the memory subside

The last thing that I brought you

Is love boundless and bright

To show your beauty untapped

When washed in the Light

Release all the dark days

Make room for delight

And see yourself as I do

Beautiful in my sight

**Don’t make the great people in your lives pay for the relationships that didn’t work…these relationships were created to help us grow…stop living there

We Try

We Try

The girl dropped to her knees

Like she had most every day

Father I have a question

Wanted to ask it in this way

Wouldn’t it just be easier

Given you know our true path

If you just told us what to do

So we wouldn’t fail in our task

One quiet whisper of a breeze

Softly spoke into her ear

On this one instance…one time

I will tell you this my dear


I’ve given you all the tools you need

To figure things in life out

But I will tell you the true path

So you will know without doubt


You are all destined for greatness

The only fork in the road

Comes up when you want to

Reap more than you have sown


You are supposed to be kind to others

As you would have them be to you

You would love your fellow man

Only a few things you should do


Look over my sweet children

They are tender in their heart

Stop using your anger to violate

And tear their worlds apart


Don’t over look the homeless

They are there for a reason

Don’t just acknowledge their presence

During holiday season


Whether homeless or not

Their lives…they matter too

Remember it is not what you say

It is what you do

Have you ever conversed

With someone in the park

Wondered where they will sleep

When everything gets dark


Can you imagine a park bench

Not a comfy bed

Or do you push it out of your mind

To brighter thoughts instead


These are the things I watch

Over you for

Are you opening your hearts

Or slamming shut doors


What could you do better you ask

I’ll tell you again now

Every day when you awake

Make it better somehow


Be thankful for your first breath

Stop living a life in greed

Think of self with your mind

It’s your heart others need


Stop the cycle of violence

It must come to an end

Stop racking up enemies

Who could be your friends


What is your path you ask

Give love its what it’s for

And when that task is done

Give them love some more


For when you are spreading my news

Of love…hope and joy

You are delivering a message

That they cannot avoid

For through the love of God

There is no mountain they can’t climb

The forks in their road

Are all a state of mind


For I love you my child

When you do your very best

And I watch over you lovingly

Every night when you rest


It is at that moment I realized

What the whisper meant to me

An attempt to do better

Opened a worlds possibility

I don’t know if it was God

Who spoke to me that way

But I’m thankful for the love

He sent down to me that day

My prayer for humanity is simple

On this we always can rely

We may fall short sometimes

But it’s important that we try

When I Stop Loving You

When I Stop Loving You

My greatest joy as a mother

Was bound to happen since your birth

The day you decided in your mind

How much your soul was worth

It’s the moment we all wait for

Sometimes holding our tongues

When the love of our Creator

Is absorbed through our young

The moment they decide to decide

Separating right from wrong

Dancing to a different beat

Singing their own song

My blessings have been overflowing

When I give it a second glance

When my child stood up for the weak

No matter the circumstance

When her love for the Creator

Was shown by her fight for a tree

When her hopes in man was in

Fighting the death penalty

How brave it is to even think

How much better we can do

To believe we can make a change

Start living life brand new

It is a great honor watching

My sapling grow into a flower

Such lives she has touched

Those beings she helped to empower

There is no preparation

For when your once shy little girl

Is ready to make her way

In this sometimes cruel world

But the most I can hope for today

Is that the lessons she learned

Remind her to not play in man’s fire

Where we all tend to be burned

I pray that when she needs guidance

She will look up toward the stars

Knowing the love of God

Will never be too far

I hope that she will remember

Not to hold on to the greed

That man tends to emit

When focusing on his “needs”

I can not say it is easy

To let her fly from our nest

But like this and all things

Life is a great big test

She has the light of an angel

God’s love is all around

She has more positive energy

Than anyone I have ever found

So I guess for myself

This was a test too

Which all started when

I became a mother to you

So on this day of graduation

I guess we all get a degree

Grateful for having you to love

And for you loving me

But in stopping my chatter

There is one last thing too

There will never be a time

When I stop loving you

The Stranger

The Stranger

The man stared at me

Right into my eyes

Saying…you are smiling

I wanna know why

I look shocked and amazed

Did something happen today

He said, no, but why

Must you smile in this way

Why is your glass half full

Your cup running over its rim

Claiming life is so bright

When we both know it is grim

He was obviously angry

His jaw clinched tight

I offered him some water

Sir, are you alright?

Yes, I’m fine he stated

I’m just sick of this chatter

About love and peace

None of that even matters

I looked into his angry face

His eyes seemed so sad

His journey seemed so long

A hard life he had

I gently touched his hand

Squeezing ever so slight

I don’t know what happened sir

But everything will be alright

He looked at me half witted

You know nothing about me

No, but I can feel your pain

It’s easy to see

Anytime we hold on to anger

With such force

It’s due to great pain

I don’t know you of course

But I have a grandfather

And I would pray every day

That if someone saw him

In pain this way

They would softly remind him

How blessed the world has been

To have the benefit of his life

Which makes us all win

The mans eyes grew teary

Saying his load had grown tiring

I smiled and said yes, I know

All the while love was transpiring

I reminded him that even I

Was touched by his being

It wasn’t about my smile

Or the song I was singing

God sent me to you sir

For I know on this day

You needed an angel

Saying everything is okay

He squeezed my hand back

A weight lifted off of him

The sadness disappeared

He started to grin

I never knew what happened

To cause his sadness and tears

But I became filled with divine love

As I watched it disappear

This day I was reminded of what

I was selected to do

To constantly show strangers

God loves them too

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother has been

My biggest blessing

It’s my gift from God

My reason for being

Watching children grow

Is like watching a smile form

Furthering the knowledge

Of why I was born

I couldn’t imagine my life

Absent of my child

For the love of her

Makes life worthwhile

That million dollar smile

Which always kept me going

Lit up my empty life

She not even knowing

I’m humbled forever

By the joy in her face

Further proof of

My Savior’s grace

If you are a mother then

You know what I am saying

Its instant gratification

In watching them playing

Whoever would have thought

Life’s biggest reward

Would be wrapped in

The sweetest voice ever heard

But you won’t hear me complain

About the time which I’ve spent

It’s like having a ring side seat

At every life altering event

God must love me deeper

Than I ever realized

By allowing me the privilege

To gaze into those eyes

So to my fellow mother’s

I wanted to acknowledge your duty

By recognizing it for what it is

A thing of real beauty

You have filled those young minds

Embraced hearts that have grown

Given God’s grace and love

With every kiss you have thrown

Every nurturing embrace

Said so much more than you knew

It healed every time you gave

That external I Love You

I thank you and thank God

For leading me to my way

I love you now and forever

Happy Mother’s Day

World Healing Day

World Healing Day

Help me heal the world

One soul at a time

It really is so simple

I can even make it rhyme

Give love every day

It’s a bandage on our hearts

We are stronger when joined

Than when we are apart

Rinse clean our souls

Make everything brand new

Gently touch the lives of men

In everything you do

Start healing from within

Release all of the hate

We can start doing better today

It is not too late

Heal your next door neighbor

By simply changing your tone

It’s a slow progression

To the greatest love we’ve ever known

Heal by now stopping

With evil we always lose

Stepping on the broken

By all forms of abuse

We strike out in anger

To God’s angels in our path

As if they are responsible

For the massive ego wrath

Heal my friends I beg you

Make today a fresh new one

Where we make amends

For all the damage we have done

Shine God’s light daily

Use your beautiful smile

Give someone the hope

They haven’t seen in a while

Heal our Lord’s world

Pay homage to our King

By spreading His eternal love

And the hope that can bring

Heal our world today

Remember who you are

Bring kindness to each other

No matter near or far

All change takes time

Baby steps are a beginning

For if we keep up this pace

We should fear the ending

I wish you the very best

On World Healing Day

If we base it on God’s love

He will pave our way

You Alone Are Enough

You Alone Are Enough

Sometimes the only reminder

Of what we are supposed to do

Comes from those on the outside

Looking in toward you

Reminders of what is right

Reminders of not so much

Reminding us to be kind

To all our words do touch

Reminders come in all forms

Including some less kind

Some we may have looked over

Never expected to find

Perhaps the reminder is found

In witnessing something unjust

Or an experience or shock

From one we used to trust

No matter what the package

The contents are the same

No matter how it’s wrapped

The Truth is what remains

God sends us these reminders

Like a gentle nudge

When we are being stubborn

Simply will not budge

Like the story about the wind

Trying to force the man

To remove his coat

Making it hard for him to stand

But the man held on tighter

Until his fingertips turned blue

The wind gave all he had

He blew and blew and blew

The wind in its ego thought

He could force the man

To remove his coat

By gale forces across the land

Then out came the sunshine

Doing all that it does

Beamed down God’s light

Warming with His love

The man removed his coat

The day it had gotten hot

The sun remembered something

The wind had forgot

Embrace people with love

Their hearts will then move

God’s love is bountiful

Like this lesson proves

Reminders of God’s reasoning

We were brought to this place

Is found in the hearts of men

On a child’s sweet face

Today this is your reminder

Find caution in your speech

REALLY love your neighbor

By giving a smile to each

Brighten up a gloomy day

For a heart that has a frown

Like throwing a life vest

Before a soul starts to drown

Remember to remember to

Embrace a heart gone cold

Bringing sheep back to God

Into His loving fold

In closing I remind you

I know this task can be rough

But with God as your shepherd

You …yes you, alone are enough

I’ll Pass

I’ll Pass

Kindly do me a favor

Before this day is done

Take a simple kindness

Thoughtfully pass it on

Pass on the wonders

Of a world gone so bleak

Pass on a hidden strength

To another who is weak

Pass on a smile today

When a frown is all you see

Pass on the gifts

Of our Royal Majesty

Pass on the blessings

We receive every day

Remember there are lives

Who don’t have it that way

Pass on the hope

True salvation brings

Pass on the love

From the King of Kings

Pass on the wonders

Found in a Hummingbird

Pass on a joke

No matter how absurd

Pass on a friendly wave

When another does go past

Pass on a slow reaction

In a world moving too fast

Pass on the joy you hear

Every time a baby cries

Pass on the look of love

Into another’s eyes

Pass on a poem which

Made you smile today

Pass on the love intended on

Pay It Forward Day

**Happy Pay It Forward Day…Peace to you all



Find a smile in laughter

Find a smile in a child

Find smiles in hope of others

Smiling makes life worthwhile

Yes we have all had broken fences

Where the joy has been released

And while we are searching

Our aggravation seems brief

However even for a second

Is a moment made in haste

Life is too precious…there is

No time left to waste

Find your smile quickly

Wear it like a hat

Pushing down our frustration

It’s as easy as that

For a smile is like a gift

Which doubles its worth

Expressing sheer gratitude

For our time here on earth

Like carrying around sunshine

In a nice neat box

Reminding others to smile

In case they forgot

Smile because you woke up

Let not darkness steal it away

For smiles are they light

With which God leads today

Smile through adversity

Keep smiling through your pain

Smile because you woke up and can

Start smiling again

Smile at your enemy remember

Turn the other cheek

Smiling gives you strength

All that we may need

For smiling tells God

We appreciate the notion

And we will show it by smiling

Our silent devotion

Smile even when you feel broken

For the energy it brings

Can bring peace and cure hatred

Giving earth angels wings

Smile when in doubt

Smile when you are sure

Smile knowing the love of God

Has always been pure

Smile when you are reading

Smile in all you do

Knowing when I wrote this

I was smiling too

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