Our Master’s Touch

We are linked together

Love is our only rope

Connecting us as one

With a chain of hope

We can lean on one another

Or push each other away

But hand in hand we can develop

The tools needed today

We need them for compassion

What the world seriously lacks

Or a tool of forgiveness

And kindness perhaps

We can learn that we

Were created to be one

And somehow together

God’s work will be done

Put down your weapons

Lay down your swords

And stop taking jabs at people

With your unkind words

Remember a jagged tongue

Can leave a brutal scar

And is one of the reasons

We are in the shape we are

Spreading vicious rumors

And using vindictive tones

Can sometimes be more harmful

That throwing large stones

We need to set aside our differences

Life is far too short

War is not necessary

No matter what the news reports

You will not get to heaven

With my blood on your hands

You must find kindness and mercy

It’s what God commands

So let’s stop preparing our children

For an untimely death

And teach them how to love

And show them they are blessed

Our children have important matters

Like school…sports…learning to run

They should not be bothered

With purchasing a gun

They are like fine spun crystal

So easily it will break

Far too many have perished

We have no time left to wait

Love one another often

You can’t say I love you too much

And I will see you at the divine alter

Waiting for our Master’s touch