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Wonder Why

Wonder Why

I have always known God
Nothing anyone could say
Could tell me I don’t
No how…No way

I know of the power held
I understand the respect earned
But one day I saw Him
Let me tell you what I learned

I saw the majesty of an eagle
God’s unwaivering royalty
When I visited a sick friend
Just walked passed the nursery

These little tiny fingers
Ten sweet small toes
Eyes of an angel
Cute button nose

Yes I’ve known God my whole life
But until I met him face to face
I really had no ideas
Of our Savior’s reigning grace

My life was changed forever
I faced true reality
When I saw my Lord’s face
In that newborn baby

So Father as I write this note
Thank you for the remind
That biggest blessings can be seen
In the smallest treasures we find

Of course you love all the children
They are a sign of You
It’s why we should protect them
In all we say and do

I pray you show us the errors
So one day we can say without doubt
That God has been in us all along
Since we first came about

And when we finally learn
To protect the children from harm
We can join you in paradise
Not too cold…not too warm

So the next time you see a baby
Notice everyone who smiles close by
It’s because it’s the face of God
No need to wonder why


   If we look around us we can see God’s truest beauty in the things that some would call flaws. But if you look at something in its “weakest “state and can still be astounded by it beauty…this is a thing deserving highest praise.

   Some will say a rose is beautiful…right after it blooms. And granted that is when people will desire it…cut it…and place it in a beautiful vase. But the true beauty is how after time it starts to lower its bloom…and then people may pay less attention to it. It is in this adversity that I find the most beauty…because I get to watch it age…with royal dignity…still full of color and pride.

   There are people who will say that a young couple, so full of life is a beautiful sight…and they are. But I find that a couple who has aged together…to be a distinct thing of beauty. What could be more beautiful than watching two people who instinctively know the actions of the other and can prepare a reaction…without missing a beat? She will get ready to sit down…knowing that he will pull out her chair. You can watch them reaching out for one another’s hands….knowing that the other will be there to take it.

   True beauty, to me, is found not in the “perfections” that we try to emulate…but in the “realness” which is our truer self. It is so refreshing to watch someone just be so at ease with themselves…that they allow laughter at their expense. Such confidence is refreshing…

In The Presence of Angels

In the Presence of Angels


  Life is full of adversity. We can complain about it or we can own it that is our choice. I choose to embrace it, like all things. All things happen with reason. There are no mistakes or errors…everything is as it was supposed to be.

  This can be a tough statement for a most of people to agree with, especially if they or someone they hold dear has suffered. I once questioned it myself. I wondered why it was necessary for pain or sadness to exist. I have known very real pain, both physical and emotional. At the time I may not have seen the beauty in the incident, and of course the beauty was not found in the situation…but how it helped me see other things more clearly once I could look at things more objectively.

  I have been blessed time and time again throughout my life. But I believe that we all are or have been…if we are looking for the blessing. Yes, I have had financial difficulty and the blessing was not in that issue. The true blessing happened as a result of that incident. It gave me an opportunity to concentrate on something entirely different. I have found, for myself, that most of the time I am so busy trying to do the work of God that I create my own problems…instead of waiting patiently for our Creator to rectify the situation. I would then be angry because the issue wasn’t working out the way I thought that it should have. Had I taken half a moment to step aside and allow Allah to do His bidding…I may have wasted much less time.

  But, of course, even in the postponement God was teaching me a lesson. Patience has never been my strongpoint…it takes every fiber of my being to find that tranquility within myself. However, when I accomplish this task…I am never regretful.

  I am also very cautious to never blame God for any bad fortunes that may come my way…HE like most parents loves us. Sometimes the most important lessons that we need to learn are the most painful to accept. In spite of this, the lesson is never lost on confusion or indecision. It can be hard to watch those which we love deeply to suffer…but there are lessons in all things. God expects us to seek those teachings…so that we can assist in guiding others, as well.

  We may seek the reasoning behind why we have people starving all over our world. We will fall to our knees seeking guidance and understanding as to why our Creator would allow this to happen. Everyday we see where violence and famine have plagued our planet…and why? Why would God let this happen? Why would He that loves us so deeply allow such devastation? Why wouldn’t God throw a life raft out to those poor souls that need saving?

  I can imagine that God looks down at us lovingly…saying that he did. We are that life raft. How do we know that people all over the world are starving or are being killed? We are privy to this information because God willed it to be so. We sit in our warm homes and watch starving, freezing, homeless people who live a few blocks from us die. We will shake our heads and wonder how God could have made such a big mistake…never realizing that the mistake was ours. We blindly assumed that God was going to send in an army of angels…and he probably did. However these angels looked just like you and I. God sent us…to help those poor starving people…and we just sat and watched.

  We have to remember that most angels, prophets and messengers didn’t come with large neon signs announcing their presence. We were created to embrace one another…to uplift our fellow man. We are supposed to shine God’s light on all of His creation. Once we stop pointing our fingers at those we choose to blame for this and that…real growth will begin. There is no right or wrong there is only love and acceptance. We were created with all the attributes of Allah/God…but we must decide to be that. Compassion is bred within us. We cannot forget that the fiber we were woven with was dipped in love and spun with peace.

  Remember who you are. Do not let the fact that we have allowed hate to prosper…fool us into believing that we are no better than that. Hate does no reign supreme…only God does.

  Love is the answer no matter what the question is.

Greatest Love


   I found the greatest loves of my life when I learned how to love people inside out. I learned that the outer shell was only a peek at the person within. Of course, we must be attracted to something, before seeking the inner being…be it a smile, laugh…or just a sense of humor. However in some rare cases, the inner being will shine through the eyes of those that we may have over looked.

  Whatever brought us to this place seems irrelevant…for now all that matters is that we are here…together. Our inner light is that part of us that connects to others on a higher plain. It is our soul or spirit…our core. I have always been of the belief that our center…or core is the very thing that we started with. Our core comes from God; it is the very loving nature He instilled in us. It is the part of us that allows us to connect to others…similar to how magnets attract one another or how light will attract a moth. It is what brings us together…and sometimes, sadly, tears us apart. The core of us is what hurts when we see another human being in pain. It is the part of us that is moved to protect our environment. Our core is what causes 9000 people to search for an 8 year old autistic boy in Virginia…someone that most did not even know. Our center is the part of us that prompts an illegal immigrant to put his life on the line to save a little girl that he didn’t even know…placing his own citizenship at risk. It is the thing within us that has us get our bone marrow checked to see if we can save the life of one person…which can be a painful process. It is doing the right thing…without a second thought. This is our origin…what every other part of us is based on. This is our purpose under Heaven. And as long as we are listening to our center…our core…our spirit and soul…we are doing Gods work.

  So what happens when we are doing everything else? What happens when we watch someone who is broken down on the side of the road and we just drive past? What happens when we hear someone yell for help and we act like we don’t hear them? What are we thinking when we tell socially acceptable lies…and still teach our children the importance of telling the truth? Why do we make excuses for behavior that we know in our hearts to be wrong? What message are we sending when we punish a murderer by becoming murderers? Where are our hearts when we are telling our law enforcement officers to stop worrying about crimes and just look for people who have a “criminal look”?

  These may seem like extreme cases, but are they really? Or do we just say that to take attention away from the real issue? How do we have balance when the scales of our lives are so obviously tilted? Native Americans believe that within us we have two wolves…one wolf is positive…loving…caring and compassionate. The other wolf is negativity…adversity…violence…anger and rage. In some Native American culture it is said that the wolf that we feed or cater to the most becomes the winner of our internal struggle. This is really the old story of good versus evil. The one that we allow to grow…becomes the victor. But the truth is this…God created all things, ideas and situations. Why would God, who loves us, create something that could eventually lead to our downfall? Some believe that the reasoning is this: He allows us to decide what we want for ourselves. He allows us to make our own noose and decide if we are going to hang ourselves or others. He allows us to make friends or enemies. We are allowed to show compassion or contempt. Why are we allowed to even know of a choice which could cause us or others pain or anguish? Because, we know what the right thing to do is…it is in our core. We have been equipped with the only thing we ever really needed to get by…love. We have always been equipped with the love of our Creator…which arms us with the knowledge that we are supposed to love others also.

  Why is doing the wrong thing so easy for most? Doing what is wrong is easy because it is acceptable and most of the time it is expected. We expect people to cheat, steal and lie to us. We expect people to disrespect us or those around us…so we continually watch for it. We look for deception because we really believe that all people will be tempted to deceive. We expect our fellow man…that was created with the same divine love that we were…to do us some huge disservice. Unfortunately, a lot of the time…we aren’t disappointed.

   Of course, we choose to live this way. We choose to allow people to do the opposite of what we know is right; then we they do this evil…we just nod and smile, as if it is okay. We become complacent. We choose to sit the fence, instead of standing up for anything. And in our complacency…we have failed God. We have said so much…by saying nothing. When our hearts are crying, yet our mouths fall silent and our heads hang in shame…we have betrayed ourselves and Our God.

   The important lesson in all of this is that any injustices that we fall upon silent ears about…are injustices that very well may come back around to destroy us, as well. Never say that any given situation could never happen to you or anyone you know. By now we should all understand that just because we think we have stuffed a wrong in a closet doesn’t mean that is goes unnoticed. God brings everything to light.

  It is our job to defend those who are wronged…no matter who the oppressor may be. It is our job to shine light on those who pray on the defenseless. As people we do our best to stand up for children…and since we were all created from God and are His children…why do we not defend our fellow man? Why do we not stomp our feet and scream to the top of our lungs every time someone is treated with malice?

  War does not create anything…it destroys us all. Do the soldiers of war ever come home feeling happy; and if not, why? War only creates the need for larger cemeteries…larger orphanages…and more wars. And by the way, wars are not only fought with guns. Wars happen at the work place, in our schools and in our neighborhoods. A sharp tongue is worse than an assault weapon. Guns are fired and they kill…where as words can continue to injure and re-injure us. And like in a war…once we have been fired upon…we will retaliate…and it won’t matter if it is justifiable or not.

  Peace starts within us…and once we have it we can share it with the world. We only need to nurture the love that we were created with…and then we give it out to everyone we come into contact with. We smile, greet and acknowledge our fellow man and woman…and with those simple gestures…love blooms. Love is never out of season and you can never have or give too much love. It will feel strange at first…but that is just because we are out of practice. Give love…receive love…Be love.

My World

My World

  Today I want to extend an invitation to you…it is an all day pass to visit “My World”. Don’t worry everything that you will be needing in this 24 hour period will be provided for you. The only stipulation is that you have to leave behind all of your pre-conceived notions of what you think life is really about.

  The first thing that you will notice in my world is that everything is natural…the food tastes better…the air smells more clear…and your mind and body will begin to feel lighter. Do not be alarmed by these changes…these are just adjustments that you will feel when only the love and peace of our creator is free flowing around us. You will notice that the only sounds that you will hear are the birds singing and crickets chirping in the distance.

  When you walk with me we will watch as children are playing together…laughing and running. They aren’t calling each other insulting names or bullying each other…because in my world parents do not speak harshly of one another…so the children remain innocent.

  In my world when the television is turned on there is no bad or destructive news. There are no people protesting or rioting…because my world never got into the shape that your world did. In my world all people are treated fairly…regardless of what they look like, sound like, and no matter how or if the pray.

  In my world we will all sit together at one huge table. We will join hands and give thanks that we woke up today…and we were able to once again join hands…like the large family that we are. You will find skin tones of every hue and our hairstyles and textures will be varied. We will wear different types of clothing…all of which is acceptable…and peaceful. We will dine on foods from every corner of this beautiful earth…and everyday will try to eat something that we had never tried before. We will discuss our day and our plans for the future. We will laugh and sing and talk about our history.

  When we get done eating we will sit around a huge fire pit and talk to our children and listen to the elders tell stories of times past. Our children will ask us about a time when our world wasn’t such a beautiful place. They will ask if it was true that people were killed and maimed because of where they were from…or because of the color of their skin. The children will ask if there really was a time that we chased people out of nations because of their religious practices and beliefs.

  We will all get very quiet, so much so that the crackling of the fire would be the only sound you could hear. Then a soft older voice would say…”sadly, yes…that is so”. The elder would go on to tell the children of a time when we killed those that we could not communicate with…out of fear. He would go on to say that we chose to not only avoid…but banish entire groups of people…to places where they had very little hope of survival. A silent tear would roll down his cheek as he went on to say that we used war as a means of taking care of a problem…killing innocent men, women and children.

  Another elder man began where the other left off stating that when man was unsatisfied with destroying each other…he began destroying the earth. He said that man would dump trash and oil in our many oceans…where our creator placed aquatic beings…until they had a hard time surviving. Man did not even stop when huge whales would beach themselves onto the shores trying to get away from the trash in their homes…the oceans. And when this was not enough he took large ships and dumped oil into our waters…making complete cleanup virtually impossible. Man cut down our mighty forests…leaving animals and living organisms no where to live. He built sky scrapers and interstates…he tore down natural bridges and rock formations. He killed not only his own kind but the mighty animals that had roamed the earth for hundreds of years before him.

  He committed hate crimes…and hid himself behind a mask…sheet…or badge. People no longer felt safe…children cried. There was no place that any one or anything could hide. Man made excuses for wars…yet cried when they too, were attacked; never learning that any animal will turn on you when cornered.

  When asked the old man said, “Yes, the fighting finally stopped”. The fighting stopped when entire nations were destroyed…and bodies of the citizens were lying all around…in their homes…fields…streams. But the victors of this destruction…never found peace…for our creator was angered and as those people destroyed HIS earth and loved creatures…so HE destroyed them.

  One boy laughed…lightening the mood. “Wow, I’m glad it isn’t like that here”. And we all agreed in unison. What is this place anyway? This world is called Heaven.

  And I brought you here today to show you that you still have time to fix what you have broken. It is not too late for you to make amends. You get to go back to your world and make a difference. You can start loving each other right now. You can mend fences and tear down borders anytime you choose. You can decide to be proactive in your life and the lives of those around you. You can stand up…and after you do…others will stand up also. You can create peace starting in your own home…and then in your neighborhood. If everyone did that then there would never be a need for the tragic ending that will inevitably happen…given our current course.

  Understand that loving is our natural course…we decide to destroy. We decide to hate. Now you must decide…where do you stand?



May I Be Excused?

May I Be Excused?


In life, sometimes things just happen…things come together and occasionally they will fall apart. We can not really say how long things will last, and since everything has its purpose under the heavens, the blessing is in the experience.

  Relationships will come and go, marriages can fall apart. It is a sad reality for most of our population. I suppose there are countless reasons why marriages don’t seem to last as long as they did when my grandparents were brought together. I feel certain that the public acceptance of divorce just made the separation a little easier, for some. I am of the belief that when people initially get married it is with the hope that it will last much longer than it usually does.

  While separation can be a sad decision for the adults involved, my concern is not for them. As adults we have the ability to move ahead; we can go forward and deal with whatever life throws our way. My true concern lies with the children, whom have never had to deal with the stigma of a broken home.

  Honestly, I never cared for the term “broken home”. What would make a home broken? Truthfully, two parents can live apart and still actively participate in their children’s lives, effectively. So I don’t believe that term is accurate in that situation. But when the family is actually torn apart, when there is REALLY an absent parent…physically and emotionally, real damage occurs. Broken homes are created by abandonment, neglect, isolation; we break promises and because of that…we break hearts.

  In actuality, the home isn’t broken…just our children’s hopes and dreams. I’m not suggesting that parents stay together for the sake of the child, that doesn’t always create the best atmosphere for the kids either. But I am saying that the “out of sight out of mind” adage can be a sad truth.

  Children are precious, true proof that God exists. When we are blessed with the love of a child, there is nothing that will ever compare to it. I have often heard divorced parents say that they love their child, unfortunately, in more cases than not…it is followed by a “but”. I have heard every excuse imaginable…I have to find myself…I need to get my life straight…I even heard someone say that their child is better off without them.

  But in my opinion, none of those excuses even matter. While we are getting ourselves together, our children our growing; they are experiencing their “firsts”. While we are finding ourselves, our children are learning who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Our children are crawling, walking, and running. Our children are learning how to drink and eat all by themselves. They are going to school for the very first time, they are losing their first tooth. They are playing sports, making friends and making drawings to post on the refrigerator. They are starting high school, dating, going to their prom, and graduating. But more importantly, while we are thinking that our children are better off without us…what our children hear is that our lives are better without them. Children, in this situation don’t think that we divorced their mother or father…they think we divorced them. Children will blame themselves, for anything and everything.

  Before we know it, our kids are grown. And when our grown children come to us and ask why we didn’t love them enough to call or visit…what will we say? What do we say when our grown children demand answers that a joke or toy won’t answer? What do we do when our, once smiling sweet children, become angry and bitter adults? Who do we blame then?

  What do we say when we pray? What do we pray for when we failed to appreciate the gift that our Creator gave us, when we were made parents? What excuse can we give to the one that knows our excuses are just excuses?

  I pray it isn’t too late for you…once we lose time it can’t be bartered back. We can not purchase love. We can not go back in time. Smiles create memories…and memories make life worth living. Handmade birthday cards and macaroni necklaces mean more than any soul searching mission ever would.

  You need only remember this, the most important position that you will ever have is parenthood; and the pay is more rewarding than diamonds or pearls…because children pay you in butterfly kisses. See that smile? It’s the start of another memory…make a few more.

The Calm Before the Storm

   I have wondered why there is calm before a storm. Obviously it isn’t necessary, from a weather stand point. The sky hardly needs to pause before gusting blustery winds upon us. Yet there are moments of stillness, just before it feels like the Heavens open up and brings forth wind and rain. Is the calm provided to us, giving the world a chance to prepare? And if so, what are we preparing for; more importantly, are we prepared?

   Is there a reason why the night seems “still”? Do we pay attention to the stillness, or do we just take it as a cue for us to rest? It there a deeper meaning behind why we may actually need the stillness or calm of the day or night?

  Have you ever had a heated argument with another person? Did you notice that for a moment…there is silence? Why is the silence there, at that particular moment? One minute the two of you have limitless antagonistic words to say to each other…then there is a pause. Why? How were you feeling during the angry exchange of insults? How did you feel in that moment of silence? What were you thinking?

   Why do we laugh when we hear people say that while they were in prison or jail, they found God? We may find it humorous to think that a person can only find their Creator when he is taken away from his element. Is there ever a bad time to know our Creator? Perhaps, for some, prison or jail is the calm before the storm. Perhaps what happens at that moment will make the difference in that person’s life…and everyone he/she touches. Is it still funny?

   Why do we place children in “time out” or give them “quiet time”? What do we expect of a child during that time, other than quiet? I realize, when I make a correlation between an adults behavior and a child’s, it seems overly simplistic to some.

   But we, as adults, are teaching life lessons to children every day. These lessons are helpful to them as adults, as long as the message is not lost. So my question is posed, what lesson are we teaching a child when we give them time away from other children? What is the purpose of a “time-out”?

   I am of the opinion that silence…calmness…isolation are methods that our Creator uses to speak to us, internally. Most of the time, especially during the day…there are a million things going on, usually all at one time. We are waking up, taking showers, getting the kids dressed. We are preparing our day, going to work, thinking about what I need to get accomplished at work to get home on time. We are deciding what to cook for lunch and then dinner. We are deciding what clothes to wear, trying to get everyone motivated and moving so that our work is done in a timely manner. Sometimes I wonder if that is what God is doing, more on that later.

   Nothing is an accident. Everything has its time and place. If there is calm or stillness whether in the air or within us…it is intentional. The only question at this point should be…why?

  Why do I need things to be still? Why is there calmness before a storm? What am I supposed to be doing that I am failing to do? Are we moving too fast? Am I thinking about what to say, before I say it? Am I using my words like a weapon? Is my intention to hurt someone with my sharp tones and comments?

   When we have moments of quiet during a heated argument…am I listening to my inner voice? Did I learn the lesson that I was being taught as a young child? Why do we use “time outs”, as a punishment for children? For one thing, it is not a punishment…it is a lesson. We are teaching our children to think, before they act. We are showing them how to step away from a potentially hostile situation and come back with a fresh perspective. This is why this method of parenting can be useful. We are teaching our children how to think. We are teaching these tender souls how to listen to their hearts.

   Children are not little adults, but they will grow up to be responsible adults. We are teaching them how to take a moment to regroup. This is what God wants for us.

  And I can say He wants this for us, because of the calm before the storm. The calmness is what I call reflection. It is when that inner voice is telling you about your behavior. It is reminding you that speaking in anger will only create more anger and hostility. We are not thinking about our actions. Where did I hear someone tell me to think about my actions? Oh, on my Grandmothers couch…during “time out”.

  How can I be so confident about all of this? It’s simple. While we are laughing about the inmate who is claiming to have found God while incarcerated…God is embracing him. While we are making fun of someone who has to go to jail to be touched by God…God is showing him his true path. While we are throwing away and giving up on individuals that are incarcerated…God is waiting for them. Why does God wait on someone that we are willing to cast away as a waste of space? Simply put…God doesn’t give up on anyone. Our Creator loves us so much that he incorporates moments of stillness and quiet in our lives. He knows that those are opportunities for us, as human beings, to submit our will to Him. God loves us, as we love those children that are in “time out”. We are precious to Him. And even if we don’t get the lesson of the stillness…He will still create other moments of calmness.

   God loves us so much that He will lead us inside of a jail…to remove all outside influences. And if you don’t know first hand, let me inform you of this; when a person is incarcerated…they will feel like they have lost everything.

   God is all around us, His is the voice of reason and love in our ears. His voice is the one telling you not to argue, fight, hurt or war with anyone. His is the voice that we fight against. So, sometimes we feel broken down…but when it is God that is building us up it doesn’t matter if you are in a jailhouse or the White House. God is guiding us toward Him…He is making us whole…He is making us one.

Building Bridges

   There are people that will come in and out of our lives…and while we may notice there absence, it is my hope that we will not miss the lesson in the experience. We are often saddened by the loss, whether it is through death or people just moving forward. It is my hope that with this we can eventually rally around what they contributed to our lives…be it something profound…or something as simple as teaching us to laugh at the things that don’t kill us. 

   Laughing at adversity allows us to own whatever the stimulus might be…it makes us pro-active instead of reactive. Most people consider reactions to mean we were caught off guard…where as being pro-active infers that we were always ready for anything that may come our way. It gives us strength in the eyes of others…and re-instills the ideas that we are blessed and highly favored. Who doesn’t feel more secure with the knowledge that we are not alone?

  Life can definitely send some jabs and upper cuts our way…but the question is simple…are we so busy trying to patch up the injury that we no longer are looking for the next blow? Did we learn the lesson? There are those people who just sit and wait for the opportunity to present itself…and the opportunity usually tends to be isolation.

   You may say that you aren’t isolated…but let’s re-examine that thought. You may be physically surrounded with numerous people…you have more contacts in your cell phone than most people get holiday cards from…but are you free of isolation? It’s is ironic that these people are called contacts…yet very few actually touch us.

   What is isolation? Generally speaking, isolation occurs when a person sets themselves apart or cuts themselves off from others. You might still think that you don’t do this…but do you? How many people on your contact list…are you truly touched by; keeping in mind that “contact” generally means the state or condition of touching?

   Do you isolate yourself from what happens around you? Do you turn off the news or ignore news articles about things that you find disturbing or negative? Many people do. It can be emotionally taxing to watch how others suffer everyday…perhaps looking the other way will allow us to go on with our day, at least. Who really wants to read or watch stories about homelessness, or crime? Who wants to hear day and day out about the famine in Horn of Africa…and who can bear to see those poor children dying? We have our own problems…and I do not think for one moment that people who think this way are callous or uncaring. They are human. But they are humans who have chosen to isolate themselves.

   Why do you think that so many people rallied around the recently executed Troy Davis? After all, he was found guilty of killing Mark MacPhail…why did he deserve any support? My best guess is this; Troy Davis…showed us that people are not expendable. I don’t think that anyone was supporting a murderer…they were supporting a human being. People gathered together by the groves…to unite for a common cause…to love their fellow man. Troy Anthony Davis woke people up. He made us look at our justice system with clarity…as if we had been walking around in a daze for centuries. Even if for just that moment…we didn’t want to isolate people. We actually wanted contact. We wanted people to know us…and us them.

  From this…conversations started…not just angry debates…but calm intellectual conversations. We started talking about everything! We wanted to know more. If you had a situation that was causing your frustration…I wanted to know about it. Your life began to matter to me. Even if for just one moment…we started remembering that we are supposed to love each other. Inadvertently, we began to “Occupy our Hearts”. The ice around our veins began to slowly melt. It was beautiful.

  Troy Davis reminded us that true justice will only occur when balancement exists. When the scales are tilted…it does not solve anything. He reminded us that only when we live in a society where we are not prejudged for some physical, financial, or religious difference will true justice happen.

  Ultimately, if we were to try and say that these biases do not exist…we are only further proving the fact that we are living in isolation.

  When this world was created…it was populated with living organisms that were molded to our Creator’s liking. We were chosen to live here…and we were chosen because we are all compatible. We can all live here harmoniously…if we so choose. Our problem has never been that we are not being able to love each other; the only problem is our own pre-conceived notions that we are better than another being. We are highly evolved creatures…we have learned how to communicate…we have invented machines to make life simpler. We have sent man and woman into space. We have raised children who would become future diplomats and literal geniuses. Yet we are the only living organisms that refuse to live together…without trying to destroy each other. There are millions of species of animals…that get along better than we do. And we will be the ONLY group of living organisms…who place themselves on the endangered species list. We would rather kill each other off into distinction than to learn how to live harmoniously.

  This is not the end of our story…but if we don’t make changes…it very well could be. Love life…make changes…say hello to someone you have never met. Hold a door open for a complete stranger…get to know your neighbors. Embrace your differences…you might learn something that will enhance your life. You may touch another person by just smiling at them. Encourage the conversation; offer each other loving solutions to a world full of problems. Take the initiative; it is what God has been waiting for all along. If we spend more time building bridges…we can spend less time building prisons.

Forgive Us

Forgive Us

 Often, myself included, we will drop to our knees when we are in need of something which we feel would be unattainable without your assistance. We remember to reach toward heaven when we feel weak or desperate…with no place to rest our weary hearts. I want to thank you and acknowledge all of the bountiful gifts that you send our way, and apologize for those we don’t seem to be grateful for.

 But today, I want to ask your forgiveness…for all that we don’t say and for all the things we do or fail to do. Please forgive us for not falling to our knees, humbling ourselves, every given moment possible. Forgive us for not only creating wars, but for breeding hate…among our fellow man. We make excuses for the reasons we say war is necessary…but is the cost of a tank of gas really worth the innocent lives of men, women and children? Forgive us for being so self indulgent that we believe, that we are better than anyone or anything else…on your earth. How dare we belittle another person for not being exactly like we are…when did we become so arrogant? I humbly apologize for mankind believing that we have the right to take another life…for whatever reason. Our justifications for murder, on any level, are just created to absolve us for any feelings of guilt…and we should feel guilty…because how can we believe we have the right to destroy life when it was created by you? Forgive us for standing by and watching, as innocent children are abused and murdered everyday…by the very parents that were supposed to guard and protect them. How lazy we have gotten, when did parenting become a chore…and not the gift that you bestowed upon us? Forgive us for preaching about how much we love our fellow man…while selling poison to him on the very streets our children play on. Who are we to glorify, and make excuses for men and women who sell drugs to every man, woman or child who have their hand out? What kind of people create petitions to force a homeless person to vacate a bridge…because it bothers us to see some one in that state? I suppose it would be too much to try and help him/her find housing or a job…after all everyone just loves having no place to call their own. Forgive us for using televisions, computers and gaming systems as replacements for active parenting. When did we stop caring what happened in our children’s classes? Why do we no longer question what our children are taught? Forgive the absent fathers and mothers, who fool themselves into believing that their absence doesn’t matter. If for one moment the absent parent had to listen to a child cry themselves to sleep because they hold themselves responsible for the abandonment…maybe they would see things differently. Forgive us for not taking the time to spread love and joy to our neighbors…regardless of race, creed, and religion. I’m not sure why we are of the belief that we are superior to anyone or anything.

 I ask that you forgive us for destroying the very forests that took hundreds of years to grow…and for destroying the communities of living organisms that depended on that growth for survival….and shame on us for believing that replanting a tree would make up for that act. Forgive us for being so thoughtless that we throw trash into a body of water…where marine life is trying to survive. I guess if some one threw trash into a glass of water we were trying to drink…we might feel differently. Forgive us for all the people we have enslaved, killed, raped, tortured, and demeaned…for our own greedy purposes. And please help us learn from this huge error in judgment…so that we can stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

 I ask that you forgive us…so that with your guidance we can learn to appreciate all that you have given us. And with this knowledge we can teach, by example, our children to love all that you created for us. Help us to stop making excuses and start making amends. Please allow us the opportunity to learn how to love without bias, and show us how important it is to not only reach out…but lift up.


   We choose not the ones we love, but rather the way in which we love. It is up to us as individuals to embrace others and exhibit understanding, compassion and empathy to other particular situations. At times we forget that our creation was and still is based on love.

  However love, like a beautiful flower, does no one any good unless we share it with the world. What difference would it make if it was the most breathtakingly beautiful flower with the most fragrant scent imaginable, if we keep it all to ourselves?

   Love creates peace within…it keeps us connected to our creator.

   People say that war is necessary…but I say there is no reason that killing, that which our God created is ever necessary. I doubt that the orphans left behind in the aftermath of war would see the necessity in such a violent action.

  There are things that happen on this Earth that we may never understand…but my solution is simple…if you are not contributing to my Peace…then I can not give my energy to you. However if you want to know Peace…it isn’t hard to obtain…because it is within you.

   Why would God create us without the tools needed to walk this Earth…in Peace? And why do we fail to use these tools? We are armed with an inner light which can be emitted upon others, if we open our hearts to it.

   But I understand that the darkness can be enticing…so much so that we don’t realize that it has captured us. It is that darkness that allows us to believe that being destructive to other beings and the precious Earth may be permissible…but that is simply not the case. It is never okay to take away that from which we did not create.

  When did our words become so sharp and our actions so destructive? How do we recover from this devastation?

   One day at a time, one foot in front of the other…acknowledge and accept our differences. Let us show one another that what has been separating us can be the very thing that brings us together.

  It is not important to look like me, believe as I do, or sound like me… for me to love you. I love you simply because you are of my race…the human race. I promise I will try and be patient with you…and I will fall short…and for that I will apologize and try again. Forgive me, as I will forgive you…for any past or future transgressions. I will pick you up when you fall…dust you off and help you get up again.

   And when our children watch the way we are attempting to make amends for any sins that we have made against each other…perhaps they, too, will love and find forgiveness.

   The more light we shine…the harder it will be for us to find darkness.

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