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I Remember

I Remember

I remember when
She first held my hand
When I was afraid of the dark
More fear than I could stand
I remember when
She held me close through it all
With weathering a heartache
Or some gymnastic fall
I remember when
She said you can do it…with a smile
When she said come here…
Lets just sit a while
I remember when
I heard her softly sigh
Learning true pain
When my beautiful mom cried
I remember when
She said it’s okay…it will get better
There are rainbows beyond the clouds
We will find them together
I remember when
She sang and warmed my heart
In fact she’s always done that
From the very start
I remember her eyes
So filled with love and joy
Making now…hard
When sometimes I see a void
Mom…I remember
How you love me so deep
Even if these memories from you
Are starting to creep
While I still have a breath
While my heart…it still beats
I will remind you of these days
And the love…what it means
I love you mom
No matter what…FOREVER
So while you are unable
…I will remember

***For a very close friend of my family…We Love you!!***

Sometimes She Forgets

Sometimes She Forgets


I loved her since birth

Have never loved her less

There is only one thing

Sometimes…she forgets


She taught me how to spell

How to love and not fret

She has been my steady rock

But sometimes…she forgets


I’m sure I tried her patience

But her level of love was surely set

She’s a beautiful mother

But sometimes…she forgets


She forgets the little things

Things that wouldn’t matter to some

But we were told early

Better and worst days will come


Sometimes she forgets memories

Though I love her just the same

There’s nothing quite as hard as

When you forget a child’s name


But I smile at her always

Reminding her is my new cause

Filling those awkward moments

When in confusion she takes a pause


I fill them with I love you’s

I fill them with a song

I stand right beside her

Where a daughter does belong


When asked how long can I do this

Remind this angel of her past

Retelling stories and tales

Hoping the thought will somehow last


To that I can only promise

I will sing the songs of how we met

Because I will remember and love always

Even if sometimes…she forgets

 **This poem is dedicated to a very special friend of mine whose mother has Alzheimers. They are both beautiful souls…and I am blessed in just knowing them**



As each day goes past

I am left with what will be

It seems it’s just myself

And this beautiful memory

This unmistakable laughter

Love which had no end

Yet still I feel broken

With a heart I cannot mend

Such beauty in and out

A rare gem you always were

We were just as alike

As we seemed to differ

I often wonder to myself

Would you handle this better

A rainbow at the end

But a huge storm to weather

Would you call out to me

Like I scream out to you

Why did you leave

What am I supposed to do

But my heart will quickly answer

Her work here it was done

All the battles she fought

This is a war she won

Life has its way of doing

Things we cannot see

So today I am wrestling

With a painful memory

Not painful as in bad

Not negative or angry

Just a part of my present

Struggling with a memory

I wish they could have known you

Known that smile and seen those eyes

The time you showed me love

More than I had realized

Your absence it is felt

By those who know my heart

And while I know it’s not an ending

But your divine new start

My heart gets heavy still

But at the end of my cry

I am only shouting praise


So today like all the rest

I will sing your praises in His name

Give thanks for this memory

That is sprinkled with your name

I love you forever

My sister…my friend

Thank you God for this gift

That never seems to end

For the pain is minor

When compared to the glee

When I think about this angel

My Blue eyed memory

A Nation’s Broken Heart

A Nation’s Broken Heart

We know that you are in sorrow

Your hearts filled with grief

So we wanted to take a moment

To send you some relief

Think not about that moment

Where lives changed that day

That was not about love

Please don’t remember us that way

Remember resounding laughter

Wrinkles above our nose

Eyes sparkling like diamonds

You smiled when you saw those

Remember how we played

Remember the things we shared

For we bask in the mere thought

Of how so many people cared

Tears are still okay but

Let that be the last

Thing you remember

About our tender past

Remember that first moment

First smile…first look

Not the haunting feeling

Lives that someone took

We are not in pain now

Yet our hearts go out to you

Wishing we could mend the breaking

You are all going through

We live in paradise now

It’s playtime every day

Just like you said it was

Every night when we prayed

God sends his thanks to you

For taking such good care

Of His angels He entrusted

While we visited there

Please don’t be so angry

For anger lifted us away

Feel our Creators Light

Even if it’s hard to say

And when you see a rainbow

Remember it’s a brand new start

God’s special new way

To mend a Nations Broken Heart

The World’s Greatest Dad

The World’s Greatest Dad

Our time was shortened

You were called away

I know that you wouldn’t

Want me to hurt this way

The shoulder I could lean on

The storm chaser for me

My best friend and more

My Dad…my family

I miss you more than I knew

I could miss any thing

But I hold tight to the love

And comfort you would bring

When you see a tear fall

Don’t worry I understand

I just miss the days

You reached out for my hand

You were gone too soon

I didn’t realize it then

I didn’t just lose my Dad

But my very best friend

But along with the sorrow

That makes me so sad

I have joy in having loved

The World’s Greatest dad

** Appreciate the love we have in our lives…every moment not spent with them is a lifetime of memories we failed to make**

God Bless you, Kerry

Welcome Guest

Welcome Guest

You came for a visit
One beautiful autumn day
I guess I never thought about
When you would go away

I suppose children don’t give it thought
This thing people call grief
But when it falls upon you
We are constantly seeking relief

I can still remember our great times
When it was just you and me
Smiling past grief filled tears
Not sure how this could really be

I often still seek you
When everything seems amiss
Your sweet sunshine smile
What am I to do with this

I miss your face appearing
When you called on the phone
Such pain and anguish
More than I have ever known

I have happiness of course
God made sure I realize
That the love you gave
Was never a disguise

I can almost hear your responses
When someone says something odd
Just further proof that we are children
Of a most gracious God

I may always have this longing
Deep within my soul
I’m left only with my writing
My own way of letting go

How does one really let go
Of such a true loving source
Being ever cautious…diligent
With my hearts true course

So I send on to others
Your message and mine too
Be careful with your words
And everything you may do

For the one regret
I hope they never have to know
Is the failure of Love
Or telling someone so

I miss you as always
Just every single little thing
But grateful for your new life
And all that may bring

Check in on us as often
As you may seem fit
And if I ever needed proof of God
No question…you are it

Don’t let my tears confuse you
I know it was your time
But sometimes my selfishness
Just makes me want to cry

Until next time when
I sit down to write my best
Where in my heart and mind
You are  a most welcome guest

Best Friend

Best Friend

It’s been a while since I wrote you

Not that I don’t miss your face

But God has reminded me

Has let me borrow His grace

He has shown me your life

Touched so much more than me

So to keep you all to myself

Would be nothing less than greed

I still miss your contagious laughter

The way you wrinkled up your nose

The way your eyes sparkled

Oh, I really miss those

I miss calling you up

And you yelling for it taking so long

Yes, sometimes I still cry

When I hear your favorite song

I still wish this was a dream

That I could go to your house

Watching and enjoying you

Just watching you go about

The days sometimes go forever

The nights can be so hard

To say how much I love you

Would fill a greeting card

I get angry so often

People take for granted time

I wish they could see

This broken heart of mine

How foolish people are

Wasting words of vile intent

Oh, the regret that happens

When all your time is spent

I feel closer to God now

We talk a lot more

About His divine plan for me

The blessings He has in store

I’m sorry if I ever failed

To tell you enough

I’m proud to be your sister

I love you very much

When I mess up…we know I will

Just give me a gentle nudge

I know you will mean well

And you aren’t trying to judge

But that’s what families do

Look over each other’s hearts

That hasn’t changed even though

We’re further apart

Thank God for the time

He gave to us down here

We will always have your memory

Only your body disappeared

If there’s one thing I got

From your time with me

I hope it was your loving way

And bright energy

Cause sometimes the clouds seem to part

When I’m missing you too bad

Like God’s giving me a moment

With the best friend I ever had



I thought of something today

I just had to give you a call

Then sadly I realized

There wouldn’t be an answer…no answer at all

It made me think of time wasted

And I was filled with regret

Regret of vacations not taken

And memories we hadn’t made yet

Did I ever tell about how your smile

Made you stand out in a crowd

And how every day I’m left hoping

That you are smiling down us now

To know you was to love you

And to love you was a gift

Now I’m left regretful

Of all the chances that I missed

The times I missed out on your calls

Missed out on your laugh

Missed the chance to look into your eyes

Missing now what we had

I don’t think I paid enough attention

And now I’m stuck trying to recall

The greatest sister since creation

The brightest light of us all

If you are watching…know that

I know you no longer feel pain

And for that I am thankful

But one truth still remains

My heart it is still breaking

But my lungs still fill with air

The world it keeps spinning

And it doesn’t seem fair

Please look down often

And remind us to go on

Until one day we are doing it

All on our own

One day in the future

You will look down from the sky

Smile down on us to say

See…I told you…you’re going to be alright

In closing my blue eyed angel

Give God thanks and a smile

For these precious moments with you

Made my life seem worthwhile

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Love is around us

Love is the way

It’s not a date on a calendar

Called Valentine’s Day

It’s a state of being

It’s a way to our Father

It’s not buying cards and flowers

Or reminding each other

Of what we should

Already know

About giving love away

So it finally can grow

We waste so much time

On petty little spats

That we forget where we are going

And where we are at

But if we cherish each moment

We are given on this earth

We would never need to remind

Our loved ones of their worth

It only takes a second

To reach out for her hand

A smile during hard times

Tells her you understand

These small gestures

To some may seem like a waste

But a simple I love you

Beats harsh words said in haste

Remind the people you adore

Their importance in your days

It can be done all the time

In so many ways

Take her hand while you are walking

Touch her cheek when she cries

Hold her close to your heart

To make her realize

That not a moment goes by

With your love so divine

That you need reminding

Of your true Valentine

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