He Gave Her His Ring


Love unrequited

Love so brand new

They knew it instantly

When they came into view

Like a missing piece to a puzzle

And the magic it brings

God joined them together

When he gave her his ring

Two souls that needed

Only one heart

Where her sentence left off

His began to start

After sixty two years

Of wedded bliss

Only having an “US”

Not hers…not his

Walking through life together

Happily as one

But before it was over

Said and done

As he slowly walked

Up Heavens golden stairs

She whispers softly

I will meet you there

And a few hours later

After her love passed that day

His loyal soul mate

Faded away

This bittersweet moment

Life’s true tale

That love conquers all

Without fail

Their life was made full

By our Blessed King

It goes to show

What true love means

They said she died

From a broken heart

But I think it was a beginning

A divine new start

So rest in peace

And with the angels sing

This love story that started

When he gave her his ring

***This was inspired completely by the story of Melvin and Doris Cornelson a couple who were married for 62 years…who died just hours apart. May God Bless Them