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Define Irony

Define Irony

We are taught
Don’t speak until spoken to
And when a young girl’s uncle steals her virtue
A parent is defending HIM
we allow bullies to harass our kids
Until one commits suicide ( RIP Amanda Todd )
And we sit quietly while the world blames her
It is more acceptable to join a gang
Than to pray
Somewhere in America
A parent walks away from a family
And we will criticize that child for being angry and bitter
We embrace racial superiority
While we shun learning that black history month is more than MLK
And as little as we learn about black history…
We know little to nothing about our ancestors of native American descent
We would rather watch a YouTube video filled with misogyny
Than to tell our daughters we love them
We will teach our sons not to hit girls ever
And our daughters watch on
We will show our daughters how important they are
By telling their brothers not to be a bitch

Define Irony

I love you all


A Real Man

I wage no war against you

You are no enemy of mine

I only ask to be treated fairly

And the words you choose are kind

There is no need for a comparison

For our bodies are unique

I ask only of your respect

When you pass me on the street

Life can become difficult

When we create boundaries undue

I understand your struggle

And what you are going through

Hold back your anger

Bite your negative tongue

Lets put an end to animosity

That has gone on too long

I am not your enemy, in fact

God created me for you

But when you react with hate

In what you say and do

I will defend my honor

Of that you can depend

But I would rather be loving

At the very least be a friend

Let me help guide you on your path

God will lead the way

To a life of everlasting joy

And when together we do pray

You will feel divine energy

This will make our way clear

And it will become obvious

That our God is always near

So make me not a rival

Or a bitter angry foe

But a woman you respect

And are privileged to know

For I have the unsung spirit

Of my sisters before my time

And I will wear that badge gladly

The pleasure is all mine

For prior to there being a famous

Or upstanding man

There was a mother before him

Holding his tender hand

See I do not need your glory

And I don’t even seek your fame

But when we are talking of me

Remember to use my name

I am a woman always

And must be treated us such

Not a plaything you toy with

Or something for you to touch

I am not for you to stare at

And make judgments that are crude

There is no need for name calling

Or simply being rude

So when you think of demeaning

The very heart of who I am

Remember God loves me

And is by me where I stand

There is no need to discredit me

Or demean my body too

To make yourself feel better

About the weaknesses within you

So when you are staring and

Judging women within your view

Remember she’s someone’s daughter

And she has feelings too

Stand up and rise

Defend her honor if you can

Show the world what its like

To be a real man

He is Watching Us

He Is Watching Us

I am but a woman

Heard that a lot this year

Try though to muffle my voice

But…I am still here

My issues are very real

My consideration no less

For my pleas are just as important

Without contest

Push me if you may

I am prepared for that too

But expect no less of me

Than I expect of you

I will survive in struggle

I will surpass in deeds

For my Father walks with me

He is all I will ever need

As soon as we all realize

We create our own lines

We will find our truer selves

Deep in our hearts and minds

Do not treat me better

But be fair just the same

For by destroying my will

You have nothing to gain

For beating me down

Is simply destroying you

There are life lessons

Only I can help get through

The nurturing nature of woman

The love at the end of a day

The kind nod of assurance

Saying…it will be okay

The hand that you reach for

The hug that says your home

More support and guidance

Than you have ever known

So the battle…it is over

The winner without question

Is the one with the biggest heart

With our Creator’s intention

Lay your weapons aside

There is no war with us

Keep your eye on the sparrow

For he is watching us

Marked By Misogyny

Marked by Misogyny


  This particular topic…I have pondered for close to a month now. It is an issue which of course affects me personally. But for those that didn’t know, or weren’t aware…misogyny is hate of women. Now I realize that this blog will cause people to stir and grumble about it. That actually is the point, and recently I realized that unless you shine light on issues…people will behave like it isn’t even there. And as I have learned when talking about injustices due to race, religious beliefs and bigotry, as a whole, people would rather it not be discussed. But since I am a woman…and it affects me directly, I am not willing to wish it away.

  There will be some people that will say that I am wrong, or that I am making something out of nothing…however, since it is hate against an entire group of people it does warrant an educated discussion.

  Women are often the scale in which manhood is decided…for instance, “you throw like a girl”, along with other various other names that men or boys are called that refer to a female or her body parts…used to demean and isolate boys or men.

  Why is it socially acceptable for women to wear garment usually termed “masculine”, such as jeans or pants…yet when a man or boy want to dress in attire termed “feminine” he is ridiculed? Why is a girl being called a “tomboy” acceptable but a boy being called girl-like…or anything similar, but not as kind…is an insult? Why is it that we make fun, or create jokes about males who are in the Ballet, nurses (instead of doctors), beauticians, or various other gender biased professions?

  I suppose that who ever started and carries on these ridiculous ideas about women…never really has a REAL woman in their life. And I say that because the strongest people I have ever known in my life…are all women.

  A woman was chosen to carry an embryo for 40 weeks and give birth to a baby weighing usually around 7-8 pounds. Why do we go to our mothers when it feels like the world is crashing down around our ears? I know men, who I find extremely masculine, that lean on their mothers when the world has gotten too heavy. How many men do you know that look for someone they can count on when seeking a wife? Would you feel like you could count on some one weaker than you?

  Let us not confuse compassion, and kindness for weakness. They are not the same thing. There have been women throughout history that have broken through barriers created by their male counterparts…which I can assure you makes them anything but weak:

1910 Alice Stebbins Wells became the first police officer in the United States…she joined the L.A.P.D.

Early 1800’s Molly Williams became the first female firefighter in the United States…coincidentally…she was also the first African-American female firefighter also.

1870 Esther Morris became the first female judge in the United States.

1917 Loretta Walsh was the first woman to enlist in the military; she joined the United States Navy.

1995 Lt. Kelly Flinn became the first female B-52 Bomber Pilot.

1849 Dr Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to graduate from medical school.

  The female pioneers broke through some thoroughly masculine career fields…I can assure you it was not an easy task. And I am certain that like most things, they were heavily scrutinized in their every move. However it did not stop them from making the way for other great women in history and our lives.

  So the next time that you consider the weaker of the sexes…perhaps you should remember…just because you might say it… doesn’t make it so.

  It is true that women did not choose to carry children, we were created that way…but I have never spoken to a man that said he could withstand all that birthing a child entails. Remember when we are belittling the women in our society…that mean YOUR mom, YOUR grandmother, and YOUR daughter…do you really think she is the weaker sex?


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