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A Man With No Home

A Man With No Home

Man without a home

As people keep driving by

Some judging and pointing

Rarely asking how or why

He is delivering a message

And carrying a cardboard sign

The God sent angels message

No question…it was mine

The man he was humble

He had the bluest eyes

As tears came to mine

He whispered…please don’t cry

God loves you he said

My heart was filled with joy

For he spoke of a truth I could not avoid

For the malice of man

Was a creation of greed

We overlook our purpose

What we really need

The man had no home

But when I outstretched my hand

It warmed my very soul

My heart began to expand

For the messages we receive

Come in many different looks

Varied sizes and shapes

Not just those found in books

I thank God for my blessing

It was the most fruitful seed sown

God giving me His love

Through a man with no home



At times it can be trying

This life we created

People can be so cruel

Leaving our hearts devastated

Am I too much or little of this

Is my skin too dark or light

Is my optimism offensive

Is my smile a little too bright

Is my outlook for humanity

Too hopeful…sadly… for some

Are you so stuck on negativity

You can’t see how far you’ve come

Pave your path with memories

Release the negative thoughts

It’s what you give to others

Not what you have got

A sprinkle of sunshine

Through a smile along the way

Can change perspective of a moment

Brighten a cloudy day

We get what we give…remember

Be your own target…a goal

Your life tells a story

Make it the best ever told

Don’t allow darkness in others

To overcast your light

For God planted beauty in all

We are beautiful in His sight

Look not toward another

For acknowledgement of self

Love does not fit in an ego

Love is not about wealth

Shine on my light seekers

Don’t destroy…reflect

Be ready for the blessings

They’re bigger than you’d expect



Beauty unrealized

Letting others tell us so

Too fat too thin

The world screaming no

But I will tell you now

It’s not about perfection

Beauty is not skin deep

Or others expectations

True beauty was established

Upon our first glance

Of your beautiful heart

Thank you for the chance

For beauty is not defined

By the eye of mankind

But something so much deeper

Let me tell you what’s in my mind

You are pure beauty

As depicted in beautiful prose

It’s the beat of your spirit

The life you chose

The kindness in your tone

The whisper of the truth

The rare innocence

Only found in our youth

So the next time someone decides

You aren’t good enough today

Smile and simply tell them

It wasn’t for you anyway

For we were created from

A place without mistake

A land of perfection

Paradise a land so great

How can any child think

They are less than their source

Greatness is where we came from

It is our steady course

So smile your best smile

Head up toward the clouds

For your beauty is found

In being unique from the crowd

Embrace your true self

Cast aside judgment of them

Give your thanks always

Praise God…Amen

Greater Things

Greater Things

We were given two orders of business

Seemed simple and refined

One to love everyone and everything

The other…to always be kind

Seems simple enough to do

Not a hard thing to even ask

But why do we constantly fail

To follow through with our true task

How can we fail to give love

It’s our calling…our duty

Letting go of our pride

Focus on Our God’s beauty

We must let go of all else

For else is an ego trip

Don’t fall into the trap

Don’t miss your proverbial ship

Reach out to others

For kindness is a need

For within the heart of man

A lost soul will be freed

Be loving and be kind

It’s the only rule of thumb

It will be the beginning

Of the greater things to come

Sweetest Devotion

Sweetest Devotion

She held her hands up to Him
Crying…why oh why
Our Lord acknowledged her presence
Why do you cry

My dearest Father
I ask for your help
I can’t stop crying
In spite of myself

Everyone I pass by
The suffering I see
I feel it within my soul
As if it happened to me

I can”t control my emotions
My lip keeps quivering
I feel abandoned…isolated
My entire body is shivering

My heart feels broken
Yet I have had no use
No one has tortured or threatened
No violence or abuse

Our Father who art in Heaven
Please fix what I broke
I am feeling too much
It isn’t a joke

God nodded slightly…my child
You are not afflicted
You’re experiencing compassion
Although times its explicit

Take it back she wailed
To where it came from
Our Creator frowned
His head…it just hung

I’ve given you a gift
A most splendid thing
To show you how others hurt
The sadness it brings

It’s important to have empathy
For others who are in need
So that we may find understanding
You are a dying breed

We walk away from each other
Turn our heads as we speak
Careful not to touch another
Not even in our speech

It’s not our problem we claim
We didn’t create this clutter
Placing ourselves above all else
Enough to make a hearts shudder

Empathy is a present to you
Why can’t you see
It realigns the stars
Brightens humanity

For if you fail to understand
What causes real tears to fall
Then your life here on earth
Has meant nothing at all

So go my dear child
Touch every soul you see
Enjoy the gift of insight
It’s for you from me

And as His voice did fade
He left one more thought
The journey of love
Is the thing that you got

Love your neighbor and theirs
Reach out while you may
For love’s eternal test
It starts for you today

So fret no more sweet one
Instead take with you a notion
Loving others as self
Is your God’s sweetest devotion

Love Will Always Last

Love Will Always Last

Time all too often wasted

Words of cruel intent

Take away the royal beauty

That could have been spent

Instead of gazing down upon

Another for what ever cause

We could’ve out reached our hand

Led them closer to God

Or perhaps it is not them, but us

Who should be searching for Him

For if we are looking down on man

We should probably start within

For there never was a prophet

Or a single messenger one

Who knew the out come

Prior to God’s work being done

No single being knew who

Was greater in their being

Yet we feel we have rights

To so many more things

But how would one know

The true meaning of my path

For you know not of my spirit

Therefore none of my past

For the past isn’t measured

By the things I have done

But by the lands my people

Walked across…wars they have won

So how can one measure

The piety of my soul

When my ancestors…ancestors

You didn’t even know

True I do not know yours

Making my claim more real

For love of our Creator is given

Not a thing you must steal

I am who I am always

You know what you know

It is these truths which will bind us

In fact how we will grow

For I have no need to control you

Follow your truest heart’s beat

And I will meet you half way

When our path ways do meet

For my brothers and sisters

May not look anything like me

We may not share accents

Or actual heredity

But we have one single foundation

It binds us not by nation

But by the love of God

We are all of His creation

We share a great past no matter

What else has happened before

Based on truth…peace and love

The center of God’s core

So release your inner demons

Hold not onto the dark damp place

For the only group that matters here

Is God’s human race

Let go of what you perceived

As an assault on your past

For all that matters is love

And God’s love will always last

Too Late

Too Late

Be mindful of their little hearts

They are attached to little ears

We can break down their little hopes

With the harsh things that they hear

What may be a simple debate

Hardly worth arguing for

Becomes something giant to a child

It seems most like a war

Their little bodies tremble

When their balance comes to an end

Those little hearts we break

Become fences we can’t mend

When we take the dreams of a child

Crush it with our ill intent

We become the thieves of hope

Proof of our souls’ dissent

Instead of elevating others

We are busy thinking of me

We turn our backs on our children

Our divine responsibility

If you can say nothing nice

Find something else to say

Go for walks…go for a ride

Get on your knees to pray

Start appreciating what you have

Stop seeking everything else

Those children depend on you

Stop thinking of yourself

Words are like weapons

It’s like shooting them with guns

The effects are long lasting

What have we done?

We are killing our children

One heart at a time

Yet moving about through life

Like everything is fine

Do not bring your children

Into the center of your hell

They will be forever injured

Even if you wish them well

Love is the simplest word

It has the longest effect

It is what God wants

In fact what He expects

We can’t claim victimization

Can’t claim ignorance

We are assaulting our children

Can not claim innocence

Rise to the challenge

Step up to the plate

Before God does His part

And I’m sorry is too late

Let It Grow

Let It Grow

The things we take for granted

Like breathing fresh air

The lessons we are afforded

To make us more aware

Experiencing the first light of day

The night’s first seen star

Are often clouded by judgments

Taking away from where we are

The sound of a newborn baby

An unexpected smile

Signs of God all around

Making life worthwhile

Fresh morning breezes

Cool mountain air

The touch of his hand

The smell of her hair

The things we overlook

When seeking reasons to hate

The blessings we step on

The hearts we do break

The boundaries we enforce

Creating reasons to step away

Rationalizing the thoughts

Finding reasons not to pray

Never seeking forgiveness

Making it harder to give

Building false expectations

Getting harder to live

When will we realize that we

Are being given another attempt

But are accountable for our actions

We are not love exempt

If you cannot find it in your heart

To reach out to a soul in need

What will happen to the children

Oh, the hate we do breed

We teach them indifference

How to worship material wealth

Forgetting about humility

What a hard hand they are dealt

For we are all given

Tools to pass along

So we will all be in tune

Singing the same song

Count your blessings I beg you

Be thankful for each one

Before they are stricken from you

And your time on earth is done

For when it all is said

Finished and then

You will think about could have’s

What might have been

Be proactive in your life

Grateful in your tones

Watch your demeanor

Stop casting verbal stones

For the cost of hate is large

More than you can afford

It can cost you salvation

Promised by our Lord

In closing I must tell you

So you will always know

Inside you have God’s love

It’s time to let it grow

You Will Always Have Me

You Will Always Have Me

God is good…

I know this is true

For through all the storms

He was saving me for you

He guided me toward shelter

My umbrella from the storm

He held me safe throughout the night

Until daylight was reborn

He calmed my internal war

Where hope was harder to find

He soothed my heart

By gently easing my mind

He helped me rise to every occasion

Armed me with the Truth

Warding off the evils of man

No way I could lose

Although there were times

My faith was tested to an extreme

I knew it was only a part

Of what was planned for me

I fell many times but

I always got back up

Even in lonely times

I always had His love

I know God is good because

I am here today with you

Relaying His message of love

And the great things it can do

For even while I felt broken hearted

When people let me down

He took the pain away

He wore it like a crown

So because He has been so good

An active part of my every day

I wanted to take a moment

To tell you in this way

The beauty of creation

Can’t be found in a perfect scene

But found in the love of God

And all that it means

For every breath of my life

Every break of dawn

Is further proof that

Hate is wrong

For nothing ever grew from

Taking sunshine away

But we can move mountains

Tell it to get out of your way

Find love and give it often

Watch your planted seed grow

And the experience of it all

Will begin to slowly show

For the Grace of our God

With His goodness and light

Will arm you with all weapons you need

To win this fight

So tonight I give you my umbrella

My shelter in the rain

May God provide and protect you

From evil and dismay

And if evil sneaks in now

It is still as it should be

For we will always have God

And you will always have me

Her Only Crutch

Her Only Crutch

A bruise it can heal

A scar doesn’t begin to touch

A broken-hearted angel

Who once loved so much

We may claim its not so bad

Saying she got what she’s worth

But she is priceless

Value increasing since birth

For the sins of man make him low

The cost of sin is high

We have time to do what’s right

But even that’s passing by

She is no possession

No material gain

and your ill intentions…

You should be ashamed

She isn’t your possession

She isn’t owned or bought

But a loved child of God

Not a bird you have caught

Now don’t forget loves

Anything you do treat as pray

Will not find reasons to love you

But methods to run away

You may try to shame her

With your crude behavior and tone

But her survival plan is God

The only one she needs to own

For nothing is greater than

Our father in all His Glory

And He is watching you

He knows the REAL story

REAL men don’t have to hit

To get attention from a lady

They carry God’s empowering light

Don’t have to be shady

Real men don’t need to raise their hands

They are busy lifting their hearts

And that might not be everything

But it’s a very good start

So bruise her you may

But you are the one who is weak

Her salvation is her weapon

It is yours whose is bleak

So when you look at yourself

As an idol and such

She looks like a warrior

When God’s her only crutch

 **We must put an end to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…Please speak out**

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