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True Men

True Men

Be strong I heard him say

It made me feel bold I must admit

But in his lessons of manhood

There’s something I must have missed

I heard him tell mom he loved her

But when she got in his way

His face turned to stone

His heart it filled with rage

My eyes would fill with tears

He would turn to me and say

Real men don’t cry…stand up

Be strong…learn to walk away

I thought I would never forget

The sadness in momma’s face

He said…your tears mean nothing

He killed a part of her that day

Throughout life as a young “man”

My father taught these lessons to me

How to look tough…never stand down

Be the man you’re supposed to be

Slowly I grew out of my childish ways

Got girlfriends of my own

Slowly their tears meant less

With every fist I’d thrown

Still ringing in my ears

This voice…be a man

Do whatever you want

Only REAL men can

My tender hearted ways subsided

I finally stepped up to the plate

No one could stop me now

I’m a man…I am great

He taught me all I needed to know

Saying life is a great big test

Step on the weak…women…children

As he puffed out his chest

I became my father one year

Not sure when it did occur

Dad got older…had a stroke

His voice started to slur

We got into an argument

He disputed my state of “man”

I told him to shut up

I quickly lifted up my hand

He said what you are doing

I’m your father…you’re my son

God spoke down from above…

Are you happy with what you’ve done?

You took my innocent lamb

Made him heartless and cold

Taught him to be you

He only did as he was told

Now he hits women and children

Wouldn’t think twice about you

And you dare ask who he is

What did you think he would do?

He has become the victim

Of an age old disease

Where man thinks he is great

So why fall down to his knees?

Instead of instilling My Light

You left him alone to die

The very first moment

He watched his mother cry

If we do not make a change

The chain of hate goes on

Our children are not tokens

They are not little pawns

My mindful of what you teach

For strength is not found in the hand

But in the hearts of children

I hope you understand

Men are not savage and cruel

That is evil…nothing else

Use your arms for loving

Be a better self

For the disease of hatred

Can end here today

But you must submit

And walk in My Way

I never forgot that moment

When God spoke to my Dad

He gave me the biggest lesson

The largest I ever had

Be kind in your gestures

Even words can cut deep

Be mindful of who you are

And the company you keep

It’s not okay to hit

It’s not okay to cause harm

My heart refilled with joy

My soul began to warm

So here is my message to you

It’s the best one I can send

Keep your focus on God

He’s the maker of TRUE MEN

Our Spiritual Seed

Our Spiritual Seed

The existence of God

How I know He is real

Is found not in a book

But in how I love…how I feel

I hardly need directions

To my hearts’ known path

When He is my compass

There’s no need for a map

I have no need to question

The reason for our being

When all is as it should be

No need for earthly things

It is only when our focus

Falls away from the TRUTH

That we question faith

Our divine views

For as steady as the wind blows

As sure as the sun will set

God will guide us down our path

Hasn’t failed to do so yet

And although we may not see

Or understand the reason why

The picture just isn’t clear yet

But in time we can’t deny

All things have their purpose

And all seasons have their time

You will have your path

And I,of course will have mine

Question His existence…not I

For as I live and breathe

I understand the miracle of life

It’s happened to me

When all reason and logic

Says this could not should not be

I point my finger to Heaven

Nodding assuredly

He creates mighty ocean waves

In fact created the very first drop

Created day created night

I need nothing He is not

Where is the proof of His life

It’s in every gasp of air

It’s in all things breathing

But He didn’t stop there

He thought into light

Each and every little thing

Made us dependant on one another

Do you know what that means

It means we are a full circle

It all comes back around to us

Leaving me to never wonder why

It’s in GOD we trust

I will leave you with one thought

At the end of every day

When we  are tired and lost

Why do we bother to pray

We pray because deep inside

Behind our earthly doubts

Is the TRUTH we were born with

Nothing happens…it is allowed

We may become disheartened

About the things we think we need

But He answered our prayers

When He  planted our spiritual seed

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