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I Remember

I Remember

I remember when
She first held my hand
When I was afraid of the dark
More fear than I could stand
I remember when
She held me close through it all
With weathering a heartache
Or some gymnastic fall
I remember when
She said you can do it…with a smile
When she said come here…
Lets just sit a while
I remember when
I heard her softly sigh
Learning true pain
When my beautiful mom cried
I remember when
She said it’s okay…it will get better
There are rainbows beyond the clouds
We will find them together
I remember when
She sang and warmed my heart
In fact she’s always done that
From the very start
I remember her eyes
So filled with love and joy
Making now…hard
When sometimes I see a void
Mom…I remember
How you love me so deep
Even if these memories from you
Are starting to creep
While I still have a breath
While my heart…it still beats
I will remind you of these days
And the love…what it means
I love you mom
No matter what…FOREVER
So while you are unable
…I will remember

***For a very close friend of my family…We Love you!!***

Waiting For You

Waiting For You


A pulse races

Faster every night

She should feel safe

Hidden out of sight


He knows every rhythm

Her heart beats so loud

Like a trapped animal

Again today…she was found


Bruises, scrapes and cuts

Scars obviously real

Another is placed on her

Before they have time to heal


No relief in sight

No help at her beckoned call

Afraid to reach out

She has no peace at all


She knows people hear her cry

For help like a beacon in the night

People watching all around her

But still nothing…no relief in sight


She is your mom or sister

Or someone she could be

It could happen to anyone

It should be easy to see


But as long as we turn

Away from her plight

We all become her abuser

With no hope in sight


Reach out for her hand

Even if it seems there is no need

You may be her only hope

Her only way to be free


Let the bruises on her face

Be a lesson to us all

Watch out for her stumble

Don’t wait for her to fall


Be the net she needs

To know God loves her too

Time is too precious

And she is waiting for you


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